Global Awareness- A Growing Problem by Scott Hall

In the last few months, our nation and the global citizenry have seen several infractions of human rights, questionable behaviors and serious law and political goof ups; Image Credit:

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The Devil in Dennis L. Rader, a truth glasses look at BTK

Dennis Rader
Dennis Rader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
       Historically, very few serial killers can compare to the person, known as BTK.  While many have tried and indeed surpassed the heinousness of brutality, such as John Wayne Gacy or recently passed away Richard Ramirez, few actually entered a position in a house of God (if any of them) and presumed a role there while planning the next victim and while thirsting for having their ego stroked, in the public eye as one to be feared, a duality of persona at its core.   Now behind bars till he is at least 235 years old, receiving 10 consecutive life sentences, due to a law that had not passed or was not in place as of 1994, when the previous killings took place.  Many thanks to our project manager here, for having me stay still long enough to watch a program concerning this murderer and in turn, as thanks for my “hey Scott” moment, our truth glasses will now take a chilling look at some of the aspects that make this particular killer, one to study, one to keep incarcerated and one who may be a benefit to medical science when death does invade him, by studying the brain and blood chemistry, all that aside, Truth Glasses on and focused we boldly go into the conscious thoughts of BTK.


Criminology and Justice US Inc presents


Students, Educators and Professionals, lend us your experiences.  Our growth is a direct reflection of the people's desire for truth and quality educational resources that provide insight and opportunity.  We are seeking participants to join our staff of authors.  Interested parties should email our project manager, Beth Hall at Please include a CV and in the subject line include "interested participant" in the header so we can sort out spam.  Thank you readers, enjoy the presentation.
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Ravage the Land as Never Before, Total Destruction from Mountain to Shore

United States
United States (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)
          Greetings readers and followers of Criminology and Justice Digital Media!  Many times over, this sensationalism free platform has written articles on world events, human rights, police officer psychology, bullying, sex trafficking as well as others, all devoid of hype and given to the public for review.  This article will be no different in its approach in the hopes of at least gaining insight to a seldom spoken yet heard constantly question, is our world coming undone, are we on the track to our proverbial end or are the things going on just a part of history or something to that effect; what sparked my own curiosity was still seeing posts in social media platforms that hint of a bigger scope, tell of atrocities like no other, point out our missing and take the in your face approach to a whole new level, with the exception that only a small portion of us actually read about what is happening while focusing on the oozing of failure and catastrophic events (besides Justin Bieber), we feed off of the media wide focuses and look less into solutions until they affect us direct.  This author picked out a few topics to review and will now share with our readers, points of interest, news items and events that may help us reconsider those same questions, by the way you may have noticed this font is a bit larger than our usual font, we figured that since our world hypes up most anything, we would join the bandwagon with a increase in this article in font size, that is from 12 to 14 and it was quite a leap.


Heroin or Hell – Addictions and Impacts

English: Old advertisement for Bayer pharmaceu...
English: Old advertisement for Bayer pharmaceuticals, uses pre-1904 company logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
            In the earliest years of our platform here at C&J, our authors focused on several sensitive topics, such as sexual abuse, serial psychology, human rights and yes drugs.  Among those earlier articles are those with titles of “unhealthy obsessions” and in those days we focused on beginner or more common addictions such as alcoholism or marijuana, the latter of which is becoming “legalized” in certain regions, this article will not focus its attention on that issue, but rather one that spiked views briefly and then as it mostly happens, fades into the darkness of unknown or unspoken, with only the shell left behind.  This is in reference to the actor Phillip Hoffman’s death due to illicit drugs, possibly Heroin or seriously narcotic drugs, allegedly with the needle still in place.  Our reader base mentioned several valid points in their own voices about the silent and deadly use of this particular drug and the far reaching impacts it seems to have, this author concurs and even admits that even when I was in my teens, knowing that approaching it or partaking of it meant playing Russian roulette with your life, it became a huge “no no” complete with images of skulls and crossbones.  With truth glasses in hand and moving at a steady pace, we decided to investigate the drug, its impacts and tackle a burning questions inside ourselves, we present to you, Heroin or Hell.


Psychological Debriefing after Traumatic Incident: Harmful or Helpful?

English: wreck survivors Español: supervivient...
English: wreck survivors Español: supervivientes de naufragios (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Elizabeth Hall
Psychological debriefing after traumatic incidents currently holds widespread use according to Kenardy (2000) but may not actually help people to avoid serious psychological damage resulting from the experienced trauma.  He goes on to define psychological debriefing as a set course of action that include educational and counselling benefits to victims in an attempt to ward off further psychological impairment and help with recovery for victims.  Halgin (2009) examines two opposing sides to this debate highlighting the facts, strengths and weaknesses on both sides.  In this article we will examine the evidence, opinions, strengths, and weaknesses of both pro and con studies regarding psychological debriefing, compare the findings to contemporary research, and determine the most credible argument presented about psychological debriefing. 
Facts and Opinions Opposing Sides
Halgin (2009) examines an article by Cotton and Devilly, which opposes psychological debriefing and concludes that the process does more harm than good for the victims of a traumatic event.  Facts in the article include alternative reasoning for companies to provide these services free of charge after a traumatic incident occurs.  This includes covering their responsibility to care for the psychological impact on their staff and client base if such events were to occur.  From the victim standpoint receiving these services indicates concern for their well-being which at least gives appearance of a caring employment environment even if no actual psychological turmoil is preventable at this juncture.  It seems that these two different types of treatment systems, critical incident stress debriefing (CISD), and critical incident stress management (CISM) serve two purposes so it remains unclear as to why they are confused. Opinions on the negative effects of psychological debriefing include the importance of the actual terminology of the process and individual techniques which seems overemphasized along with whether all people utilizing psychological debriefing techniques, properly trained or not, should count when determining the effectiveness of the technique (Halgin, 2009). 
One fact in the article supporting psychological debriefing as an effective tool for reducing morbidity of psychological trauma following exposure to a traumatic incident by Mitchell (Halgin, 2009) is that the author of the article also worked on the development of the tools and processes involved in psychological debriefing.   Thereby this researcher holds a position of expertise in utilizing these methods to reduce morbidity of psychological disorder in those experiencing traumatic events.  Mitchell proves with the knowledge of eight other sources claiming that the Assault Staff Action Programs were another brand of CISM program as intended by Flannery.  Opinions in this article include calling Cotton and Devilly biased and their article confusing. 
Pro Psychological Debriefing Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths in the argument for psychological debriefing include that the process is not intended to happen until much later than three days as implied by Cotton and Devilly.  Mitchell also does a good job of explaining the differences between CISD and CISM processes highlighting the reason for the confusion and attempts to rectify any confusion about the terminology.  The process of CISM provides a service that might help identify those victims who may need further help by trained psychological staff when administered properly.  Weaknesses include that the victim must relive the process of the trauma to determine the extent of the psychological damage which in itself could trigger more damage if administered too soon or improperly. 
Con Psychological Debriefing Strengths and Weaknesses
Cotton and Devilly have on their side that Mitchell did once have the terminology confused as they applied the term CISD to both the larger set of processes and the single set of processes performed within the larger set.  More research on the subject is warranted as they suggest to determine what benefits the process of CISM and CISD respectively do provide and to whom they truthfully provide them to, employer or employee?    Weaknesses in the argument include a lack of specific data or statistical representation when discussing

