Global Awareness- A Growing Problem by Scott Hall

In the last few months, our nation and the global citizenry have seen several infractions of human rights, questionable behaviors and serious law and political goof ups; Image Credit:

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Racism, Justice and Unrest in the USA - Respecting Ourselves – Part II

            In our first article regarding racism, we took a look at media outlets from known and credible sources and with two simple keywords was given access to seven million web pages that contained articles written where situations of color were dominant, featuring a few examples and thoughts on each one about the recent citing of racism in law enforcement as well as other situations, in short showing the inciting rhetoric of divide.  In the specifics, we know that when someone dies from a police officer’s gun and there is some question of power versus color, it comes down to two words when debated, Black and White with the background clutter being facts versus fiction and stories that hit the grape vine and made it all the way out with new and more believable situations.  When our thoughts are influenced by mass media and not with a truth glasses approach (wink) we can hear the echoes of violence all across the country, from New York to Los Angeles and including the town I was born in, protests erupted and yes, violence in some parts that again show barbaric attitudes toward innocent persons and properties.  Whether or not we are being baited by the media and other outlets is also debatable, however, when it comes to the court system and law enforcement in judicial form, procedure and processes can only be confused when we don’t weigh what is happening “behind closed doors” and in this article, we will look into our criminal justice system, which includes a link at the bottom of this article that will take you to a PDF of the handbook for federal grand juries.

            In order to understand the path any person who is accused or charged with a crime must endure, we will briefly look at what happens upon arrest and follow our “perp” through their path.  Scenario:  Our perp is desperate, the holiday’s grip has taken hold and presents are needed for four persons, out of work and little money for gifts let alone food or rent, the perp decides to rob a local gas station.  Although nervous about the situation, manages to gain a nice haul of 125 dollars takes off running down the street, passing a few people.  Our perp has a dark scarf that was used to shield the face to just below the eyes that as they run, slowly drops below the mouth.  Out of breath and about 5 blocks away, decides to rest near a tree where a passerby gets a clear look at the clothing and face of the out of breath thief.  The police arrive on the scene and the shaken store clerk gives a statement about what happened, what the person was wearing, approximate height and as much information as the store clerk could remember about the entire situation, several others come forward about the fleeing suspect each giving information.  The next day the person in the park hears a description of the suspect on the news, some of the information makes sense, some doesn’t due to the details of the face and eyes of the person, however decides to call in the tip anyway.  Video cameras from traffic systems help to identify the person from their direction of travel, an arrest warrant is issued, and the police pick them up.

            From what you just read, can anyone answer the following questions, What race was the perp, what gender was the perp, what gender was the store clerk, what gender was the person in the park and what color was the scarf that our perp was wearing and why would the person who got a clear look wonder if the description was an accurate one and why do these things matter?  I am certain many of you filled in the images easily with what your perception of each may be, our mind’s eye has many abilities and drawing pictures or images to fill in the gaps of our understanding is part of it, in other words, it’s okay, learning is cool stuff.  Now, not that any of it matters, here is what is in store for our perpetrator as they journey through the justice system and in part you are going to participate as mock jurors since I have given you the circumstances regarding this journey, I will try to be as un-objective as possible in writing this from a unknown parameter point of view (i.e., gender, color, race, etc.). 

            When a person is placed under arrest, many of us can associate with being read their Miranda rights.  These rights or warnings ( are part of the Fifth Amendment and are crucial in the first steps of prosecution of the crime being charged, the arresting officers are required to warn the suspect that: they have the right to remain silent, they have the right to an attorney present during questioning and they have the right to have that attorney appointed even if they cannot afford one, not a bad set up for our suspect.  This stems from a historic court case known as Miranda vs. Arizona (Miranda vs. Arizona 384 US 436 (1966)), where the right to protect ourselves from self incrimination is guaranteed, no police force, detective or interrogator can question the circumstances of a crime and present it as credible evidence unless they have read us our rights, nor will any evidence be made admissible, regardless of what it is, unless those warnings are in place (for visualization of this, I recommend watching Gideon’s Trumpet, excellent movie).  Presuming our suspect has been read their rights on scene, the next step is the booking process where fingerprinting and a short list of vitals are taken, including a picture of the suspect, preparing paperwork explaining those charges and if necessary a reiteration of the Miranda warning before being assigned a cell; thus is given to a prosecutor (usually the district attorney’s office) to present to a pre-hearing judge, where the suspect can enter a plea, or answer to the charges, being guilty or not guilty and bail or bond will most likely be established.

