Global Awareness- A Growing Problem by Scott Hall

In the last few months, our nation and the global citizenry have seen several infractions of human rights, questionable behaviors and serious law and political goof ups; Image Credit:

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Master's Thesis Research Survey

Masters Thesis Research Survey


Masters Thesis Research Survey

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A psychological researcher is looking for volunteers to complete an anonymous survey. As a participant in this survey, you would be asked to answer questions on your experiences and feelings about different groups who live in the U.S.A. You must be 18-64 years-old and have lived in the U.S. for at least 10 years.
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Escaping Justice

Article by: Scott Hall (
            Have you ever encountered a suspicious or strange situation, that you knew, could be solved if the right people would just take a look at the over whelming evidence?  Have you ever looked at a crime and proclaimed, “Damn it - crooked cops” or “That doesn’t fit, so take another look at it”.  If you haven’t, then consider this article, your opportunity to examine the known parameters and pose whichever question comes to mind, who knows, your insights may be the item needed to solve the mystery that follows this introduction.  A few years ago, (now nearing almost a decade), a series of terrible events, sloppy police work and tongues that won’t and wouldn’t come forward, even changing parts of their story, unfolded in a town here in the USA, the event changed a family’s life forever and left many asking the same questions, how could anyone not see the obvious.  What you are about to read, is a true story, the names have been changed, but only for the purposes of demonstration of events and perhaps a little bit of protecting the innocent, otherwise, the events are as accurate as could be depicted from the initial crime scene reports, testimony, forensic examination and described events.  Yes, feedback is welcome, yes, any insights, questions and observations are welcome and yes, if you can help bring about justice, you may email me direct at the email at the top of this article; in fact, I and others are truly hoping that hand that helps finish this case, happens, so this family can gain closure and a mystery, become solved. Put on your Truth Glasses and take notes, this one, is gonna raise your eyebrows.
EVENTS and MISC Information
            It’s a normal summer day, or at least it was for the victim’s family; that is, except for their son, we will call him “Luke”, unknown to him, this day would be his last on Earth and taken up to Heaven at a very young age, his early 30’s.  This particular morning, would start off with Luke’s girlfriend, allegedly going to work or doing some remedial activity to earn some money, Luke, had been relying on a nest egg he had built up to carry him, she meets up with Luke, at a restaurant somewhere around 3 in the afternoon.  From there, the two of them decide to visit a local charitable store, where a friend of hers happens to work. Along with some small browsing, a brief conversation takes place between the couple and another woman.  The conversation ends and the couple go to a bar, a rather popular one for the area.  While there, the two of them are greeted and joined by the friend from the store and another acquaintance of theirs; they have consumed a moderate amount of alcohol, the time, somewhere around 6:45 to 7:15 in the evening when they are joined by Candi.   “Candi” leaves to go to a store to buy a charging system for her phone and arrives home before 8:30, the other person, “Pat N” is along for the ride with the happy couple, regardless of what the night brings; Candi meets the happy couple and their guest at their house between 8:30 and 9 at night.  It’s fair to mention at this point, Candi was moving in with the couple and already had stuff of hers in the home.
            Luke’s girlfriend, decides to use a few moments at home to freshen up, she claims that a scuffle in the bar had caused her shirt to be stretched out where some drunk attacked her, needlessly.  While waiting on the girlfriend, the 4 of them, decide to have another beer while at home, before actually going back out - now, as you can imagine, they were feeling very little pain and were intoxicated by not only their surroundings, but the sheer amount consumed.  It’s about a quarter to 10 in the evening when everyone arrives at the second bar, some billiards, some booze and time starts melting away, unknown still to Luke, his last hours have started.  The night’s drinking begins to take a toll on Luke, he is staggering and says he doesn’t feel good (he hasn’t eaten since the afternoon), but the ladies on the other hand, had stated, “they just couldn’t catch a buzz” (jokingly) that evening no matter how hard they tried”. Piling into their vehicle, Candi, Luke and the girlfriend, make two stops, both at an ATM, the first, denied the attempt, the second got them some money, Luke, very quiet and head down while riding in the passenger seat, on the way back to his home. They arrive back home, somewhere between 11 ish and 11:30 p.m., Luke has taken a seat on the couch, head still in hands, the three of them, challenged now with instant boredom, decide to watch some television or perhaps a movie. Pat has left; the three of them now are in the living room. The girlfriend tries to get his attention; she throws one of the movie cases at him; he mumbles what are, you, doing; she decides he is too drunk and just blows it off; Candi goes to her room. 
              The time is 12:30 ish in the morning. Candi hears Luke and his girlfriend arguing, even mentions it to her boyfriend as the arguing lasts a few minutes, she steps out into the hall to see the two of them struggling over a shot gun; he says don’t, it will go off; she is begging Candi for help. The three of them are now in the hallway, Candi returns to her room realizing she left her own boyfriend on the phone; she realizes he had hung up she then returns to the hallway; about the time she gets to the struggling couple, she sees a blast take place and Luke, missing part of his skull, falling back on the floor. The girlfriend and Candi are momentarily stunned as to what to do next, Candi says, call 911, the girlfriend responds with no, wait, not yet, Candi calls her boyfriend and tells him Luke’s been shot, come help. Luke is losing his battle with life, he is bleeding heavily, the girlfriend rolls him over, and they decide to call 911. It’s now 1:30 a.m. when the first officer pulls up, the ambulance not allowed to enter until the scene is cleared, 1:37 and 1:40 two EMS responders are entering and working on trying to save Luke’s life, he has lost a lot of blood. Less than 10 minutes later, he is at the hospital and a half hour later – Luke is declared dead.
            What you have just read, was the gist of the initial conversation I had with the family affected by this terrible event. I admit fully, when I first gazed upon this, my heart broke and I opened my heart and skills to them, 100 percent free of charge to help sort through all the ugly details of the night in question, even gaining the support of Criminology and Justice’s staff in finding out just how the heck did all this happen.  There were many reasons we looked closer, including a bit of plain old common sense, many things just didn’t add up, including the refusal to take a simple polygraph, but we will cover some of that later.  What I discovered, was more than anything I was expecting, including a ruling of “self influenced loss of life” and that is putting it nicely.  As with any detailed investigation or research project, one must start with what they have, and initially, we (the team assembled to look) looked at the photos of this young man at the time of death, on the gurney, at the hospital. As is expected, the blast from a shotgun, made for a grim sight, but several things immediately caught my eye. The very first thing noted was: all that blood (about 1/3 of his body’s capacity) and the victim had on clean socks and pants; not just clean, gleaming white socks, who changes socks after being blasted in the face?.  This lead to an intriguing burn mark on his index finger starting at the base and ending near the tip, scorched pretty well from the intense instant heat. His face, near his lip, also blackened by the blast, as well as part of his face and partial frontal part of his skull, missing.
            With permission from the family, we looked at a few of the medical reports and all the pieces of information that had already been gathered, the report stated, “self inflicted gunshot wound” and the entry (initial) blast was at the soft pallet of the mouth.  Yes, you read that correctly the soft pallet (we did the double take as well), the problem with that statement however, is, that the soft pallet is at the back of the mouth.  How then, did a shotgun cause frontal facial and top forehead damage while causing a burn on the lip above the chin area, if the gun barrel (approximately 3/4”) was inside and at the back of his mouth?  Our team decided to use a wooden dowel, made to the same diameter of the barrel and see exactly what angle that would have to be, it flatly, didn’t work. We would have to have an extra hinge on our jaw, strong gag reflex resistance and the stock of the gun pointing down and back between our legs, creating an unnatural position to hold the gun…..while severely drunk, (keep in mind two and perhaps three people were struggling over control), not possible, right?  Wait, before you answer that, you should know just how drunk: a Blood Alcohol Level of .23.  At that level, the body’s coordination is severely impaired, and as stated in our scenario, the victim was noted as “staggering”.  Their likely hood to recognize immediate pain or being hurt becomes severely diminished and they are not far from blacking out, not including spinning rooms and etc are possible, that much learned from initial toxicology, the whole team knew this wasn’t right and pressed harder to dig into the truth.