Most Compelling and Credible Author
Contemporary Research Finding

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Criminal Defense in Greenville - Law - Criminal Law

A South Carolina criminal defense attorney represents clients who have been accused of committing a crime. If you are facing criminal charges, this specialized attorney will defend your rights from a simple misdemeanor to an involved felony. A /criminal-defense.html">criminal defense attorney can be privately hired or provided by the government. A criminal defense lawyer appointed by the state or federal government is called a public defender.

Manipulating the judicial system

The harrowing truth about today's criminal justice system is that it is very easy to end up on the wrong end of a criminal indictment. More and more people are becoming skilled at manipulating the judicial system to their own benefit. Something as simple as being in the wrong place at the wrong time can bury you deep in a circumstance that you may struggle to dig yourself out of on your own.

Protect yourself and your reputation

The best way to protect yourself and your rights is to take a proactive approach the minute you are accused of a crime. A criminal prosecution case can cause significant damage to your life and your reputation, even if you are found not guilty.

If there is even a hint that a criminal investigation may be occurring that involves you, it is safer to bet that trouble is stirring then to turn a blind eye. Quick action can help reduce the amount of any criminal exposure. It can also help ease expenses (both short-term and long-term), as well as prevent the whole ordeal of being dragged out by the judicial system.

If you are facing potential or actual criminal charges, an experienced South Carolina defense attorney can help you protect your rights and help you avoid things like:

* License suspension or revocation* Immigration consequences, such as extradition * A violent or felonious criminal record * Prison time or a jail sentence* Having to register as a sex offender * DNA registry for felony convictions * Substantial fines * Conviction on your criminal record

A criminal defense attorney can help you with a number of various chargers. Here are some of the more common ones:

* White collar crimes: these include things like insider trading, fraud and embezzlement

* Drug trafficking and distributing: possession of narcotics with intent to sell can have serious consequences; as can distributing them.

* Mortgage fraud: this will soon be a large part of federal indictments. Mortgage brokers, borrowers, and even lenders are going to be under close examination in these times. Any false information on an application could be used in an indictment.

* Computer or Internet fraud: this type of fraud has developed and grown significantly in the past decade.

* Credit card fraud and identity theft: these cases are becoming more prevalent. The investigation will be conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Treasury Department and possibly the Secret Service.

* Alien smuggling: this often-lucrative and dangerous act is taken very seriously by the federal government. If someone is hurt during smuggling, the consequences are more severe.

* Insurance fraud: making a false claim to the insurance company, intentionally destroying insured property or fraudulently obtaining insurance can be prosecuted at either the state or federal level.

* Tax offenses: Failing to report, tax evasion or failing to file a return can all have serious penalties

* Medicare or Medicaid fraud: over-billing or billing for medicine and products that were never delivered are common forms of fraud the government will seek to indict. Medication dilution is also basis for an indictment.

* Firearms violations: this can include the importation of guns, distribution of guns and any other kind of business or illegal activity that involves firearms.

* Drinking Under the Influence: Laws are cracking down throughout the nation.

If you or a family member has been accused of a crime in South Carolina or have learned that charges may be brought, please visit the Web site for Dick James Law Firm of Greenville, South Carolina. Serving the residents of Anderson, Spartanburg and Greenville, South Carolina, our law firm offers free consultations so please contact

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Ohio vs. Smith A truth glasses look at Murder most foul

Article by Scott Hall (               
            On August 30, 2000 the Wayne County Grand Jury indicted one John David Smith, also known as John Smith, III on one count of aggravated murder.  The victim his ex-wife, Janice Elaine Hartman Smith who disappeared in November 1974, a jury trial was held and on July 19, 2001 a jury acquitted him of aggravated murder but instead found him guilty of the lesser charge of murder and was sentenced “accordingly”.  This according to an official document obtained through research concerning part of his appeal and information within the document (a pdf link at bottom of article).  Before this article begins, I must make it clear that a chain of events that caught my attention are what caused this author to write this article, that along with letting our readers know that this outlet and its staff support all whose cause it is to help find the missing or aid in a new view possibly leading to a resolution, as we all know a fresh set of eyes sometimes is the key to overlooked detail, anyway, this case in particular caught my attention and from start to now, I could not and have not been able to shake the images and the logic behind some of the mystery, so then I decided that with our readers help, maybe we can change the world, one step at a time.  One thing in particular our readers must know, I believe the guilty party has been charged correctly and that justice is not done as of yet, there is one more piece of the puzzle that meets truth glass requirements and our readers insights.  I present to you, the John Smith truth glasses overview.                              