            The suspect enters a “not guilty” plea to the pre-hearing judge, is assigned a public defender as the attorney to help out and decides to wait it out seeing what kind of deals can be made or if the charges will even stick at all, this determination will come from a Grand Jury, the first of many steps that are already taking place in our suspects life, all of which happen while the suspect is locked up in jail waiting.  The Grand Jury has a very important job, they have to decide if there is enough evidence to indict the suspect based on the evidence presented, this jury is going to help uphold the Federal Rules and Regulations regarding Criminal Procedure, wherein all courts uphold this rule of law.  The Sixth Amendment ( guarantees that whenever a jury is called, they must be of impartial stance, disregarding all outside influences not associated with the facts being presented to them and no challenge to any jury member can be because of their gender or race (Baston vs. Kentucky 476 US 79 (1986)), this is part of due process, or receiving a fair trial.  Back to the Grand Jury, during this procedure, the jury acts as an investigative body literally as they are in charge of reviewing all the details of the case and may ask the prosecutor for subpoena’s or documents to further compel them to indict the accused, they are free from the influence of judge or particular prosecutor and may range from 16 to 23 in total with alternates and can serve for up to one year.  In the recent uprising of Mr. Brown and Mr. Garvin, each of these grand juries had remained sequestered for several months before revealing their decision, each listened to the prosecutors in each case, was presented evidence in support of the indictment process of the accused and both acquitted with no charges against each of the officers, the crowds went nuts, burning, looting, breaking, shouting and challenging an already stressed police force, with debate and resolve unfounded prior, or was it, few will remember the violence that erupted after the Rodney King beating and almost no one will remember details of the case unless they were there or read it themselves without having the media be the presenter.  In our case scenario, the suspect is handed back an indictment to go ahead and formally charge them with the crime and to start the trial process.

            Next up, comes the other jury of our suspects peers, the ones who get to listen to not just the prosecutor, but also the cross examinations of the defense attorney, who during the trial points out the inconsistencies of clothing, descriptions, eye color and even the amount of time between the eye witness from the park’s call to the police and what that can do to memory and details in a busy world.  In some of the eye witness’s statements there are a few falsehoods that are proven by supporting evidence from the defense but  the circumstances and places of the suspects locations and why don’t add up to a complete night as described nor explain the added items and cash on hand upon arrest.  These are the things that prosecutors and defenses do, not just in criminal court but in civil court as well, one side must present the more convincing case and a jury of peers decides who is telling the truth.  Although the trial jury is a bit smaller containing only about 9-12 persons, they are also bound by the same standards as a Grand Jury, where there can be no bias at all and each objective promise to be fair.  Now that we have an idea of what a jury does and why they are important, we also need to know how they are given jury duty in the first place, Nolo’s Plain English Law Dictionary, defines Jury Duty as a list of people summoned to jury duty, from which particular jurors may be chosen.  That selection is from a pool of persons ( who are registered voters or combined lists of registered voters with drivers licenses, in most cases some will not serve any jury duty at all while summoned, but must call in or check with the provided information to determine if eligible, usually a day in advance.  Consider this, if the majority of driver’s license holders do not register to vote and they live in a district where this combo is necessary in order to serve on a jury, then those who do qualify will be the voice for those who don’t because of this one little detail which may present a majority of persons being of one particular gender or race within that judicial district, thus proving that voting power is also acclimated by jury decisions where the public can have influence, real influence on real court cases and who helps to make and govern those laws, a hidden rights benefit.

            Our suspect has now gone through trial, evidence both for and against them has been presented by qualified attorneys and the decision is in your hands, what you know: A crime was committed, a robbery that intimidated and scared the store clerk allowing 125 dollars to be stolen, several descriptions of the suspect, each somewhat similar but key details that were argued do bring some doubt about whether or not this particular person was the person of interest, cash found on the suspect as well as enough items to add up to the amount of expected money with a 5 dollar error of margin, an alibi of events that makes sense but doesn’t add up to the time stamps on the camera’s point of view and no one can decide whether the suspect had a mask on or if they had time to take out or put in contacts that could have changed the tint of color, also debated by defense.  So, in relation to our first article and how the media bias’s writing styles look very discerning, in this scenario, gender, race were deliberately obscured and what did your own mind see, probably persons of sinister stature, frightened faces, a generic jury with you sitting in the midst of them all, but can you tell me what color or gender do you see, why does that make it easier to visualize and how sure are you.  In our series of looks, in Part III, we will examine some points of unrest in our USA, what happened as a result and hope to open our eyes even further that we are UNITED STATES Citizens, one nation, one people who should never seek out our vengeance upon the innocent, but more importantly, be more involved in the decisions necessary to insure we have a more perfect union, a union that will include more peace than unrest and more voices where once there weren’t any.