            Little did our team know there was even more to discover.  We turned our attention to the crime scene photos themselves, both with and without the victim lying in the hallway.  The team decided to first, look at the blood splatter patterns in the area in question, the pooling of blood, and the patterns on the walls.  Zooming in, closer and closer, our team noticed that many of the spots along the wall were pointing in different heights way above, below, near and far from the blast zone and impact spots; we saw complete areas where blood was missing, we saw smears, wrong direction streaks and a hundred of them saying: Someone was slinging blood.  We looked at blood stains on the victim’s arm, compared them to patterns in the floor, and discovered he had been rolled over several minutes after the shot and long before the initial 911 call, as if someone was checking to see just how “dead” the victim had become, imagine a good portion of your skull is missing and someone who could help you is only rolling you over to make sure you die, gruesome, but could be truth.  We examined the blast zone while examining the ballistics of the weapon used, charting the splatter pattern to be expected, the blast angle and direction.  The team, was astonished to discover absences in splatter in areas it should have been and lots of splatter/slinging in spots that it shouldn’t have been and a serious lack of damage from a blast only 2 to 3 feet from the header of a door, after being impacted with a “magnum” load… no ceiling impact spots (just small pellet holes) and only a small portion of the lead pellets recovered. Ballistic Fact: 12 Gauge Shot gun Magnum Shell, long cartridge in a standard barrel…that will indeed, make a mark or two.  We sent the specifications of the shell used, the shotgun’s specs to a ballistics expert who concluded and shared a feet per second chart and stated, if it fired properly, the blast would be “large”, intrigued, we dug deeper to try and recreate the scenario leading to this tragedy.
            For the better part of a month, our team kept discovering all sorts of missed items, obvious ones that any seasoned crime scene investigator would have easily thought, “Wait a minute, that doesn’t add up”.  We asked if there were any recordings of police interviews with the other people in the house, expecting to have them take a poly graph or at least be asked some relevant questions. Instead, we were stunned when that Law Enforcement Department opened the interview with “you know me” as part of their introduction and one of the parties asking about credit/debit cards belonging to the victim.  You should smell the same foul odors we smelled in this one by now and no, it’s not rotting corpse, it’s a liar and a homicidal person(s). The same person(s) who were given permission to wash their hands before a gunshot residue test, the same person with a bruise from recoil on their leg, the same person who refuses a polygraph test, the same person who at the scene had blood on her pants, shirt and showed NO remorse for the victim or the loss only wanting to know where’s the money card…I could go on, but that would distract from the focus of this article, which is to get this case overturned and force the person to take a mandatory, court ordered polygraph test about the events of that night, sorry, there I go screaming out for Justice again. 
            Imagine for a moment, this was your child, imagine the questions you would have, imagine the pain you would feel and then imagine the determination to bring a killer to justice. That feeling, that anger and emotion is only a small part of what the victim’s family feels daily and has for nearly a decade.  One of the parties, in that horrific event, came out and changed their version to acknowledge what really happened, acknowledged being told to wait to call for help while the victim lay bleeding profusely on the floor, then later that person acknowledged homicide taking place and it fell on deaf ears, no swabs, no polygraph, no follow up, no explanation for erratic notes from the investigating officers, no crime scene protocol followed and allowing potential suspects to erase crucial evidence, one big old screwed up, covered up, hotter than an Texas sidewalk in the summer, mess.  It sickened me to my soul to see all these mistakes, all this over looked information all while knowing a life was lost, a mother’s grief magnified year after year, learning more and more details about the night her child, lost his life needlessly to a washed up, has been drug addict with a criminal history that law enforcement could care less about, almost as though “whatever it takes to get rid of this paperwork” mentality and the worst case of investigating I have ever had the misfortune to read, lazy law enforcement leaves victim’s families in the cold, it just isn’t right.  In closing of this article, I will share with you some of our own conclusions, time lines and etc, omitting names (again to protect the innocent), read and decide should this case, be re opened and prosecutors take a firm look, at the suspect or does this indeed seem intentional by the victim, my eyes say this: Hey suspect, here is how this investigator sees it, if you have anything to say at all, please contact me and set the record straight, starting with a polygraph, then you get your interview to tell your side of the story, no hype, no one but you and me after those results, you game or still hiding behind your mask?
 by Scott Hall, of Criminology and Justice;
Victim: Daniel Underwood, Age 33 at time of death.
Rebecca wakes up and goes to work with her parents, then joins [victim] to eat around 3 in the afternoon at a “Mexican” restaurant and then shopping at Goodwill until around 5:45 p.m. before eventually heading over to the “127”; (speculation, Likely Rebecca was after quick cash from job with her parents for the evenings activities, likely she didn’t work with them more so than she borrowed money from them), (speculation; while at Goodwill Rebecca and [victim] “shop”, in actuality they speak with [candi] who works there, but don’t purchase anything worth mentioning). The name of the Mexican restaurant they ate at eluded Rebecca’s memory but the clear name of Goodwill was mentioned and had to be within 25 minutes of the 127 club.  At 6:11 p.m. (Two other texts received to [candi], 6:17 and 6:40 indicate urgency or hooking up so things could start rolling, probably pressure from Rebecca); [candi] gets text from Rebecca inviting her (summoning or notifying) to come to the 127, at 7:12 texts sent from [candi] stating, “I’m here” indicating to [another person] that she was at the club, [another person] of course shows up in her own vehicle and [candi] who knows [another person]([another person] was in the contact list of [candi] phone, no last name given).  [another person], [candi], [victim] and Rebecca are all at the bar until [candi ]leaves around 8:30 to allegedly purchase a car charger for her phone, which Wal-Mart didn’t have allowing her to make it home before Rebecca and crew arrive;  For 3 hours, Rebecca and [victim] were at the first of the two bars, drinking and planning on the rest of the evening, for 1 hour 15 minutes [candi] was at that same bar as well as [another person].
At 9:00, [candi] arrives at [victim] house, has time to straighten herself up and mostly charge her phone; (speculation, [candi] and Rebecca indicate a drunken former bar keep that [candi] knew and had started trouble while they were at the 127 as plausible witness to drunken person's attack), with [candi] arriving shortly after 7:12p.m., and the time she left at 8:30 p.m. this scuffle took place, which allegedly stretched out Rebecca’s shirt and the drunken woman pulling them both by the hair of the head, from 8:30 to the time they left to come home no other mentions of what happened in the after math of the scuffle not even a mention of desire for food after eating 6 hours earlier; 9:30 (ish), [victim], Rebecca and [another person] show up at [victim] house, allowing [victim] to offer a beer to everyone and Rebecca to change her clothes in around 8-10 minutes and then leave; (speculation, in the time that Rebecca and [candi] were at the house before leaving to the second bar at East Fork, while Rebecca changed out her shirt; this is a cover for the time they spent at the house, it is more likely they were there for the “added buzz”; feeling no pain from the early buzz of alcohol and after prepping themselves), the four of them leave, around 9:43p.m.