            Imagine for a moment, marrying your high school sweetheart after years of courting, dating and learning each other’s quirks, you tie the knot, a couple of years later your divorce is finalized and three days after it, your ex-wife comes up missing, not just missing, but possibly murdered.  At trial, 
there was evidence presented that Janice, born March 2, 1951 did in fact wed one John Smith and that the high school sweetheart marriage had a much darker side than originally thought, in fact in testimony it was stated that Mr. Smith had a temper that could flare up depending upon the situation and that in one incident he threw a chess board at a wall.  To get away from this situation, the then Mrs. Smith moved back home with her family and a short time later, Mr. Smith moved there as well and at the time of Janice’s disappearance, they were living together in a trailer home in Wayne County.  Mr. Smith would counter most of the testimony of his failed calm demeanor with constant references to Janice’s drug use and haphazard life, citing that on November 10, 1974 Janice was physically attacked while out on a date who was offered to come back to “a blonde haired man’s place” where she was beaten, stripped and had several attempts made on her for sexual intercourse.  The matter got out of hand to the point where a shot gun was present and statements such as “narcs always have an easy way out” with others shouting to not kill her or her date and eventually they were released, this according to the police report that Janice filed. 
            On November 14, 1974 the dissolution of marriage was finalized and just three short days later, Janice went missing with Mr. Smith not filing a missing persons report until November 19, 1974 with a slight exception that instead of citing her as his ex-wife, he listed her as his wife.  In the report, Mr. Smith said he last saw Janice with a stocky mustached man at a hotel, a story which was later verified by another friend that she indeed was at that location or going there that evening.  Mr. Smith’s younger brother stated at trial that Janice affirmed that things were improving now that the marriage was ending; including learning about the disappearance first hand from Mr. Smith as well as that Janice was going into a witness relocation program as she was a drug informant.  Michael, the younger brother, testified that during an football game that he went to the garage to check to see why Mr. Smith was not attending the viewing and discovered Mr. Smith had built a wooden box, about a foot high, four feet long and 16” wide, during the discovery he noted that Mr. Smith was lining the box with Janice’s clothing, rolled up and the box, though moved around a few times remained in that garage until 1979.  In June, Michael’s grandfather came running up to him a bit panicked and said that he had partially opened the box, Michael assured his grandfather he would get rid of it, so he took it out back, opened it and discovered a human skeleton with the legs sawed off at the knees and immediately called not the police, but Mr. Smith who subsequently showed up and took the box and its contents.  A fact that was upheld by Mr. Smith’s employer that he had left early on a Friday for business in Seville, Ohio. 
            The box would later be discovered through testimony and corroborating evidence on a roadside not far from the county’s highway department, in 1980.  A letter of interest was shared between two police departments and as luck would have it, there was a Jane Doe found in a wooden box with various items of clothing lining the interior.  The remains would later be identified as Janice’s and that her legs were possibly sawed off with a serrated knife and that no cause of death could be determined, citing specifically that a bullet that does not impact bone would not show up in skeletal remains.  A cadaver dog and testimony from Michael stating that Mr. Smith had said nasty things to him when pressed about what the box was for confirmed suspicions as the cadaver dog caught a scent that indeed human remains had been in that garage.  One item in particular that Mr. Smith referenced in his missing person report was a diamond encrusted watch and rings that Janice had on at the time, later on through investigation it was discovered that one Kathleen MacDonald was given this watch with a haunting “J” in its bellows, when she received it, she was told by Mr. Smith that it at one time belonged to his deceased wife, the watch was admitted and accepted into evidence at the trial and with due cause as several witnesses testified as seeing the watch several times with Mr. Smith after Janice’s disappearance, a direct contradiction of testimony provided in the missing person’s report.
            In some testimony it was laid before the jury that Mr. Smith over the years told varying stories of the incident, including at one point stating she was last seen leaving on a plane to Florida, was into drugs and rough people and they mutually agreed to end the marriage and that he even got a phone call to which he was given instructions to show up to a specific location and that is where he discovered Janice’s body, this along with testifying that there was a dead goat in the box (Michael testified that is what he was told by Mr. Smith about the box, it was a prank) and the reason he didn’t call the police when he discovered his dead ex-wife’s body, he was afraid they would kill him too.  The pressure of mounting evidence and questions by his later love life interests about the box, the dead body, the rumors were enough to cause Mr. Smith to disappear himself for two days in July of 1999.  The appeal was lengthy but Mr. Smith stood strong in his approach to gain a new trial or overturn the current conviction by citing errors that were made during his trial, including an attempt to introduce New Jersey evidence into this jurisdiction, yes it seems there may be another linked to him, yet to be discovered and sigh, this author through his truth glasses discovered yet maybe another or at least we hope it isn’t, but that will be covered a bit later, for now, we will concentrate on catching you up to speed on the errors that were cited.
            Mr. Smith, in his first argument, cites that he did not get a fair trial because some evidence in relation to his second wife’s disappearance was used in this trial and that because it was used; it violated his right to a fair trial.  According to the Courts rules of procedure, when things of this nature are proven or brought before the courts attention, where he specifically argued that because this evidence was allowed, it arbitrarily or unreasonably affected the courts attitude and citing state’s evidence part 48 where circumstantial evidence in reference to a case with similar circumstances took place in NJ was used in testimony against Mr. Smith, with a clear ruling given within those circumstances.  Simply, Mr. Smith cited that his side failed to argue against the objectionable evidence and that due to that error, a different set of circumstances could have resulted in his favor.  In the fifth argument (skipping ahead a bit to new information as the other all involve testimony and evidence arguments against states evidence number 48), Mr. Smith argues that the cadaver sniffing dog only partially corroborated the evidence presented because the dog only alerted to one part of the garage but not to others that were pointed out as locations noted in testimony, to which the prosecution defended that the scent would have been picked up at the point of decomposition and that total decomposition could have taken place by the time the box had been moved, Mr. Smith cites specifically even when showed by the handler the other location the dog did not hit the same as it did on the original location.  The younger brother also testified that since the night Mr. Smith, his brother came to pick up the box that it had not been seen since.  The ending argument in that rebuttal, is the courts instructions regarding considering the evidence where expert testimony had to be clear and concise and given proper weight, a fact the defense says is only partial thanks to the sniffer of a trained dog.    Without going into too much detail and allowing for our readers to deepen their own understanding, Mr. Smith did at one point in his rebuttals claim that he was unfairly painted as a “creep” who had a bad temper and a flair for violence within his calm and cool exterior.  As history shows, the jury didn’t buy into any of it and found him guilty of murder and so did the appellate court, naturally one would expect that this would go the distance and that we would hear “foul” from the defense, especially when they are trying to keep from being put to death or spending a truck load of time in prison for something that they “didn’t do”, again, I firmly believe he is as guilty as the day is long, regardless of daylight savings time, the courts and the jury made the correct judgment.
            Media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times (Oct 04, 2000) reported that the arrest and possible extradition of one John Smith in Escondido California had taken place bringing justice one step closer after 26 years and the disappearance of his second wife, Fran Gladden, he was arrested without incident with his third wife at his place of employment. (ABC News Report March 2, 2012) John Smith moved from town to town until he met and eventually settled down with his second wife, Fran.  Around a year after they were married, Fran also came up missing, she had suffered a broken hip but when questioned by 
police, Mr. Smith stated she had gone on a trip, note, her body has never been discovered nor her location known.  Fran’s sister and daughter teamed up to discover that Mr. Smith had been married before and that his first wife mysteriously disappeared, they enlisted the help of Garry, Janice’s brother whom all agreed that Mr. Smith had more to do with it that he was leading on, and it wasn’t until all these facts came to light along with a shared piece of information that the remains of his first wife were found and that Mr. Smith was arrested and stood trial, being convicted of the crime of murder.  There is no doubt, Mr. Smith had many wives, three we know of but how many love interests or meetings we may never know and to date the missing person better known as Fran has not been discovered.
            If you are thinking this sounds all too familiar, you would be correct, in that this scenario, this person and this story was featured in a movie, “Murder on Pleasant Drive”, and various other titles such as Cold Case Files and a book, Stranger in my bed (a series of books).  One little detail can change thousands of items and there are a couple of details that have came to light, including something not too many persons may know, that in the possessions of Mr. Smith were a couple of photographs and Mr. Smith isn’t speaking about them.  This is where this author comes into view of how this article came to pass, you see, I use social media and among the many likes I have and friends alike, missing in America is one of them and the murders and deception you have just read about was featured in one of their posts with a simple request for help in identifying the girl photographed and possibly the location where it may have been taken.  While doing some research, I read about Mr. Smith and his sick approach to love and life’s mates and my heart sank when the thought hit me that this woman may have been a victim to his evil mind.  We know for a fact, based on testimony in his trial, evidence discovered as well as thorough investigation, Mr. Smith has a fetish for marriage, missing persons and murder.  We know that when he is on the hunt for his next wife his demeanor is nice, outgoing, hardworking and diligent but that once the I do’s have cooled off he is sinister, domineering, controlling and not afraid to travel to dispose of his old flame’s, including being so bold as to leave a cadaver in a garage while pretending to not knowing anything of their whereabouts.  This author cannot imagine the feeling of knowing that someone you love has gone missing and given most statistics, those who go missing are generally found deceased or captive for extended periods of time, abused, tortured and humiliated, including some being subjected to human trafficking.  I think that those thoughts of things like that taking place is what captured my attention in seeing the young ladies photographs.  I hope my truth glasses were in focus as I looked over the photographs and tried to place myself in this emotional turmoil for not just one, but three families, two of which had missing members. 
            This monster, John D. Smith aka John Smith, III, deserves to stay behind bars, but, what concerns me most, the photographs of the other Jane Doe’s found on his person, neither of which have been identified.  What is known is that one of the photographs was taken in an area where August Max (a clothing store) was near as it was discovered that an reverse printed reflection of its own neon appeared in one of the photo’s and that this girl was standing in front of a crystal store, wearing a plaid designed shirt and carrying a purse.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation is seeking information from anyone who may recognize this individual in this picture or know someone who does and I firmly believe that it can be done.  In the reference links at the bottom of this article are those from the supporting evidence about this case, news outlets and two very important ones, one to the website for missing in America and the other, a link to the FBI seeking not just my own help, but yours as well.  Put on your truth glasses and your thinking caps and please help bring closure to the families this man, Mr. Smith may have affected, remember Janice and her sawed off legs and skeletal remains being found on a roadside, remember Fran who has yet to have a voice and remember the photographs being presented in this article as well as within the links and let’s hope to bring closure, justice and peace to a family and families in need.  Thank you readers, God Bless and keep your truth glasses handy.

