Implications of Sensationalism and Misinformation Concerning Media Coverage of Osama Bin Laden Killing-Opinion-

Elizabeth Hall 5/3/2011
http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1888705_1863788,00.html According to Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, the President, had minute-by-minute updates during the operation on the compound housing Osama Bin Laden. Images on television show the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, looking aghast as she watched the video of the operation.
This comes to us, the day after United States Navy Seals finally caught up with America’s number one enemy and killed him during a 40 minute gunfight in the million dollar compound. To top this off, yesterday, the media and the government put out misinformation about what really happened in that 40 minute time span . Are we really that media hungry that we would rather have the story than the correct information, even on a story such as this? Shouldn’t we give our military just a little time to decipher the facts before we begin broadcasting incorrect information globally? This misinformation was concerning Osama Bin Laden’s wife as dead, when what really happened is she was in fact, shot in the leg. This does happen to be a somewhat insignificant detail to our media however; there was another incident, which was of the utmost importance that the media drew unnecessary debate on. Was Bin Laden armed during this gunfight? It is obvious that the government and the President would have been aware that he was not armed, as they watched video of the operation live from the white house. It is also clear that the operation was run from the ground as the President watches on and that Osama was the main target. So far this has not caused any backlash from the rest of the world, but like the Zen Master, I think I will wait and see.

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