All four of them now buzzed or drunk, start to drink at the second bar, [candi] and [another person] have around 2-3 beers or beverages each starting somewhere around 10 to 10:15 p.m., until they leave; (speculation this has to be somewhat true as [candi] recalls on ride home, speaking, “we just can’t catch a buzz tonight can we”, the Yeager Bomb (alcoholic beverage, specialty drink) kicks in on [victim] along with all the beer consumed and starts to feel the effects of alcohol and the nights staggering events on an relatively empty stomach, the need arises for more from Rebecca, while the [victim] who isn’t feeling well concedes easily to the idea of going home, this is why Rebecca was aggravated when she approached [candi] and [another person], [victim] wanted to go, he knew he was at his limit, since Rebecca, [candi] aren't really buzzed, but are somewhat relaxed, Rebecca suggests they get more, [another person] agrees to help out, [candi] doesn’t want to drive anywhere and [another person] likely becomes the semi-sober one to retrieve more upon arrival at home, [another person] takes the money from the ATM retrieval, gets in her car and leaves;
[another person] now gone on run for more party supplies, leaving [victim], Rebecca and [candi] at the house, 12:10 a.m. [victim] sits on couch, hoping to shake off the buzz a little and possibly watch a bit of television to keep them entertained while [candi] and Rebecca were waiting (now sits again not feeling well with his head in his hands), Rebecca is sitting in front of computer, bored and buzzed they happen across a program with George Lopez in it, [candi] mentions she likes the entertainer and mentions she may have a DVD (not [candi], that testimony is a lie, [candi] is a fan of him and the movie was in one of Rebecca’s boxes), Rebecca gets up to see if she can find it, along the hunt she sees several movies and starts calling them out (because she is intoxicated her mind couldn’t stay focused on one particular item), in doing so, [victim] who is slowly beginning to fade out from his own buzz, has a couple of them thrown at him by Rebecca, [victim] responds with “what” and “why are you throwing things at me”, Rebecca, aggravated by his intoxicated state says, “never mind”, meaning not worth it, she knows he is too drunk to respond, at this point, Rebecca and [candi] just settle with whatever is on, [candi] decides a few minutes later to go to her room and call her boyfriend, it is now, 12:47 a.m.,
37 minutes after arriving home, [candi] talks to her boyfriend, and hears the argument starting, her door was open; (speculation, the argument was indeed over the money, but not because [victim] was depressed or upset, it was because [victim] was curious after sort of coming around to slide over after Rebecca had checked it just in case, whether or not there would have to be some borrowing or potentially thinking even as far ahead as the upcoming event with his child moving in).  Rebecca tells [victim] how much they may have while they start to discuss the what happened to the money conversation, [victim] in his drunken stupor does not realize how much they have spent until that point, starts to question Rebecca about how did we get this low, the fight starts, Rebecca goes into the bedroom after she hears [victim] tell her in so many words, her time living there is limited, an “oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it” mentality has now unfolded, and Rebecca, puts down her cigarette and goes into the room to retrieve the shotgun, shortly after loading it loosely with the elongated shell, comes into the hallway, the [victim] looks up to see Rebecca with the shotgun and meets her at the bedroom door entrance, Rebecca who is semi-losing control over the weapon struggles with [victim], they are now in the corner of the hallway, Rebecca’s front side facing [candi] bedroom door; Rebecca calls out to [candi] for help because her scare tactic has gotten out of hand, [candi] steps into the hallway, looks right, sees the weapon is pointed at [victim] (trigger position of view), hears Rebecca say help me because [victim] was now also trying to control the weapon, [candi] obliges forgetting that she told her boyfriend to hold on a minute, the three of them are now tugging at the shotgun, the [victim] right hand at the tip of the barrel, when [candi] steps in and starts to talk to [victim] asking him to just let go of the rifle, that is when he corrects her about, “it’s a shotgun, not a rifle”, [candi] is then told to go call her boyfriend to get him over there to help, [candi] leaves and realizes her boyfriend is still on hold, she picks up the phone says, “hello, you still there” and hangs up when he doesn’t respond, calls him back leaves the message of get over here, we need your help, the boyfriend in actuality had set the phone down, probably to go use the bathroom or even snoozed for a moment or otherwise be away, when he returned and realized the line was hung up, he calls [candi] back, [candi] returns to the hallway and takes hold of the gun again, while the three of them struggle over control, [victim] says “don’t touch it, it will go off”, indicating to not touch the trigger, because the hammer had already been set by Rebecca, he was speaking to [candi] who noted that Rebecca’s hand was on the trigger, as the three of them move and semi-rotate into the doorway of the nearest bedroom,
[candi] is now in the opposite corner, Rebecca is in the bedroom, [victim] in the doorway, just inside the door, before the shotgun goes off, [victim] has raised his left hand up near the tip of the barrel, the barrel about ½” past the edge of his chin and pointing upward toward the right eye,  1:05-1:08 a.m. the shotgun goes off, knocking [victim] onto his left side, burning his right finger from the fireball, splitting open the skin on and by his nose, entering into the eye socket area and out the top of his head; now face down in the corner by the closet door, Rebecca who pulled the trigger is staggered, from the impact the gun made against her thigh, she drops the weapon, which causes it to break open, [candi] freaks out, Rebecca and [candi] stand for a moment, stunned and unable to hear clearly, [candi] says for Rebecca to call 911, Rebecca not sure of anything and seeing the initial blood, says, “no no wait a minute”, then realizes [victim] is in real trouble and starts to panic and formulate excuses, knowing they are both high and she is drunk, she has a record, [victim] is bleeding and dying, she reacts, tells [candi] in the aftermath to go call her boyfriend, [candi] calls her boyfriend, tells him [victim] has been shot and to come help.  Rebecca realizes the whole thing looks suspicious, both Rebecca and [candi] clothes have blood on them, so while [candi] is calling her boyfriend back to tell him that Daniel has been shot, she changes, dropping her shirt in the adjacent bedroom when she realizes it has blood on it, (clearly has a blood stain on it), Rebecca realizes she has blood on her, drops to her knees and starts to move [victim] onto his back, which causes the blood streak across the baseboard, and lays him on his back while wiping the blood off onto her clothing, which causes the blood on her pants and on her hands, [victim] who has no idea how bad things are tries to move, placing his foot on the barrel of the gun and the other foot against the door, his strength now zapped, [candi] notes he is choking, Rebecca still panicked and working on a cover story to help explain things tells [candi], “here’s what we will tell them so it doesn’t look so bad”, stands  up goes to phone to call 911, [candi] wants to reach down to move his head to try and help, [victim] doesn’t stay with his head like that, the pain is too much and he is now on the defensive, trying to fight for his life, Rebecca, now starts the production of “not me” “not him” “don’t die on me” and in the middle of it all, while [candi] is on the phone to 911 says, “no no baby don’t do that” because she is changing the [victim] socks and instructing him to not move, because when they got home, he had taken off his boots, the socks he had on were blood covered, about the time she got them changed, the first officer, officer T arrives, when his car pulls up, [candi] is still on the phone.  During the initial process of interviewing them, the window of opportunity opens up for them to cover up their guilty hands as the initial investigator allowed them to wash the blood off their hands, not fully realizing the previous circumstances; it is now, 1:25 a.m., approximately 20-25 full minutes after the initial shot, two more officers show up, secure the scene, EMS 1 arrives 1:37 a.m., EMS 2, 1:40 a.m., officer T has already began to process the scene, snaps a photo of [victim], who is still alive, but barely, he walks forward, takes a couple more photos, EMS enters, T gets a close up of [victim] in the bedroom where his feet are while being loaded onto the backboard, the EMS workers know [victim] has lost a lot of blood and has been bleeding for at least 10 minutes (time of dispatch to arrival), they rush him to the back of the ambulance when the other EMS person gets in and drives to hospital, Rebecca calls [mother of victim], [victim] arrives at hospital, 8 minutes away and dies 30 minutes later, [victim] has been bleeding for over an hour. During call to boyfriend after [victim] injury, Rebecca conspires with all involved to collaborate all events to absolve suspicion, covering their drunken, drug filled night.

