Turning A Convicted Pedophile Into A Confidential Informant

By Lawrence W. Daly

Some law enforcement agencies have the ability to conduct child sexual abuse investigations in a proactive manner. Planning and promoting a pedophile information system, where the law enforcement community turns the pedophile into an informant isn’t the same as turning a drug dealer into an informant.
           The concept of utilizing informants of all types of criminals is easily handled by the law enforcement agencies. The agencies would not turn a murderer into an informant, nor would they turn a pedophile into an informant. However, in order to identify and arrest other pedophiles law enforcement must be creative and innovative. The first priority is to take the pedophile out of the community because of child safety reasons. Law enforcement cannot place them into a situation where they arrest a pedophile and then release them back into the community knowing that they will more likely than not reoffend.
So how does law enforcement utilize a pedophile to catch a pedophile? In today’s world the catching of a pedophile that is actively pursuing contact with prepubescent children is not as complex as once seemed. In attacking the problem in the social media realm, law enforcement has their officials play roles on the Internet posing as a young child/adults. The secret is to catch a fish i.e. pedophile who is preying on a young child. The law enforcement officer lures the pedophile in and sets a time to either exchange photographs and/or set up a meeting spot, where the pedophile and the young child will meet.
There have been several pedophile stings on television, such as Dateline NBC show, “To catch a predator.” The show has seen great success in exposing just how pedophiles work the Internet to snag pedophiles that are preying on children. Law enforcement uses the same types of techniques to lure the predator in and then apprehends the individual as he is attempting to make contact with the young child, which turns out to be an undercover law enforcement officer.
Resources to conduct such a sting operation are limited as law enforcement agencies have to rely upon their own officer’s to reel these predators into location. The costs come down to having the right computer systems; Facebook accounts which are free; man hours and costs for personnel; and videotape equipment to videotape the predator arriving at the scheduled location and his contact with a very young looking undercover police officer.
So why not utilize the services of incarcerated pedophiles to assist the police in tracking down similar personalities; child pornography; child sex rings; human trafficking and other child sexual crimes? The incarcerated pedophiles are now sentenced to what appears to be life sentences. The new laws give sentencing years into the 25-35 year range.  So instead of the criminal justice system paying for the convicted pedophiles to live in the State and Federal penitentiary spending their time in isolation, why shouldn’t law enforcement put their talents to use. Law enforcement would receive support from the local, state and national communities in taking the expertise these pedophiles have to catch other pedophiles. Prior to being apprehended the majority of pedophiles exchanged thousands of pictures with one another. Sometimes shared the same victims and enjoyed each other’s company.
Law enforcement could structure the pedophile catches another pedophile program by setting them in front of a computer, giving them access to the Internet, videotape the entire set-up, search and process and document as the pedophile contacts other pedophiles. Identifying these pedophiles will provide law enforcement with leads to pursue and follow-up on. For assisting law enforcement the participating pedophile would receive a reduced sentence for their work in the apprehension of other pedophiles.
Confidential informants assist law enforcement everyday in order to obtain access to drug smuggling rings, theft and stolen property rings, counterfeit currency and the list is long. Adding to these rings is the availability of the pedophile that has the knowledge, skills and talent in luring in young children. The pedophile on pedophile program would spark a new interest by those involved in the investigation of child sex crimes to be innovative and creative. It is reasonable and logical to utilize those resources which by way of the prison system allow law enforcement to identify and apprehend those individuals who continue to prey upon young and innocent children. Of course any program which utilizes confidential informants needs to be structured in such a way, that the perpetrator is accountable and responsible for any and all actions. No pedophile should be allowed to be in the Internet hunting for anything he/she wants to find. The specific program would be structured and detailed in using the pedophile to catch a pedophile.
Until the pedophile program issues, problems, direction and maintenance would have to be built upon credibility and integrity. Since this is a new concept, law enforcement would have to create new policies, procedures and protocols for them to enforce through each step of the way. I look forward to hearing from law enforcement in the success they find in using such a program. If it doesn’t work, then the ideology behind it may need to be reevaluated and reapplied.

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