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Fascinated With Psychology? Consider Getting a Degree in Psychology...These Skills Are in Great Demand! - Education - College and University

Lately, we've been hearing about the job boom in medical services. One such field that hasn't received a great deal of press is psychology. If you have an interest in psychology, pursuing a degree in psychology may provide a satisfying and well paid career path.

A call is going out to our university, college students and to our high school seniors, to consider seeking a degree in psychology and counseling, and a career in the mental health field. The demand for professionals with such degrees is growing by leaps and bounds. Recent local, national and global changes in our economies and political bodies have thrown a significant portion of the population into an existential crisis, one that poses dangers to its victims and to the social body at large, in both the long and the short term. To avert or cope with this crisis, we must being to train people qualified to work in the mental health services now.

A degree in psychology or counseling qualifies the graduate for social and clinical work. Students preparing to work in the mental health field should emphasize those studies that will enable them to counsel and treat the growing mass of people who have been alienated, displaced, dispossessed, thrown from the comforts and security of a middle class life, into the terror of homelessness and poverty. Currently,our institutions, our economy and government are faltering. Due to unemployment and rising prices, once mentally healthy families are plummeting into the abyss of poverty and the onset of mental disease. We need people with a degree in psychology or counseling in order to aid, comfort, and heal the minds and families that have been stricken by cataclysmic social change.

Students preparing to face this crisis may want to focus their studies in childhood development and child counseling. Immediate child and adolescent counseling is needed now. Troubled children and teens are going through frightening changes, having to leave the only home they've known, for cold and often dirty shelters, or to vulnerable homeless camps. Most of these children are suffering severe disorientation. They are now susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse, to deviant behavior and socially abnormal disorders. Domestic violence increases as husbands and wives bicker over their poverty and use each other to vent their fury at a world that has turned on them.

Children then tend to grow distrustful of their parents. Withdrawing into themselves, they perceive the world as antagonistic. Their self-image takes a beating, from jibes and mean spirited remarks from other children whose parents have not yet fallen. Without a professional, with a degree in psychology or counseling out there to help them find their way back to hopefulness, these children may be forever psychologically damaged or lost in this difficult new world.