In conclusion, it is believed that because Rebecca changed her story several times, with held crucial information, asked about money upon initial death, refused a polygraph examination, coordinated, premeditated and carried out, this crime, to make it look like anything other than homicide.  She was noted as saying the bruise got on her leg from “making love” with the victim, her initial crime scene photos show blood on her pants and [candi] has also changed her story line a few times, adding in all sorts of information and correcting others.  There have been 0 justices for this family in the face of all these items, which clearly point to something very bizarre and a host of missed questions. The need to know about why the slung blood, why the extra magnum shell, why the introduction of the gun and why did you kill the victim? Will you dare to answer my questions, suspect?  God Bless the victim and that entire family, God Bless the investigating team that was assembled and found all these items that law enforcement, didn’t even question or want to look at and that includes the DOJ of that state, but mostly, to the suspect, I’m game if you are, take the polygraph, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt my and other’s direct accusations that say YOU killed him, so what’s it going to be, you game or still hiding behind the mask that I, we and others have ripped from your face. Truth Glasses down.


The American Wish ~Opinion Article~

Article by: Scott Hall (

          Dare to dream a little dream or two.  Reach the stars, your dreams can come true. A bit of history will start us off on this opinion piece.  I ask, each person who reads this article, think a moment on what you want for the United States of America and the citizens within. Try to place yourself, in the halls of times past and the lack of practical technologies, the lingering future and the hopes of a few thousand, placed in the hands of one persons leadership and then watch it grow.  I think it would be a neat game, if a programmer were to create a game called America: Destiny, the platform would put the player as every President in known history, facing each of those problems and the outcomes would be based on the players decisions, be them good, bad or accurately historic. All fantasy aside, please, read this article with an open mind and do give some of its contents some critical thought, feedback is welcomed. Thank you. Author, Scott Hall.

          A long time ago, in a country just beginning to find its way, there were some people, noted in History, as our founding fathers. Fed up with a Monarchy, heavy and overbearing financial oppression and religious segregation, a handful of countrymen, inspired many to join in and fight for freedom upon a new land.  Many people paid the ultimate price with their lives, so that those known as the founding fathers could establish and form a Constitution. This document, carefully formed and thought out, represents the notion, that the people of this great nation are actually the deciders of how this country grows and protects its own people, the very same ones who took to the streets and country sides to fight, including the people of the future generations who, have done and will do the same, by taking up arms to defend their rights to be Free of Tyrannical rule and dictatorships heavy laden with Oligarchy or Over reaching powers. We know this to be true, as “We the People” is embossed within its opening words and cemented in all staples of the USA’s History.