Racism, Justice and Unrest in the USA - Respecting Ourselves Part I

            Readers, before we get into the meat of the subject matter of the title of this article, I want to say directly that this article will be drawn from Media sources from around the country, with my search specifically focused on race related headlines or in print opinions, those references as always will be available in link form at the bottom of the article.  I am in no way going to say that this will not contain strong opinions, direct references and that it will contain subject matter that may make some feel uneasy.  As with all my articles, I welcome feedback of all sorts, but will not tolerate slander, rude or offensive comments, personal attacks or anything in those genres of responses and I am a citizen who does not see color of skin or race as a barrier to being respectful toward my fellow citizen, I am a United States Citizen.  What I do have a problem with is the bias and bull crap that is being propagated to the very citizen base that has a history of proving that the subject of color has a profound effect; it ends up costing many lives, causing similar rhetoric historically, in protest of the things going on around them, this in reference to our “civil war” and “civil rights movements”.  I also am disgusted with the outrageous display of rioting, looting, arson committing and felonious actions of our citizens upon persons who have nothing to do with the circumstances facing the victims and have forgotten that changing things will not work with this type of violence, my heart and thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost much to the masses who obviously have no respect and jump at the chance to commit crimes on Television that the public excuses for the most part.  Now, on with our article, sit a moment and read and feel free to start healthy debate so we as a nation can work together without violence toward doing what we do best, help our fellow citizen.
            Our first entry about the racism issue, comes from ABC news at their online website,, Wednesday November 26,2014, the article (Attorney’s Seek to Clear former Crow Tribe Chairman) has this as it’s opening few words:
“Civil rights attorneys have moved to exonerate a former chairman of the Crow Indian Tribe of a bribery conviction by obtaining unreleased emails from a federal judge who has been reprimanded for sending racist correspondence.
Former Montana U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull sentenced Clifford Birdinground ("bird-in-ground") to three years in prison in 2003. The 79-year-old Crow leader had pleaded guilty to taking $2,700 in kickbacks after being accused of referring tribal business to a car dealership.
When Birdinground sought to retract his plea and go to trial, Cebull rejected the request, a decision upheld on appeal.
Cebull resigned last year after an investigation into a racist email he sent involving President Barack Obama.
A judicial committee determined Cebull sent hundreds more inappropriate emails from his federal account that showed disdain for blacks, American Indians, Hispanics, women, certain religions and others. The messages have not been released.
Birdinground recently joined a pending legal petition in California to preserve Cebull's emails as potential evidence in future lawsuits. Birdinground is represented by attorneys from the California Civil Rights Law Group.
"It's our view that when Judge Cebull refused to accept (Birdinground's) motion to have his plea withdrawn, that the judge did so based on potential bias against Native Americans," attorney Lawrence Organ said.
Organ said he wants to know if Cebull's emails contain direct references to Birdinground's case or have revelations of bias. He added that the emails could raise other issues if Cebull was communicating with others in a position of power.
Cebull could not be reached for comment. The committee that investigated his emails found no evidence of any bias when it analyzed his cases…”
            As we can see, the article states clearly there was something that correspondence will reveal about sensitive comments of race and other parameters going on with a Judge.  Never mind details surrounding the case where an illegal action took place, the focus is on why the appeal, a valid reason for appeal as justice is “blind” and treats all with the same reverence, including the appeals court that upheld the decision, is this an injustice worth rioting over, NO as it did not spark any to the magnitude in New York and Missouri, there was no death involved, still from the looks and smell of the article, seems to provoke racial thought rather than logical deduction of the crime committed, certainly personal views will and have interfered, but legally, a total other set of items.  Now, does that sound like an unbiased report or is it slanted a bit, you decide.  Next we will look at another headline, a bit more current from that same news outlet, November 27, 2014 entitled, “Ferguson Grand Jury Papers Full of Inconsistencies” and is as follows:
Some witnesses said Michael Brown had been shot in the back. Another said he was face-down on the ground when Officer Darren Wilson "finished him off." Still others acknowledged changing their stories to fit published details about the autopsy or admitted that they did not see the shooting at all.
An Associated Press review of thousands of pages of grand jury documents reveals numerous examples of statements made during the shooting investigation that were inconsistent, fabricated or provably wrong. For one, the autopsies ultimately showed Brown was not struck by any bullets in his back.
Prosecutors exposed these inconsistencies before the jurors, which likely influenced their decision not to indict Wilson in Brown's death.
Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecutor, said the grand jury had to weigh testimony that conflicted with physical evidence and conflicting statements by witnesses as it decided whether Wilson should face charges.
"Many witnesses to the shooting of Michael Brown made statements inconsistent with other statements they made and also conflicting with the physical evidence. Some were completely refuted by the physical evidence," McCulloch said.
The decision Monday not to charge Wilson with any crime set off more violent protests in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson and around the country, fueled by claims that the unarmed black 18-year-old was shot while surrendering to the white officer in the mostly African-American city.”
            The article flows well and has many facts in its mix, until the last paragraph featured, it went from fact filled to color based where this tragedy that has seen many protests and looting, arson, violence and the like, clearly, we get to see a young “black” man be shot by a “white” cop, let’s just disregard the information where the inconsistencies of views and evidence that did not match up with statements and no proof had nothing to do with any of the decision, it was color that dictates the article’s tone as well as the basis for reaction.  For a third example from ABC news where racism and color are featured, Let us look to this headline from November 29, 2014, entitled, “Parents of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin in Florida.’ As follows:
“The father of a black Missouri teen killed by a white policeman has gotten words of comfort from a Florida couple whose unarmed son was also shot to death.
Michael Brown Sr., whose 18-year-old son Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri, in August, attended a prayer vigil Friday night in Miami Gardens. He met with Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, whose 17-year-old son Trayvon Martin was killed in 2012 by a neighborhood watch volunteer.
Both killings sparked protests and accusations of racism.
Tracy Martin told Miami television station WFOR he offered Michael Brown Sr. encouragement and told him "God has his hands on the situation, and he's gonna be OK."
The vigil was part of the annual Gospel Explosion Concert hosted by rapper Flo Rida.”