A degree in psychology or counseling will enable you to aid, comfort, and render therapy to the men and women, thousands of adults, who are joining the ranks of the impoverished and dispossessed on a daily basis. The transition into poverty can be deadly, as we can easily see by the rise in suicide among unemployed parents. Suicide is the greatest threat to these unfortunate people who have lost their homes and careers so rapidly. Deviant behavior and crime will increase among them.

Thousands of fathers seething in the beds of shelters, are shamed, despairing and enraged because their society has failed to give them the opportunity to work and support their families. Despair and suicide is one road out. The other is to bear the humiliation as best they can. For some, robbery, burglary and dealing drugs are other 'solutions'. Abnormal disorders remain, neurosis, emotional and cognitive disorders, even schizophrenia. People suddenly cast into poverty are highly susceptible to these.

If you're a student considering what your major should be, what field to make your career, consider getting a degree in psychology or counseling. With the way the economy is going, you can expect your knowledge will be in demand for some time to come. Practicing psychology can also be highly satisfying, as you're helping people regain their lives and self-respect.

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iPhone Insurance Reality: Get The Best Apple iPhone News At A Simple Tap Without The Stress And Anxiety - Technology - Gadgets and Gizmos

Info is the reason why the entire world go round. It makes us mindful of the things and incidents around us. It helps prevent persons from becoming separated with one another. The ability to make a decision, either good or bad, relies upon whatever info the particular one is wearing his fingertips. Without being informed, taking hazards and life- changing choices might be disastrous.

There are many sources of information. The most typical of which is by the word of mouth. Since humans are social beings, individuals will speak and interact at all times. Topics can range from all sorts of things. Name any subject matter, and individuals can discuss it for hours. In the modern day, as getting the latest headlines is a part of everyday living, especially during the morning rush or at night time cool down, a lot more people listen to the early dawn and night time information both on television, newspaper or stereo.

However, there is one good option, and this is the iPhone. Due to the fact its very first release in 2007, the iPhone 4 turned out to be more than just a mobile phone. It contains so many important features. Its advanced technology enables customers not only to converse. As a matter of fact, the iPhone also can function like a news dissemination program. A number of information can now be read depending on which app you're using. If you're curious on what's going with the most recent buzz about the Apple iPhone, you can now download the iPhone 4 News App. This thrilling software program is completely suited to all iPhone 4 consumers, and for those who are in the mobile phone small business. Be a step ahead of the other people by having this very educational app.

The Apple iPhone is so helpful. It's not, therefore, amazing that numerous iPhone users are benefiting from having an iPhone insurance policy. The reason behind this trend is obvious to see. A damaged, ripped off or lost iPhone is both an psychological and financial loss. Furthermore, additionally, it deprives consumers from the incredible features that the Apple iPhone can give them.

If you are thinking of getting your Apple iPhone covered due to the premium cost, the fact is, it does not cost much to be able to have one. For just an easily affordable premium, anyone can avail of a comprehensive iPhone insurance policy service that offers greatest coverage against thieves, unauthorized phone call use, as well as from damages caused by incidents, leaks and immersions, not only inside the UK but also all over the world. In addition, additionally, it consists of an Extended Warranty cover which gives policy holders the opportunity in prolonging their coverage for a longer period.

With this exciting news available, wouldn't it be a wonderful notion to have the greatest of what a first- rate iPhone insurance can do for you and then for your Apple iPhone? Think about. The iPhone is a real superb gadget to make use of. It's convenient and incredibly powerful, therefore it warrants precisely the very best iPhone insurance on the market. For additional information explore and discover the most economical and extensive iPhone insurance policy in the UK nowadays.

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Help With Foreclosure: Legitimate Video Guides, Tutorials and Information That Can Help You Stop Foreclosure - Business

Foreclosure Fraud When Attempting to get Help With Foreclosure - A Nightmare on Property ownersIf you're experiencing foreclosure or are worried about it, it's very essential that you watch out for telling signs of foreclosure fraud when you are looking for help with foreclosure. There are many various signs that you may be experiencing foreclosure fraud when you are seeking help with foreclosure and it is very important which you tap into these signs to ensure that you can keep an eye out for any fraud that might be occurring. Sadly, banks are here to make cash and loans were created for that reason, don't be a victim of the fraud that comes about from a foreclosure gone wrong, stay on leading of the tactics that the banks are using to take your home from you.Know the MERS SystemThe very first main fraud to appear out for with regards to foreclosures is MERS. MERS stands for Mortgage Electronic Registration system and was created to offer records to mortgage lenders. To b e able to actually foreclose on a house, the company foreclosing should show that there is a chain of title that means that they are able to have relief. But, what has occur with MERS and where individuals are getting taken advantage of is that there actually is no chain of entitlement and that a lot of times these banks are simply just a nominee and not the actually title owner of the house.Predatory Loans are BadPredatory loans have been used fraudulentlly with people who are seeking help with foreclosure and are also typically to blame for the housing market issues and the spikes that we have observed in foreclosures. There are numerous banks that have created mortgages that are terrible and take advantage of the individuals that they are lending to. These loans were created to assess high fees and to have individuals struggle to make their payments. Loans that have adjustable interest rates and loans that were created for sub-prime financing are just a bank's way of seek ing to take over your house under the visade of delivering help with foreclosure.It is so important to help keep an eye on foreclosure fraud and understand that it is out there and it exists. If you're struggling to stay in your home, make sure that you haven't been taken benefit of by any predatory lending practices. Know your rights and know how to remain in your home in the event you think which you have been mislead or mistreated by your mortgage lender, especially if they claim to offer you help with foreclosure. You've rights as a borrower, don't just let them throw you out in the street, make sure that everything that they're doing upholds the rules and that they've the right to foreclose on your property.If you or someone you care about is going through foreclosure, please go to Foreclosure Fraud Exposed to discover how you can prevent foreclosure and protect your house today.

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The social network times of social economics - Business

Calculation of Facebook points "moves" have two doors, one is sociology and economics. Social network this dish chess, the fewest and other chess very different. On the one hand, to have the economists calculate road, otherwise they will be like pushing, that's not good hit; On the other hand, want to have social scientists calculate road, otherwise they will be like Myspace that "speed." annihilate d

In view of the domestic still cannot see a social networking service) to (can be very good balance is the door way now, newcomers have a very good chance, through the master in on the road ahead is deep, found the future business opportunities and realize salted fish rolling.