            This same group of men also saw fit, to allow the people to change those who represent them, by voting and that the voice of the people, through votes cast would be part of that same Constitution, written for the people, by the people of a young, United States of America.  History will show, many great things happening, many tragedies that shaped or changed how the country grew and faced those challenges, not even our founders said that change or growth would be easy and in truth, if we add up the bloodshed, the beatings, the public persecutions and segregation's that went on for decades, this country has many dark moments.  In each of those dark moments, came major change, but only after the struggle to do what is right, not just what is popular unfolded. From alcohol to voter’s rights, women’s rights to now, people’s rights and an American Lives rights to affordable Health care while still facing a changing world, full of persons who wish to harm as many of us as they can or are able.

            What our country faces now, is really not much different than the challenges faced by an early Congress and President, how best to take care of and serve the very people who elected all persons in office.  Yes, it includes bringing in revenue and hoping that the revenue spent is indeed for the benefit of all Americans.  I firmly believe that in our cores, the people of these United States don’t really believe that America needs to be made great again, it needs some fixing in a lot of areas, but America is, was and always will be, great.  Thinking in terms of what the United States could use to help all Americans, I have compiled a list of things that we should all want and if those elected officials cannot make it happen and make it fair for all, and then we need fresh minds in office that can.

1:  Term Limits on every member of Congress, no more than 2 terms can be served.  If being a politician is a career, then all Colleges and Universities, under graduate studies and elementary teachings MUST include courses designed to assist citizens to become professionals in that field and once you decide to do so, then the salary of your office will surely be adjusted as you are now working under contract for the people of the United States of America and must renew your application to continue working in that office, every year, paying dues just like many professionals do who hold certain licensing or prestigious offices.

2:  Salary caps on those offices held, our representatives and leaders should NOT be getting rich off of taxpayer money designated for salary, eliminate the lifetime pension and all members must purchase their Health Care from the same outlets given to all Americans and cannot receive preferential treatment because of the office they hold, in other words, just because you stubbed your toe, makes you no more entitled to a band aid when any American does the same, sans the President.

3:  Caps on Health Insurance premiums, so that no American has to worry about how affordable the insurance is, eliminate the sliding scale premium based on credit score, pre existing conditions or anything that affects the premiums cost, in short, people get sick, some more than others and if you’re really wanting to stop the Cancers and such, stop making the things that trigger it, that means over sight.

4: A cap on costs of Medical treatments such as pharmacy costs with stricter regulations on the medicines themselves.  We do want to cure things and feel better while we live our lives, but don’t give us a drug to treat a headache that makes our muscles atrophy or pee ourselves, we are NOT guinea pigs.

5:  Boost spending on Education, you want the best, help them to get there by investing in the very people living right here in the USA. Better teachers with more resources means more opportunities for students to learn and grow, increase the amounts in the grant programs and make colleges more attainable to all.  If you allow privatized schools, that means they are a business and should not hold special exemptions nor be allowed special privileges, tax them fairly and include Congressional oversight so that any “profits” are invested back into the students or the facility and not into some CEO’s pocket book.

6:  Eliminate the IRS and replace them with multiple accounting firms, designated for each region and adjust the withholding rates, based on the individual’s percentage of contribution in that region.  It’s no secret that our top earners need to pay more of their share, so, no more easy loopholes, everyone gets a standard set of deductions and since business’s are considered people, tax them the same as you would a citizen.  There are only two ways to eliminate debt, raise revenue or cut spending, if we cut programs that assist people and not the ones that suck up the most money, we are only setting ourselves up to have one or two tax brackets fund the majority of the costs while the rest get drank dry with no chance at recovery.  It’s money, not rocket science.

7:  Pay our Soldiers and Veterans their dues.  No cost health coverage, more facilities and specialize in a PTSD and other effects of war and service department.  These folks paid a serious price, their sanity is worth it and their sacrifices speak for themselves. Give them whatever equipment they need and if the contracted people asked to build those things can’t deliver on time, then give the military some factories, this will promote a new set of skills and perhaps put a major stamp on truly, American Made items.  Don’t ignore the needs of these citizens and that includes a fair wage while serving, at the very least, we owe them that since they are being asked to put their lives on the line every single day and at any beckon call.

8:  Eliminate the Electoral College popular vote’s wins every election, every time.  Go ahead, have your conventions, but include in them: The independent’s convention and any other party listed on the ballot, they all deserve equal access and application, goodbye fat cats in your party’s cast for a candidate, the people should speak always, loudly and clearly.

9:  The roads, bridges, sewers, water treatment and factories that are a part of this nation, all need to be modernized and in doing so, find a cleaner output so that the health issues that face us, due to air, water, food or what have you, are diminished.  We want these things safe all of us see the potholes, cracks, rust, age and corrosion on many of these things, so get to work, make them great again, create jobs and reduce the jobless rate by investing in the countryside, coal and other CO2 producing companies need to find and implement better ventilation and exhaust systems to reduce the smog and soot filling our air and our children’s lungs.

10:  Anytime, the Federal government shuts down, all members lose their salaries for the month it happens and stays a free job until they pass legislation that keeps our countries Government running, with all the tax money being paid in for you to do your job, not presenting a budget on time is not only morose, but inexcusable. Fail to pass a budget twice in any 5 year period, and all members of those seats, whether or not they have reached their second term, lose their seat on the next election cycle.

11:  Enact a Federal agency, designed to oversee all law enforcement agencies that are NOT part of the Federal Government, allot them a budget, that helps bring all departments up to par in technology, staffing, resources and salaries.  Our first responders stand up to most all disasters, so why not allow them the same safety and ability as we do our military? All Lives Matter, so why not make it a death penalty crime for killing any first responder, a felony for assault against a first responder and equip all emergency medical personnel with overdose antidotes and anyone who has one administered, has to go to a facility to get clean for a mandatory 6 months, if they leave or refuse, 2 years in jail.  The drug problem is everywhere from narcotics to recreational items we can find a way to reduce the impact if we look at the cores of the problems including, no methadone clinic can administer the drug to a patient and send them home, those patients require monitoring, not a here’s your weekend doses, don’t kill yourself.

12:  Control immigration, by sending anyone caught to be here without proper ID or reasonable visa status, to Ellis Island, enroll them in a citizenship program to become citizens and assign them the jobs to rebuild our infrastructure while waiting, they will not receive any “free” assistance to a degree, they must use their earnings to pay their fair share and if it means healthcare, food, shelter or other, a percentage of that pay goes toward those needs, equivalent to the benefits they would have otherwise been given for free.  If they refuse to become a US citizen, deport them to their home country or another country willing to accept them, if they are caught three times, prison for 10 years in a Federal Facility where they will earn credits for time served, by completing citizenship courses.