I don’t have to rewrite a single word nor do I have to critically think when it comes to the instant tone of this article’s contents from ABC, though the article is an Associated Press influence, we see an silent upholding of rhetoric that I am convinced many readers are tired of hearing and ready for real changes to a justice system and media system that is strained and ready for overhaul and again, all these snippets are available to look at from their original links at the bottom of this article, I am disgusted with our world’s news being influenced with items such as these, including enough of an outcry that the President even held a news conference, which echoed the same items many citizens cried out, “stop the violence and act like US citizens”, meaning, the innocent store owners and property owners did not deserve the reaction the populous there demonstrated, facts are facts and one man’s tragic death does not equal vengeance upon the citizens who had nothing to do with those items, shame on you all who participated in its uprising and carrying out.
            This begs the question, is it just one news outlet or are we being saturated with this type of rhetoric.  What follows will open your eyes the very same as it did my own.  In our political world, from US News and World Report, August 5, 2014, the title, “Views you can use: A war on ‘Whites’”:
“Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Monday that the Democratic Party is waging a “war on whites.” Brooks added, “the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else." His comments were made in response to National Journal reporter Ron Fournier telling conservative activist Michael Needham during a conversation about immigration on Fox News Sunday that "[t]he fastest growing bloc in this country thinks the Republican Party hates them. This party, your party, cannot be the party of the future beyond November, if you're seen as the party of white people." 
Brooks reiterated his comments in an interview with following his appearance on Ingraham’s show, saying, "They're attacking, by the Democrats' openly soliciting votes of people based on skin color, they in turn are attacking whites based on skin color and that's wrong. Nobody should be attacked based on skin color." 
Steve Benen of the Maddow Blog noted that Ingraham even gave Brooks "a chance to walk it back, explaining to Brooks that characterizing Democrats as having launched a ‘war on whites’ seemed ‘a little out there.'" But, Benen added, "The GOP lawmaker didn’t care, responding, 'That’s what they are doing though. … They’re playing the race card.’” 
 Readers, I have faith in your own ability to know tones and I ask you, are we being baited or lead to think and feel and then react a certain way, read on and you decide.  Up next, Huffington Post, December 1, 2014, entitled, “People thought this Black Woman was a Prostitute because she is married to a White Man.” I almost vomited from the headline alone, the opening part of the article (which contains a video on the page header):
“Four years ago, Maureen Evans Arthurs had her first experience of being mistaken for a prostitute as a result of being married to a white man.
She first wrote about that harrowing experience in The Washington Post, where she recalled:
"The first time I was mistaken for a sex worker I was on my husband’s arm at an event in California four years ago. A man approached me, asking if he could buy me a drink. I declined, and he proceeded to whisper to me, 'How Much?'"
Arthurs recounted this experience to HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill on Monday and shared that this belief is not uncommon among black women in interracial relationships.
"It's going to continue to keep happening, and I think there should be a lot of emphasis on why it continues to happen, and we have to have that conversation about how we treat women in public spaces," Arthurs said.”
            I ask you readers, has the citizen of the United States forgotten the struggles during Martin Luther King’s time and what it means to respect each other or is it that those who fight against this, suffer the ultimate price, death or the threat of death in the name of ending this divide that is complete with labels. CNN is not immune to publishing articles about racism, to quote an article from them, November 27, 2014, entitled “The new threat: Racism without Racists”:
