According to Hamas cleric Jews are in Region for Slaughter- Opinion

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Elizabeth Hall

According to Hamas member and cleric  Yunis Al-Astal,  Jews are "being brought in droves" to the Palestinian Gaza region so that the Palestinians can have the pleasure of annihilating  them in  a few years.
 When I see things like this all I can think about is that technology sure has given them powerful tools to spread their ideologies and recruit new members globally. The war between Muslims and Jews has been going on since the 1200's I think, and is not likely to end anytime soon. This reminds me of the Edmond Burke quote "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."  From this standpoint, since the only thing that will make Hamas happy is to slaughter innocent people in the name of God and Country, doesn't this sound like a different leader in a different time? Unfortunately for the rest of the world, this and all other extreme religious groups have access to the advances in technology just like everyone else, plus have the mentality that the end justifies the means, which suggests to me that we all must be vigilant. After all technology keeps getting smaller and smaller, easier to transport and conceal, and it would be a shame for this evil to triumph because good men did nothing.

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