Article/JiangJiPing (the Po)

Along the direction of Facebook, go forward again a few steps, we will look forward to the future of how?

To answer this question, must use theory. If the life into a chess game theorists like, than a court, he can play chess people is more than a few steps, even more than ten steps, dozens of steps.

Calculation of Facebook points "moves" have two doors, one is sociology and economics. Social network this dish chess, the fewest and other chess very different. On the one hand, to have the economists calculate road, otherwise they will be like pushing, that's not good hit; On the other hand, want to have social scientists calculate road, otherwise they will be like Myspace that "speed." annihilate d

In view of the domestic still cannot see a social networking service) to (can be very good balance is the door way now, newcomers have a very good chance, through the master in on the road ahead is deep, found the future business opportunities and realize salted fish rolling.

The network of social theory boundary markers

The social network era has its special social and economic significance from the Angle of economics, sociology and we can understand the importance of social network, and sociology and economics also must face in their online social time new development.

Specific focus to the subject up online social networking, we find that "moves" or "recipes" quite a lot, we first need to comb. Sociology and economics in the centre of the cross, to form two kind of different disciplines, a class of the difference is very big, with economic called social economics for center of gravity; A class called economic sociology, to the social artificial center of gravity.

Social economics, also called social problems economics (such as sharp, etc "social problems of economics edition), 18 internal has already formed the two schools: one is the classical tradition" welfare oriented "social economics, hereinafter referred to as" welfare school ". In this branch (such as BaiXueQiu, SongGuoXing editor "social economics) and sharp as the interest of the disadvantaged, the main research related to poverty, unemployment, environment pollution, drug smuggling and other social problems, and social network to have nothing to do; One is the Nobel economic prize winner becker, who in the "economic empire" thought control created social economics, hereinafter referred to as "the empire school," agent from the Angle of social behavior such as addiction behind the rational choice.

Economic sociology, also called the new economic sociology to don't at the early stage of economic sociology. Mainly divided into two schools, is a low-grade socialization theories, mainly from the transaction cost economics Angle in introducing social factors, such as the system of the economic analysis, Williamson domestic is wang and built the new economic sociology to China ". One is the excessive socialization point of view.

If the analogy, pay attention to social economics theoretical "field", economic sociology attention "problem"; If the menu parables, social economics "cooking", emphasize on physical factors, economic sociology "soup", emphasize on humanized (or cultural) factors.

In all of these theories, the most help us like Facebook to such analysis of the theory of new economic sociology, it is this one, including Glenn's victor's theory (masterpiece the Mosaic: social nets and economic action "), has the domestic ZhangJiZai new economic sociology. Because they and most relevant to the relationship between the social network.

The old economic sociology and new economic sociology, the biggest difference in network theory or. The "new" major new on the network. Although the network is not intended to the Internet, but are more closely related to, because it is to point to interpersonal interaction network.

Grant's social network theory, the victor is different from the low socialization theories at, he does not agree with the decision of the transaction costs, because they think that's role of economic, physical and chemical, and emphasizes the role of trust in the network, the emphasis is the function of the heart also. But Glenn's victor is different from general social scientists with general aspects of morality explain honest behavior, think that too socialization, "person", and the emphasis on human interaction of trust from the decisive role, a bit like the economics of repeated game stressed in the limited to the influence of the cooperation.

The above is the way these lay a key boundary markers, we can further analysis substantial, see theory for the network society to provide the guidance, and what online social networking to theory and what are some of the problems.

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travel insurance flight centre - Insurance - Travel

Some people like to travel by air when they have to travel for a very long distance even within the same country. A delay in the flight, cancellation of the flight as well as the loss of luggage can be easily be rewarded using travel insurance flight centre. For most, out of country travel is a profiting knowledge. No one plans for things to go wrong, but unluckily, at times things do go wrong. So travel insurance flight centre is very important when undertaking a journey within or out of the country.In most situations, holidays are well spend, but there are risks that come with traveling overseas. For instance, the cost of changing or terminating hotel lodging and flights if you lose your passport or the cost of medical treatment should you becomes ill. At times, the Department of Foreign Affairs handled over 20,000 cases involving Australians in hardship abroad. Many of these cases concerned Australians traveling with no or insufficient insurance cover and as a result ar e now faced with a long-term financial problem. You can't actually pay for your flight without insurance.Options for travel insurance flight centre

Medical treatmentsNo one likes to feel ill or get injured while they are out, but you don't have to get sick or bother about medical costs. If you buy a travel insurance policy with Flight Centre you will be covered for hospital, medical, surgical, nursing and ambulance expenses when you are abroad.Overseas dentalDental pain is very uncomfortable and often expensive to repair, particularly out of the country. Many policies have a sub-limit for dental coverage that is far less than what the table of benefits proves, so make sure flight centre travel insurance policy provide a sufficient level of dental cover.Additional expensesin case you fall sick or experience an injury that makes you flabby to travel, you could not only be wedged with luxurious medical bills, but also the cost of additional housing and transportation costs.

find out more about cheap annual multi trip travel insuranceadjustment or cancellation costsWhat if you planned your best trip, paid your hard earned dollars but could no longer travel? There is no need to lose thousands of dollars in cancellation fees when this type of risk can be over come with travel insurance flight centreIf you are fund of relaxing and enjoying your travels, then you will certainly want a good and complete travel insurance flight centre policy. It is not just the cost of a bag full of clothes that is at risk, but full accident and illness cover can be totally priceless if desired

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3 Top 9 Reasons The Real Estate Bubble Is Filled With - Real Estate - Property Management

Learn why 9 3 top real estate bubble is about to explode before it's too late!

If you own real estate or are considering buying real estate, then you better be careful because this could be the most important message you receive this year regarding real estate and financial future.

The past five years have witnessed an explosive growth in the housing market, so many people believe that real estate is the safest investment you can make. Well, this is not true. Rapidly rising real estate prices have driven the real estate market at price levels never seen in history when adjusted for inflation! The growing number of people concerned about the housing bubble means there are fewer actual buyers of goods available. Fewer buyers mean that prices are falling.