“.. One study conducted by a Brigham Young University economics professor showed that white NBA referees call more fouls on black players, and black referees call more fouls on white players.  Another study that was published in the American Journal of Sociology showed that newly released white felons experience better job hunting success than young black men with no criminal record, Ross says.
            This news agency referenced a psychological study that included pictures of a knife fight with two whites, and a white on black in the same pose as a test and even mentions that a stat in the NBA includes white referee’s call more fouls on blacks than whites and that black referee’s call more fouls on whites than blacks, absolutely dismaying as to why we allow ourselves to focus on these types of statistics when no one is truly immune to having to make decisions and look, think or feel a certain way, why not, the society we are living in has by example, given multiple examples that show up in all sorts of media formats, even our own in this article, simply because I am disgusted and disappointed by several of my fellow citizens actions that include this bias and enforce as well as influence our known world and more than disappointed at the “free press” for not being more focused on facts and less on key words such as “Black, White, Racism and Divides”.  When I started my search with “racism in the news” the return netted Seven million hits as results, seven million uses of the words racism and news, George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown filled the first few pages of results, including the aftermath of each decision and almost none with references to the facts of the case, rather most filled with words such as “Black” or “White”, side thought, we call “Blacks” African Americans, we call whites, “Caucasian” shouldn’t we be called US citizens or neighbor, the labels are overwhelming.
            I will wrap up this overwhelming show of evidence of bias in the news and racism in the media with a few words.  The definition of Racism (noun, Merriam Webster online Dictionary) is the poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race or the belief that some races of people are better than others and when it comes to this subject, maybe we are all a bit “racist” in that I have heard many of my own friends say, “Damn I’m good” but then again, I’ve never looked at those statements as a basis for skin color or background, but rather one of skill or accomplishment and I most certainly have not seen a single riot when most persons get taken down in a sting operation that busts the neighborhood drug dealer, not one outcry of foul when insider trading takes place on wall street near the level of what happened across this nation from Mr. Martin or Mr. Brown’s circumstance came to light and never mind the crime committed against my own family with bullies who threatened to “beat them up while videotaping it so it could be posted to You Tube”, not one fist was thrown, not one group of persons raging against the community.  The problem lies within the realms of popular belief, influenced by a liberal and conservative media that has blanketed our nation and poisoned our minds.  All of these examples, show the injustice of society, the laws that are argued over and subsequently decided upon and the reactions of a nation that calls itself civilized when by example, nothing is further from the truth so long as we allow this type of thinking, this style of reaction and the power struggle to continue between race, we didn’t build this nation on one stand alone ideal, we built it upon many immigrants from many backgrounds coming together, in order to form a more perfect union and we built it with many hands of color, many lives and many sacrifices by thousands of historic and unknown figures, what we need is to stop labeling one another, start working together using our vast knowledge and building a better United States of America and a Global Community that regains its respect of our nation, because we shine as a light in a very dark world. In part II, we will look at the justice system, the grand jury and their important roles.  Good day readers, God bless us one and all, keep the peace.