            Yes, living in America isn’t perfect, hell at times when we see things on the news of goings on within our own borders, we are all likely to go out and buy new locks. The majority of our country, live their lives in peace and work hard to provide for their families and a few actually want their tax dollars spent better than what it is now and for the right reasons.  We all deserve to be treated as humans, even if our money levels aren’t the same.  To say the poor are looking for a hand out is the same as saying no tax breaks for the rich, both are financial class statements of how one views the other, as though a poor child can’t be a doctor or a rich person a homeless shelter inhabitant, the biggest problem we face right here in our own backyards, is ourselves.  Look at what we are allowing: Mockery, Oligarchy, Weaponizing computers, Social unrest, Brutal violence and needless gun violence, Education that will bankrupt most students by causing them irrational debt in the name of higher education, while not allowing them a living wage based on their skills, Opioid addiction, Help Systems abuse, Increasing Homelessness (we have a homeless town in our country known as tent city, think about that), Veterans being ignored or waiting months to see someone for less than stellar care, Endless racisms and the end of Historic Monuments in the name of “offensiveness”, well I too am offended, I’m offended by all the dumbing down of our citizens and suppression of free thinking, I’m offended we have allowed ourselves to be sucked into class warfare, I’m offended that wealth equal education and that if you don’t make enough money, tough, your life is in the skilled workers world, where physical injuries happen often and disability is a possibility or even death, I’m offended we elected someone who promised to rid the special interests but stockpiled the wealthiest persons in the White House’s history and even said, “I just don’t want a poor person in that position, does that make sense?”, I’m offended that we have ignored history’s lessons, that we have thrown out being decent, respectable persons toward the world and each other, I’m offended that any world leader would threaten nuclear destruction and stay in power without consequence from the world and their own countrymen and finally, I’m offended that we allow terrorists to have any say so in this world at all, as a global community, there should be no debates or barters or deals made to deal with this growing global problem, it should be, whose ass needs kicking and where, I’m offended that we all dare to sell arms to anyone and say, we need to have gun control, why not just melt them down the answer is obvious, money rules your world, I’m all for the people of this nation growing, learning, becoming more than they ever could imagine, but none of this will be possible, until we rid ourselves of the things plaguing our nation now, we will never overcome these challenges by taking them all on at once, but for the love of God, focus and get it done the American way, with Liberty and Justice for all. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men [and women] are equal.” 