On May 4, 2006, said Federal Reserve Governor Susan Blies that "housing is really sort of peak." This follows on the heels of the new Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said he feared that the "softening" of the housing market will hurt the economy. And former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan previously described the property market as frothy. All these top financial experts agree that there is already a decline in viable the market, so it is necessary to know the reasons for this change.

3 of 9 main reasons why the housing bubble will burst include:

1. Interest rates are rising - foreclosures are up 72%!

2. time buyers are priced out of the market - the housing market is a pyramid and the base is crumbling

3. Market psychology has changed, now people are afraid of the bubble bursting - the mania over real estate is more!

The first reason that the housing bubble is filled with a rise in interest rates. Under Alan Greenspan, interest rates were at historic lows in June 2003 to June 2004. These low interest rates cause people to buy homes that were more expensive than they could normally afford but at the same cost per month, essentially creating "free money". Time, however, the low interest rates has ended as interest rates have risen and will continue to grow further. Interest rates must rise to combat inflation, partly because of gasoline and food costs. high interest rates more expensive to own a home in order to drive home values ??down.

higher interest rates also affect people who bought adjustable mortgages (arms). Adjustable mortgages have very low interest rates and low monthly payments are the first two or three years, but then disappears at low interest rates and monthly mortgage payment jumps dramatically. One result of resetting Adjustable Rate Mortgage, home foreclosures, and 1 quarter of 2006, 72% in 1st quarter of 2005.

foreclosure situation will only worsen the interest rates continue to rise and more adjustable mortgage payments are adjusted to higher interest rates and higher mortgage payment. Moody's indicated that 25% of all mortgages outstanding future for interest rate resets in 2006 and 2007. It's $ 2 trillion of mortgage debt of the United States! When the higher payments, it will be quite a success in the pocket. A study by one of the largest title insurers have agreed that 1.4 million households will receive a break fee of 50% or more once the introductory payment period is over.

The second reason why the housing bubble bursting is that new buyers are no longer able to buy homes because of high prices and higher interest rates. The housing market is essentially a pyramid scheme and while the number of buyers is increasing so good. As homes are purchased by first-time buyers in the bottom of the pyramid, the new funds for this $ 100,000.00 home goes all the way up the pyramid with the seller and the buyer of a $ 1,000,000.00 home as people sell a house and buy a more expensive home. This double-edged sword of property prices and rising interest rates has priced many new buyers in the market, and now we're starting to feel the effects in the housing market in general. Slower sales and inventories of homes available for sale are increasing rapidly. The latest report on the housing market showed new home sales fell 10.5% in February 2006. This is the biggest monthly drop in nine years.

The third reason that the housing bubble bursts, is that market psychology has changed real estate. In the past five years, the housing market has increased significantly, and if you bought real estate more than likely made money. This positive for investors as the market supply more than most people saw it and decided to also invest in real estate before it was "lost."

The psychology of a bubble in the market, if we are talking about the stock market or housing market is known to "herd mentality" that when everyone follows the herd. This herd mentality is at the heart of any bubble has happened many times in the past, even during the bubble in the U.S. stock market the decade of 1990, the Japanese property bubble of the decade of 1980, even as the bubble of U.S. railroads in the 1870's. The herd mentality has taken the entire real estate market until recently.

The bubble continues to grow as it is a "more crazy" to buy at a higher price. As there is less and less "crazy", or willing to buy homes, the mania disappears. When the hysteria passes, the excess inventory that was built during the boom time causes prices to fall. This is true for all three of the historical bubbles mentioned above and many other historical examples. It is also important to note is that when all three of these historical bubbles burst the U.S. was thrown into a recession.

With the change of mind regarding the real estate market, investors and speculators were concerned that real estate is that they are losing money. Consequently, not only are they buying less real estate, but they are selling at the same time their investment properties as well. There is a large number of homes available for sale on the market at the same time that the record of new home construction is flooding the market. These two increasing supply forces, the increased supply of existing homes for sale along with the growing supply of new homes for sale will only aggravate the problem and carry out all real estate values ??down.

A recent survey showed that seven out of ten people believe that the housing bubble will burst before April 2007. This change in market psychology "the property must at all costs" for a healthy concern that real estate is overpriced is causing the end of the housing market boom.

Aftershock is a bubble bursting is huge and will affect the world economy tremendously. Billionaire investor George Soros said that in 2007, the U.S. is in recession and I share his opinion. I think we should have a recession, because as the housing bubble bursts, jobs are lost, the Americans are no longer able to withdraw money from their homes, and the whole economy will slow significantly, leading to a recession.

Finally, the three reasons the housing bubble is filled with high interest rates, buyers now have a price for the first out of the market and the psychology of some real estate markets are changing.

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Which UK courts have jurisdiction over family matters? - Law

UK Magistrates' Courts have the jurisdiction to deal with simple criminal and civil law cases, including some family matters. The section of the Magistrates' Courts that deal with family matters is called the Family Proceedings Court (FPC). The FPC deals with simple private disputes about children, including maintenance disputes.

All care proceedings begin in the Magistrates' Courts. Magistrates' Courts are presided over by a district judge, who is a qualified legal professional, and two lay magistrates. Lay magistrates are local volunteers who have undergone extensive training in order to sit as magistrates in a magistrates' court. They give legal advice to the Magistrate regarding the case they are hearing.

County Courts also have the jurisdiction to deal with family law matters. Most divorce law proceedings are commenced in County Courts. They deal with all but the most simple and the most complex family law matters, including disputes regarding children. Adoption proceedings occur in the County Courts. They can hear family law matters on appeal from the Magistrates' Courts.

The High Court (HC) hears the most complex civil cases, including complex family law cases. The HC is divided into three different divisions to deal with the different areas of civil law. Family law cases are heard by the Divisional Court of the Family Division. The Divisional court of the Family Division has the jurisdiction to hear all family law matters. They will be the first court to hear complex case, and appeals from the lower courts. They deal with public and private children disputes, divorce, adoption, domestic violence, parentage, child contact, separation, dissolution of civil partnerships, and uncontested probate matters.

Appeals from the HC, and some County Court appeals, go to the Court of Appeal. In order for a family law matter to go to the Court of Appeal, the party must have permission from the court. Permission for an appeal will be granted if the appeal is based on a point of law, or a serious procedural irregularity. In addition, the court must believe the case has a real prospect of success, or there is another compelling reason to allow the appeal. A compelling reason could be that there is a public policy reason for allowing the appeal.