Is Democracy a lost cause?

      November 4, 2014 a date labeled as “Mid-Term” Elections, another chance for the people to speak through the power of voting, the one time in each person’s life where their worth monetarily or status is equal to everyone, a 200 year old expression of democracy in action.  With each election comes a renewed vigor for pointing out the mistakes made in the hopes that it will sway the mind of the American voter and the chance to attack your fellow person on all levels, including mudslinging, labels, nasty rhetoric and arguments that have disintegrated friendships and perhaps professional acquaintances, in the name of electing someone, notice the candidates were not mentioned in that sentence as it has been years since platforms were the basis for election and mostly it has been negative ad campaigns that win elections.  When George Washington became our “first” president, a majority of persons showed up on his doorstep and asked him to run for the office, not because they thought his plan was the best one, but because they believed his popularity would land him in office and that it might be beneficial to those who support those ideas and the idea of a new nations birth.  Since that time, many faces have appeared in not just the presidential elections, but in the representatives and senators who are elected to hold those seats all elected with the hope that they are capable of doing the job of what the people want, but what the people really want isn’t really all that clear as it has become clouded with the negative rhetoric and ads that cause people to argue about the lesser of two evils, so let’s explore democracy at its core.


An Experiment in Social Media

            Greetings followers and readers of Criminology and Justice, I have missed our communications greatly, life has indeed been somewhat busy.  Nonetheless, I have had several thoughts flowing through my mind in regards to the world around us, disease, fighting, politics, and the general state of the US and some of the world abroad.  For the past several months, my mind and body have been back to work in the field of property preservation, two months ago, something in my lower back on a Sunday while walking across my living room said, “Nope, time to stop.” The pain was immense; it felt like I had been stabbed with a spear in the spine right about the level of my waist line.  Immediately, I decided to counter the pain with over the counter medicines and try to go to work the next day.  I made it through the Monday but by that evening I decided it was time to see a doctor, Tuesday would be my last working day for a while.  Progress has been slow but I am a fighter and am determined to just find another way, not just to keep on working but because of a few encounters that literally angered, frustrated and caused me to go back to the books, so to speak.  As I began to look at the world around me, home life, friends, news and just a heap of miscellaneous items and looking through my notes, I decided I would recreate an experiment I performed a couple of years ago, but with a twist.  Sit back and enjoy this “life experiment” in Social Media and what power it may contain.


Once Upon a Time, In a US Long, Long Ago

            Greetings readers from Scott!  I have been away from my word processor much too long, so many things to cover, so little time to do it in, but then again, I suppose time is a relative thing.  We have to make time to do things, to go places, time to wake up, time to sleep, time for school, lunch time, supper time, family time and no this isn’t a reference to a song from long ago, it is just a reminder that time is relative and depending on individual interpretation, time has many meanings, which brings me to the focus of this article.  Watching our world evolve and change I have seen and heard many times, “a few years ago, this ____ wasn’t this way”, fill in the blank with anything that comes to mind, but have things really changed or are we just more aware of the things, not to mention the familiar face on the five o’clock news.  If any of these items are receiving a nod, then you are of a particular generation of persons who may not have grown up on technology or the evolution of it which is exploding around us now.  I thought it would be interesting to do a small article on a couple of things that have changed and let this question ponder in our reader’s minds, are we better off, are things better or worse or is technology hype? No truth glasses required here, just a nice cup of tea or your favorite beverage.


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o Most student's journey insurance plan also includes financial provisions for your accidental dying or the loss of a limb or your sight.You should pay for a student's journey insurance plan coverage prior to you depart for your journey. Each specific insurance supplier has their unique time period prerequisite, but frequently, paying for two weeks in advance is advised. You will be surprised at how fairly priced student's travel insurance coverage can be. If you are organizing to travel extensively, you can normally acquire protection for up to 42 days on one particular trip. Or, probably you are planning to examine abroad. You'll be glad to know that your student coverage will be prolonged for up to two several years although you are at school.The price of student's travel insurance coverage is a small amount to pay for the peace of head that comes from being aware of that no matter what occurs you will be taken care of. Do some comparison shopping ahead of settling on a n insurance corporation to acquire your policy from in order to see what the protection is for every. Student's travel insurance policy is a journey necessity. Do not leave home with no it!Instances like these are unpredictable. There are travellers who get sick, mobbed, and even kidnapped while they are on holiday. Of study course, it is usually a will need to to get yourself insured and know just what is covered prior to you travel and check out unfamiliar areas. In some cases college students, when they journey can get a minimal rowdy and adventurous, primarily when they are together. Getting travel insurance policies for a university student is like having additional money and protection in situations of crisis.Just as college students homework an assignment or projects, they should also homework travel insurance policy when they are arranging for a probable exciting and calming location. Most pupil-pleasant travel tours also incorporate journey insurance plan for colleg e students, so make sure that you are covered by the insurance for the length of your trip. Travel insurance policies supplied to college students by now features the fundamentals like clinical and accident coverage, journey cancellation and delays, and baggage loss. But do take notice that some travel insurance policy coverage adjustments from place to nation, so make confident that you r travel insurance policies can be utilized wherever you go.A great journey insurance coverage will need to also include the subsequent: 20-four-hour emergency medical related assistance, delayed or timetable failure coverage and a money-back promise for delays in baggage delivery.Of course, you do not want to spend a lot time worrying if you are going to be coated by your insurance policies when your are striving to love your trip. Just be mindful of your environment and by no means be scared to request issues in the function that all people looks to be panicking.Usually be mindful of the n eighborhood rules and regulations make strategies and understand from your associates and kin about how you can contact them in case of emergency. Familiarize on your own with the environment and often carry your passport and capital in a safe spot. Learn about to respect the locals and refrain from stating nearly anything unfavorable about what you see. Merchandise:

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Many travelers feel that a holiday to a distant, foreign land is incomplete without the magical experience of cruise travel. A road trip is too toiling on the body and soul, while travel by air just doesnt permit a traveler to soak in the local flavors the way a travel by cruise can. cruise travel insurance can ensure that the investment in availing this wonderful and expensive travel opportunity is not wasted due to sudden, unforeseen events.Cruise insurance facilitates recovery of non-refundable costs for the trip, in case of cancellation or interruption. Cruise insurance also offers some basic medical coverage as well. The impeccable coverage of a travel health insurance policy offers two extremely important services - reimbursement of the non-refundable trip costs, should the trip be canceled, as well medical and evacuation coverage while on the trip. The international coverage of the cruise insurance is extremely beneficial, as this coverage continues to work even whe n regular policies prove ineffective outside stipulated territories.Cruise insurance policies facilitate prompt recovery of the amount invested in a cruise trip in case of an eligible emergency that causes the trip to be canceled. Cruise cancellation insurance policies are particularly advantageous because they offer prompt coverage and reimbursement of travel costs, allowing the traveler to plan ahead with the money. If a trip is canceled, financial losses due to cancelled cruise tickets/ passes, hotel reservations and rentals and certain other tour charges might arise. The factors eligible for policy coverage includes health complications of the insured/ traveling companion, accidents, illness and injuries and severe damage to domestic property.Cruise insurance generally provides substantial reimbursement for trip cancellations, premature trip terminations, missed transport connections and loss/ damage of essential baggage/ documents. International cruise travel insurance also arranges for emergency services like emergency medical evacuation and medical transportation.A cruise travel insurance policy covers necessary travel assistance during unforeseen medical emergencies while on the trip. The cruise insurance policy offers coverage for emergency hospitalization and medical attention during a medical crisis. The global travel assistance that comes with the policy is also very helpful in procuring expert physician and hospital services. Cruise insurance ensures that a delightful cruise travel experience doesnt get mired by anxieties, unforeseen accidents and financial losses. A dedicated customer assistance network, vital essential services and reimbursement of incurred expenditure, in case of cancellation, make cruise travel insurance an extremely valuable ally to cruise trips.

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When Trip Cancellation Insurance Comes In Handy - Insurance

Gone are the days when people are of the view that there is no use of taking out an insurance policy. Now, people are conscious about the fact that insurance policies help them stay away from facing bigger issues. But, it is important to mention that now people have move beyond the simple options of health and medical insurance. Now, there are many other types of policies and trip cancellation insurance is one popular option for all.

With one such insurance in hand, you can plan a trip without worrying about anything. There are can be different reasons behind canceling a trip, but you can not get your money back in many cases. On all those occasions when you can get no refund, your trip or travel cancellation insurance comes forward to save the day for you.

However, before you actually opt for this particular type of insurance, you should keep in mind that there are certain situations when it works for you. It means you are not going to get your money in all circumstances. There are certain rules and restrictions that should be taken into consideration well in advance. For instance,

* If you are really sick and can not continue with your trip, you can use this particular insurance to recover your investment. This is the basic scenario of seeing this insurance helping you get out of trouble.* In case one of your family members is seriously ill, you can also cancel your trip without worrying about the money. All your money will be refunded by the insurance company.

* Death or accident of your business partner or a family member is another situation where this insurance comes in handy.

* If you are visiting a country or city where a terrorist activity takes place, you can call off your trip, and trip cancellation insurance will refund every penny.

* Sometimes, it becomes difficult to travel to a place due to severe changes in weather. In many cases, this often leads to complete termination of services. This is another situation where you don't have to worry about the loss of your money if you have travel cancellation insurance.

* Bankruptcy of your tour supplier and natural disasters are other common reasons of trip cancellation, but your money won't go wasted if you have this particular insurance.