Balance of Power

Article by: Scott Hall (
            When in History, has the USA ever had a true “balance of power”? This question was shared with me not long after I announced that I was working on writing what you and many others are about to read.  A real thought is crossing the minds of millions of American citizens, has our elected government gone a bit too far or are we not focused on more “real” issues, is there an abuse of power, is there any power at all?  Healthcare repeal debacles, Immigration bans that flopped before they could be enacted, trying times many see here in the USA, even parts of our globe now think we are lead by blindness to deeper items, it is not a secret that the GOP or Republicans, are the majority of the political party in the Congress and the Presidency.  What does this all mean, will we survive the next four years without losing our values or killing off our poor or elderly to make way for a have or have not society?  Let us put on our truth glasses and examine what a balance of power means, branch by branch, and see for ourselves.
            The first three sections of the Constitution of the United States, deal with the separation of powers, also referred to as the “balance of power”.  Those three branches are: The Executive, The Legislative and The Judiciary, thus, dividing the power of our government into three parts.  These separation of powers, was well thought out by our founding fathers, they established this to avoid tyranny by allowing the three parts to work together to accomplish tasks poised in this great nation and made them independent of one another, so that no one branch could execute more power than another without being – “Checked” by the other 2, this is also known as the system of checks and balances.  Each branch of the government as is listed in the Constitution has its own duties and responsibilities: The Executive branch – The President, implements the laws; The Legislative – The Congress, they make the laws; The Judiciary – The Supreme Court, they interpret the laws and decide on legal controversies.  This system of government, is credited to James Madison, at the Constitutional convention of 1787, Madison took a lead role in persuading the developers of the document we now know as our Constitution, to have the provisions for a separation of powers, by balancing government with a system that checks to make sure that no one branch had too much control. 
            An example of this type of system occurs every year; we know it as Tax Day, usually around April the 15th of every year.  Congress passes legislation in the tax laws, which the President appoints a director of the Internal Revenue Service to collect those taxes and the Supreme Court oversees to make sure that the laws are applied correctly.  Though a simple example, the idea is that no one branch can do anything alone, therefore, dividing up decisions into the three parts of government, just to collect the taxes for their budget, a budget that varies year to year, but has a large base to operate.  Those are more complex discussions, we will put this aside for now, but the idea here is clear, the laws of the land are created by Congress, put into action by the President (who can also Veto, which means “reject”) and interpreted by a Judicial branch, to insure that things are Constitutional.  This brings us to our next topic, in our USA now, many persons feel that the current President, Donald Trump is over reaching his power and that perhaps, Congress is allowing it by creating new rules, I’ve even heard it called similar to a crying child getting louder and louder until it gets its way.  Let us take a look and see if this indeed is true to form or is the President and our government blowing smoke around.
            When we think of “Balance of Power” many may envision a set of scales where one side must at least equal the other in order to be balanced, however, over many decades things were not so “peachy keen” when it comes to what each President sees as the power within their branch of government.  Dateline: 1952, President Truman seizes control of some steel mills, during the Korean war, a six member majority of the Supreme Court ruled that the President had over exceeded his authority, but also said “…the powers of the President are not limited to those solely expressed in Article II of the Constitution.” – had the Congress decided to not disapprove the extension of power, the action by the president would have been upheld and those mills would have been under presidential control.  This case is listed as Youngtown Sheet and Tube Company vs. Sawyer (1952).  The president isn’t the only one to face such woes while in office; the Congress is subject to this same scrutiny as well.
            In a case known as Morrison vs. Olson, the constitutionality of a special prosecutor was brought into focus by the courts (related to the Ethics in Government Act), this one, was tough, they had to determine which branch the special prosecutor belonged so that no one branch had this sole authority to call for one over the other.  In fact, Justice Rehnquist upheld the provisions within the Act, whereas Justice Scalia said, “the opinion of the court is a revolution in Constitutional Law” adding, “without separation of powers, the Bill of Rights is worthless”, this, circa 1980’s.  The courts ruled during the Nixon administration and all its woes that executive privilege, the power that is given to the president to not share certain information with other branches of government, is “not absolute” and “presumptive of power of privilege”, in short, this means no secrets can be harbored by one branch and no one check it to make sure it isn’t a breach of power, Nixon felt that power slip and avoided impeachment, Clinton came real close as well, so those powers are there, even if not in the face of all Americans on a daily basis. 
It would serve well at this point to mention that our government may be three branches but there are a few persons who make up this group: Legislative Branch; The Senate – 100 persons; The House of Representatives – 435 persons; Executive Branch; The President, The Vice President, Cabinet Members or advisors to the office of the President, including persons for Attorney General, Secretary of Defense, etc., (all appointed Cabinet members to the President, must be approved by the Senate with at least 51 votes or a ‘majority’, as is written in the Constitution); Judicial Branch; The Supreme Court, consisting of 9 members, whom are nominated by the President and again, must be approved by the Senate with 51 votes.  Oh, but wait, if this is the simple rule, why then did we hear the Senate enact “The Nuclear Option” in approving the latest appointee, or a better question:
            What is the Nuclear Option? Well, in a nut shell, the nuclear option is a last-resort, break in case of emergency way for the majority party in the Senate to overcome obstruction by the minority, by changing the rules of the Senate to avoid costly filibusters that could prevent or block approvals or legislation that would greatly affect the status of the US.  The rules in the current Senate require 60 votes to be a majority, but the nuclear option actually takes a step back to the Constitution, only requiring 51 votes, not just a party line, a pragmatic way to speed up the process “in case of emergency”, much like filling an empty seat in a 9 member panel so that no “ties” could happen, perhaps or perhaps not, we will leave history to decide that fate. Isn’t learning that the rhetoric our government uses as leverage of power nothing more than double talk for this is what the Constitution says - fun to know, don’t worry it isn’t for this author either, but then again, doesn’t absolute power corrupt absolutely, indeed it does and allegedly we have a checks and balance system in our government, in truth, we have smoke and mirrors when we instantly learn that the nuclear option is bologna and no, President Trump’s Congress isn’t alone in those words, Nixon, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell and others have used it.  Now, knowing this one must ask, since when can the Senate change their own rules, that’s a great question, but not one for now, perhaps another examination by our Truth Glasses in a different article.
            This current administration, clarifying by listing Donald Trump as the current President of the United States, has seen a large amount of drama, turmoil, controversy and tons of things that are making the public pick sides on which is right or wrong by the country as a whole and in essence, the things that should bring America back to greatness (which on a personal note, I don’t think America has ever had a “not so great” title attached to it, I am sure historians or fact checkers could do that, so I will leave that to them).  What we have had, is a load of stuff that makes us feel penalized just for living within these borders, we also see real threats from outside, that we all question, “Just how crazy are things going to get?” The people of this land expect our leaders to maintain efficiency, defense against enemies, have good trade and stimulate the economy so that jobs will be created and we can all take our shot at the “American Dream”. So now that the whole fiasco over Russia has came out and many fingers are being pointed, tweets that either “Slam” or are “Unfair” rise to the top, people going literally hardcore over basic issues that we all want solved, unfortunately, in this current struggle for power, there is indeed an imbalance. 
            First, let us explore what an Executive Order is and does; A presidential policy directive that implements or interprets a Federal Statute, a Constitutional Provision or a Treaty.  The power to issue an executive order comes from Congress and the Constitution; it gives the president a power to set policy, without Congressional approval. In the specific issuance of this President’s immigration orders, it is issued under statutory authority from Congress and has the effect of law and enforceable immediately. So the challenge to the law is simple under US Law, this type of authority action, being enforceable by Congressional Law, can and is subject to Federal Courts to determine if the law is fair and just under the Constitution.
            President Trump has been noted as saying that he and his administration are being treated unfairly, many of his supporters are saying; give the man a chance to do his job.  In truth, he has only been in office for about 5 months, so for many to cry out that he has had plenty of chances, keep in mind, he still has quite a way to go before this first term is over.  Along his campaign trail, this former candidate and now office holder said or did some of the most unthinkable things anyone has probably ever heard on a campaign trail.  For a period of about a year, the only advertisements that went on air, were news stories of: Going to build a wall, going to repeal healthcare, going to shake up the trade world, going to strengthen our military, work on our infrastructure, punish those who try to build in another country to avoid taxes, lowering taxes and the list goes on.
            Not only, did these things fill the air, but along side of them, fights breaking out in rally’s from anti support groups and Trump himself saying, “Beat the crap outta ‘em”, then, the infamous mockery of the disabled news reporter, along with “Dirty Mexicans”, an invitation to Russia to openly hack Clinton and the infamous emails, a smack to China as well as ISIS and I will spare you the rest, but the message received by many was one of hate, bullying, narcissism, bigotry, power mongering and warned this may not be the person we want. What the GOP had offered up, was someone who would, “Drain the swamp”. A great idea, if it could be done and if it could be done, would it be done legally, our Truth Glasses must know.
