Criminology and Justice: Are you a psychopath?Look around you, sure you know more than one

Are you a psychopath? Look around you, sure you know more than one

Juan Antonio Carreras. Local police and criminologists.

What goes through the mind of a psychopath? guess no feeling of guilt, probably thinking he can do whatever you want just to satisfy his personal ego, without shame or remorse, on the contrary, strengthening their self-esteem with this behavior. Some authors estimate that up to 1% of our population. The Region of Murcia has a million and a half, do the math: 15000 psychopaths, as many as residents registered in Santomera.

The relationship between psychopaths and serial murderers is very close. There are also many kinds of first and second, because not all act the same way and at the same intensity. We can say that mass murderers are always psychopaths, which did not happen in reverse.

We may use the simile of " chameleon "when speaking of them, for their social camouflage, the inability to prevent human emotions or lack of concern for others.

A psychopath is an individual who suffers a personality disorder associated with socially deviant lifestyle and a tendency to ignore the rules marked to overcome a lack of stimulation. Personality disorder that does not stop being aware of their actions as you make them freely. So when they commit a crime are convicted, they are not mentally ill. Their lifestyle is socially deviant, but not always commit crimes. In fact, the psychopath ignores social norms, notes that the system will mark a boundary that is not willing to accept and therefore raises the bar that allowed for it. In short, seeks to meet its deficit but this stimulation needs to engage in risky behaviors that deviate from social norms, that is what really attracts.

If we analyze the characteristics of the psychopath can be found within antisocial personality, aggressive episodes from his childhood, which are marked by an unstructured environment, this traumatic experience to be present throughout his life. No wonder that children have been victims of abuse, cruelty, aggression and parental rejection . During the youth are very egocentric and do not follow a lifestyle in keeping with the normal social model are unstable and selfish.Impulsivity and aggressive behavior marked coolness and not inhibit response to external stimuli, thus increasing the degree of danger. They are great manipulators, distorting reality to the people around them, and for that use deception, posing as good and others are bad, thus winning the trust of others. Looking to the exalted society for their actions. Feel no remorse or guilt. Finally, the most sophisticated and engaged in more serious criminal behavior, have a high IQ.

Look around you, sure you know more than one.

Criminology and Justice: Are you a psychopath?Look around you, sure you know more than one

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