All this is to imply the fact that this insurance policy offers amazing help, but that's not in all cases. There are certain restrictions that are to be taken into consideration before taking out a trip cancellation insurance policy. If you think you will always be able to get your money back, that's not true. For instance, if you plan a trip and at the last moment you think you should go to some place else, you are not going to get any benefit from this insurance policy.

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Click Fraud and the Downfall of Google - Google Adsense - Home - Home Business

Internet marketers facing higher advertising fees on search networks are becoming increasingly concerned about a form of online fraud that was thought to have been contained years ago. The practice, known as "click fraud," began in the early days of the Internet's mainstream popularity with programs that automatically surfed Web sites to increase traffic figures. This led companies to develop policing technologies touted as antidotes to the problem. But some marketing executives estimate that up to 50 percent of fees in certain advertising categories continue to be based on non-existent consumers in today's search industry. Sam Fritsberg of states that the fraud has reached proportions that would shatter Googles stock in half, overnight, were they more widely known. "We continue to detect click fraud, especially with Google's Adwords and Adsense programs, and the numbers grow each and every month." says Sam. "I wouldn't be suprised if many of the advertiser horror stories are in fact true and there are people who make thousands a week commiting pay per click fraud by clicking on the ads served on their own website for commission." adds Sam Fritsburg. In one recent example of the problem, law enforcement officials say a California man created a software program that he claimed could let spammers bilk Google out of millions of dollars in fraudulent clicks. Authorities said he was arrested while trying to blackmail Google for US$150,000 to hand over the program. He was indicted by a California jury in June. Matt Parrella, chief of the San Jose branch of the US Attorney's Office in Northern California, said that case was "not unique." The problem "is certainly not shrinking, and we're ready to prosecute people," said Parrella, whose office handled the Google case. Click fraud is perpetrated in both automated and human ways. The most common method is the use of online robots, or "bots," programmed to click on advertisers' links tha t are displayed on Web sites or listed in search queries. A growing alternative employs low-cost workers who are hired in China, India and other countries to click on text links and other ads. A third form of fraud takes place when employees of companies click on rivals' ads to deplete their marketing budgets and skew search results. "Click fraud not only is used to attack competition, but as a rip off by publishers who click on their own ads, the ones being served up on their own websites, in an effort to steal advertising dollars by the click", says Sam of "Our solution to this model is to offer webmasters free organic search engine optimization, but in a way that helps the net rather than promoting the current fraud Google is making billions from." Although the extent of click fraud is impossible to measure with any certainty, its persistence has exposed a fundamental weakness in the promising business of Internet search marketing. Google is tight lipped and has declined to comment. "It's hard to tell how big the problem is, but people are looking at it closer and closer as the cost of search advertising goes up," said John Squire, vice president of business development of Coremetrics, a Web analytics firm. "Click fraud is a fin sticking out of the water: You're not sure if it's a great white shark or a dolphin." Maybe ArticleDash is on to something here. Maybe organic is the way to go afterall. Unlike advertising in traditional media such as billboards and print publications, "cost per click" Internet ads displayed with specific keyword searches have been promoted as a definitive way for companies to gauge their exposure to potential customers. As a result, US sales from advertiser-paid search results are expected to grow 25 percent this year to $3.2 billion, up from $2.5 billion in 2003, according to research firm eMarketer. From 2002 to 2003, the market rose by 175 percent. "As more advertisers have competed for desirable keywords in their industries, the cost for clicks has risen too." Sam of continues, "On average, advertisers are paying 45 cents per click this year, according to financial analysts, up from 40 cents in 2003 and 30 cents in the second quarter of 2002. In certain sectors, such as travel, legal advice and gaming, the cost can reach several dollars per click." The implications are indeed disturbing. But marketing executives say click fraud is pervasive among affiliates of search leaders Google, Yahoo-owned Overture Services and In a typical affiliation, any Web publisher can become a partner of these large networks by displaying their paid links on a Web page or within its own search results and then share in the profits with every click. "A common practice is the use of proxies, where by tricking Google into thinking the click is originating from another computer, possibly in another country, and the click fraud artist... more webmasters than you think.. walks away with a handsome undeserved profit." says Sam. "There's a fatal flaw in the cost-per-click model because a ton of marketing dollars can be depleted in a fraction of a second," said Jessie Stricchiola, president of Alchemist Media, a search-engine marketing firm based in Los Angeles that specialises in fraud protection. "Technology is continuing to be developed that can exploit this pricing model at incredibly high volumes."Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips and hints, points to ponder and keep in mind, techniques, and insights pertaining to Google Adsense, do please browse for more information at our websites.

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