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The event registration is now open for the latest Forensic Photoshop tour stop - Pasadena, Ca.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of images are captured for use in courtrooms and laboratories around the world. The employees of the agencies that must process these images are often placed in these high pressure positions with inadequate training and a lack of resources. What should I do? In what order should I do it? How do I even begin to process these images? These are the most common questions that people ask. Because lives often depend on each image that we process, it is essential that every person employed in the process have a guide that will help them make use of this complex program. A guide that will give them the results they desire in every aspect of image processing – as well as a thorough grounding in the legal / ethical considerations of the process for which they are involved.

Unlike many store-front companies that offer Photoshop instruction with a filter-by-filter approach, Intermediate Forensic Photoshop offers the material in a whole case method of instruction - helping the student to see the relevance of the information within the forensic or courtroom context. This course moves beyond the basics and seeks to give the student a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques used to clarify images and video as a basis for helping to build the student's confidence in presenting the results for peer-review, depositions, and the courtroom.

Whom may attend?

Unlike many other "forensic" offerings, this class is not limited to active duty law enforcement and military personnel. We are encouraging anyone with an imaging background (video editors, photographers, etc.) who has an interest in entering the field of forensic imaging to consider registering for this challenging course. But hurry ... by opening up the gates, the class is sure to fill quickly.

Click here to register for this event. Class size is limited (and we've kept the price as low as possible to help meet your training needs in these troubling economic times).


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