            First, we will take a look at his Executive Order, on immigration, the first one. In January / February of 2017, the newly elected President wrote an executive order that banned travel and entry to many immigrants and entrants into the United States, the day it was implemented, airports and transportation went into a brief chaos.  Then, around the 4th of February, a Federal appeals judge rejected the restoration of his executive action, which primarily focused on Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, it was stopped cold and the President, tweeted this “The opinion of this ‘so-called’ judge is ridiculous and will be overturned!” The judge’s reasoning was that there was no support for the administration’s argument that we are directly under threat from any of those nations.  President Trump decided that after failing in an appeals court, he would again issue a new Executive Order, which once again, was rejected. 
            This President cried out against many, even citing the “relaxed” stance of the former administration’s policies, which by the way, Obama had his share of woes with immigration reform as well, June 23, 2016, President Obama said this after the Supreme Court blocked his Executive Authority, “For more than 2 decades, our immigration system has been broken and the fact that the Supreme Court couldn’t issue a decision today (they were split on the issue), hurts our country even further and takes us away from the country we aspire to be.” This means that the issue has been a huge one, since around 2001/2002, not long after a national tragedy, I can imagine that many in the Supreme Court look closely at the laws when it comes to those things, President Bush initiated several new policies, policies that have kept many things from happening, but also allowed for others to go unnoticed or directly challenged. 
            This is why we have a balance of power in these issues, so that no one President or Congress or Supreme Court Justice, can make a personal stance that goes against our founding fathers words in a document, created to avoid, Tyranny. The link to the original issuance of the Executive Order is at the bottom of this article, I encourage you all to read it and decide for yourself if it fits what we want, remember, Iraq, Libya are two countries we invaded and pretty much armed the “resistance” while the others are known Al-Qaeda or other terrorist group spots, with all of them having victims of this type of behavior and those who are serious about fleeing, having to go abroad, not just the USA. So, this is a prime example of how our system oversees things to insure there is clarity and legality in all that each branch does. Let’s move on.
            Among the many campaign issuances, was Trump’s promise to carry out a full repeal and replacement of the ACA, affectionately known as “Obama care” a health care law, that among the many expansions of coverage to the poor, was also a huge taxation to those who were currently paying premiums, promising no one would have to lose coverage and closing the gap on Medicare patients, from its inception to current day, one of the most contested issues in recent American history. Not long after the immigration issue, in March of 2017, members of his affiliated party went right to work, along the way, members of Congress reading, discussing it, some even calling it “Obama care light” pushed their way through it all and came up with the American Health Care Act, but failed to do one crucial thing: Get a majority vote to implement it.  The idea died and the President was noted as stating, “The best thing that could have happened, did happen, watch and see….it (the ACA) will implode, the Democrats will have no choice then but to come to us and say, let’s get together” Although controversial, many Americans agree, we all need health care coverage especially in the wake of rising pharmaceutical and hospitalization costs and that at some point, the markets have to be controlled, whether those companies like it or not, even the wealthiest of Americans may in fact sink a majority of their money into a surgery, if and when needed, the only answer here is bipartisan ship, one that keeps the good things and either eliminates the bad ones or makes corrections that reduce the pains of the costs, Congress voting, another example of the balance of power, needed to be upheld, in this country.
            We will close this article with a couple of quick facts and then a look at the Russia scandal facing our nation.  First, Mr. Trump was not going to sign legislation that extended the operation of the Federal Government, unless money for his wall promise was inserted into the bill, then of course, he retracted that notion, once they explained to him “we don’t have that much to spend right now”, he signed the extension, but it only goes to November, keep our fingers crossed, things don’t go spinning away like a marble on a slanted table. Mr. Trump, said he would drain the swamp, in his cabinet, he has made history, he has hired more Goldman Sachs persons to be in his cabinet than any other president in history, mostly investors and yep, stock exchange people, no wonder the markets exploded, they saw opportunity to control the nation, sitting right next to the most powerful seat in the world, but again, we will save that for another article, our focus right now, is Russia and the important probe going on of whether or not that country, influenced or had direct collusion with our now, President Trump.
            As each week passed by, from the onset of Mr. Trump’s inauguration, more and more bizarre items began to emerge, including the President pseudo blocking the members of the press from a crucial meeting with a Russian Ambassador.  Well, turns out, they were not alone in that room, a few photo’s emerged, then it was learned that intelligence secrets were “shared” almost openly, suddenly, a few members of his cabinet, such as Mr. Flynn, get subpoenaed on what they know, his own son in law also looked at for information, an FBI Director fired, a former CIA person testifying that Trump’s campaign was on their radar for a while and now, members of the cabinet resigning as well as a host of questions surrounding all this conflict and the low resonance of Impeachment, beginning to come into question.  The president, of course, continues to move about the world, even shoving world leaders aside as though his presence was more important than anyone in the room.  His visit around his holiness, the Pope, well, a picture is worth a thousand words, if you haven’t seen it (and not the meme’s), take a look and watch a smile fade from one’s face the moment he makes eye contact.  Looking at all this chaos and seemingly free abuse of power, to answer the question of whether or not to impeach him and anyone else who hasn’t or doesn’t resign, is simply to look at what is required to consider it:
            In the United States of America, Impeachment proceedings begin in Legislative Branch and in essence equates to some criminal charges while in office, however, Congress has in the past considered prior to the office when deciding to impeach and only two presidents have been successfully impeached, Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon does not count as he resigned his seat before impeachment came knocking; by the way, grounds for impeachment are: Treason, Bribery or ‘other high crimes and misdemeanors’.  The House of Representatives or more correctly any member therein, can bring about these charges at any time, in fact throughout history, several impeachment proceedings have came to light, though rarely fought vigorously, that is because the Senate has the final say so over the charges brought about, pretty much the House brings the charges and presents the evidence, the Senate oversees it much like a trial, where both sides can call witnesses to testify and along the in between, specific committees are set up for the particular type of charge/crime being presented.  If convicted in the Senate, the official is immediately discharged of their service and may also not be able to hold other offices or political posts.
            Now, since there are lots we know, highlights and tidbits of things going on, the question is, has this administration committed an act, that would mandate an Impeachment process?  Here is where it gets tricky, first, we must ask, has the House or any of its members presented this idea and if not, why not.  Trump admitted to firing director James Comey from the FBI as a result of the intensifying investigation going on into the extend of Russian involvement in the US Election or further.  Trump also tweeted, a rant about leaking recordings of conversations with a Federal Agent before he was fired.  Each person along the lines of the probe has either “excused” themselves or resigned or gets the Presidential version of “You’re Fired”.  Collusion with a known enemy of the United States is Treason, that aside, there is an obvious obstruction of justice charge in an ongoing investigation and yet, not a sound nor a word from the House about impeachment….yet.  As in any lawful investigation into a crime, evidence has to be gathered, which as this article is being typed, several persons have been asked to respond to the inquiry, along with piecing together other items and if enough evidence is presented, remember the in between special committees, well the probe is one of that type – anyway, once the evidence is gathered and enough concrete items come to pass, indeed, I am confident that someone in our House of Representatives will speak up, not for the people they represent, but for the very Constitution they took an oath to uphold, protect and ensure, from here, the only item remaining: Time, or more correctly, The necessary amount of time for our Democracy to show why we have a Balance of Power in place and never forget, when you grow weary of the same old ideas, and feel the need to shake things up, start first with Congress, those are the ones who represent you, instead of an unlimited ticket, give them term limits, take away their pensions, make them pay for the very same services we all do and yeah, they can keep the salary, so long as they work more than 10 months a year and if not, then let us all work to Balance that Power as well.
            One last thought before I close, Presidents are not the only ones that have been looked at for Impeachment, that list includes: July 7, 1797: William Blount, US Senator; March 12, 1804: Samuel Chase, US Supreme Court Associate Justice; March 2, 1876: William W. Belknap; US Secretary of War.
            The Constitution for the United States of America is the supreme law of the United States of America. It was completed on September 17, 1787, with its adoption by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was later ratified by special conventions in each state. It created a federal union of sovereign states, and a federal government to operate that union. It replaced the less defined union that had existed under the Articles of Confederation. It took effect on March 4, 1789 and has served as a model for the constitutions of numerous other nations. The Constitution of the United States of America is the oldest written national constitution in use.  

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