An appeal from the Court of Appeal on a family law matter will go to the Supreme Court, which replaced the House of Lords in 2009, and is now the highest court in the UK.

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Biological industry's future development should be well four aspects homework - Business - Small Business

In recent years, the national energetical support to promote and social aspects positive efforts, China biological industry sustainable growth, present a welcome development momentum, but restrict the development of biological industry some long-term, deep problem still a lot. Authorities in tianjin just closing of 2011 international conference on biological economy, says China biological the degree of industrial intensification is still relatively low, and the future, biological industry development in our country should also do four aspects "homework".

One is to enhance biological industry of the ability of independent innovation. Grasp organization genetically modified organisms breeding, take initiative to new drugs, major breakthrough restricting our key technology of biological industry development. To speed up the establishment of enterprise as the main body, and strive to improve the construction of innovation system of enterprises' independent innovation ability. Through the policy guidance, encourage enterprises to increase in research and development. Strengthen the biological field engineering center, engineering laboratories, enterprise technology center of the building.

2 it is to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure of biological. To accelerate the innovation ability, a group with international competitiveness of the leading enterprises; In the product structure, to intensify the independent intellectual property rights to the support of the products, to cultivate a group of large variety; In the regional structure, to insist the classification guidance, to highlight the importance and guide biological industry base to a professional, and characteristic direction. Organize the implementation of biological industry base public service conditions, strengthening the construction of special base innovation function.

To further improve the biological industrial policy and market environment. Biological industry is the state's strategic industry, also is the new industry, must strengthen the policy guidance and support. To intensify the biological technology research and development and industrialization of devotion, fiscal fund established prior purchasing independent innovation system for biological product completely biodegradable materials, biological diesel oil, biomass and the approved of the fuel ethanol production and other important biological products give support, the implementation of the tax preferential policy support biological industry development.

Three is strive to improve the international competitiveness of biological industry. Encourage multinational companies to China investment, and actively undertake biological medicine research and development service outsourcing transfer, enhances our country in the international division of labor in the middle of the position. At the same time, encourage domestic enterprises to develop the products and marketing for the international registration of overseas work, to set up r&d centers and invest in business, encourage us with independent intellectual property rights of the biological technology products bold "go out".

Four is the perfect domestic capital market, and develop the financing channels. In investment and financing policy, to support biological industry venture investment and industrial investment funds, the establishment and development of guarantee agencies to support guarantee and again, to strengthen enterprise development initial period and biological years of support. To seek for biological industry base in the biological enterprise have a condition into securities companies to perform system to carry out the stock transfer pilot. Support to meet the conditions of the biological enterprise issuing securities, developing enterprise financing.

In the finance and tax policy, to intensify the biological technology research and development and industrialization of devotion, fiscal fund established prior purchasing independent innovation system for biological product completely biodegradable materials, biological diesel oil, biomass and the approved of the fuel ethanol production and other important biological products to give financial support to the tax preferential policy, suggest to increase the industrial development of the biological support. In a market environment, mainly to the biological products, perfect market cultivation biological product market access in the new policy, but also strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights.

Although DuoCi said the eu did not accept the unilateral regulation, but the international air transport association have also made their own emissions commitments, by 2020, RanXiao increased by 1.5% every year; Since 2020, through the implementation of "carbon compensation" stable carbon emissions; plan In 2050, the net carbon emissions 50% 2005 fewer than in.

Reduce carbon emissions will be biofuels promote giant power. Boeing built up the fuel production to use a zero emissions concept, "we will to all areas of the plant for looking for local, and then planting and processing, in this process, the plants absorb the greenhouse gas, and the plants for fuel, use fruit processing back out of carbon was finished," and "every region WangYuKui introduces, in their own region processing biofuels, supply the local airlines, if all the world to join in, not will achieve global zero emissions?"

The Dutch aviation use "edible oils" project also points out that the reduction in the huge advantage, because there is no to production, discharged the crop production process of carbon emissions, and this is the local take oil, so the traffic aspects to have carbon emissions are few, that has made "edible oils" fuel, compared with the traditional fossil fuel emissions 60%-80%, still can increase to 90% in the future.

"Now the technology has improved a lot, leprosy tree, flax, micro algae soils and mustard plants will as the raw material." cao refining Guangzhou energy of the Chinese academy of sciences SunShouJiang scholars says, "there are basic feasible technology, the key problem or purification of problem, ask specific application aviation fuel by the characteristics of restriction, used alone has not yet achieved aviation fuel standard, need and ordinary fuel mixing with use, and the concrete percentage have specific technical route varies." He said that at present domestic with leprosy in trees and micro algae refining raw materials for the research has been very cao mature.

Economic problems don't understand China is more system boat

But, in FeiLiang across the threshold, high cost is still is the biological fuel comprehensive promotion of difficult problems. "Biofuels cost is usually traditional aviation fuel more than four times as much, and now even mature technology, is still unable to realize economic benefit." Citic industry analysts li lei says, "there are even plus the carbon tax and the prices are high, the cost of traditional factors cao is still to be much lower, so airlines will not use large-scale enterprise."

Tsing capital managing director of the concept of green LinTing also pay close attention to the company, but in his view, the domestic environmental atmosphere and system construction are also far cannot sustain such enterprise. "We all know that deal with 'hogwash oil' do is a good thing down, but now the situation is simply not a sound recovery mechanism." In his view, the domestic costs of the system is also in virtually weakened economy of biofuels, "you said the Dutch airlines have the ability to do, that's because somebody else has a system of the recovery system, now China's low-cost garbage of many, simple oil refining can wearproof.and have income, then back to the market and who to do refining?"

A set of green industry chain will have the system behind the system to support, that China is still far can't do. So, the expert suggests to technology research and, at the same time, think about how to solve this system: "relevant departments should perfect the relevant laws and regulations and establish good waste recycling system, but also for the use of clean energy to provide incentives, to the environmental protection enterprise to living space, and encourage them to increase development, do profitable, thus, to mature technology, to have more market subject to promote environmental protection products, or biological fuel even made the breakthrough of technology, and can only be too high."

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