American Awareness -- “Send ‘em to Gitmo! Get them out of our Court System!” Senator McConnell gives speech

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BY Scott Hall
     Senator McConnell urged in a U.S. Senate floor speech, “We do not need these Terrorists in the American Court System.  Can you imagine the Judge or the Juror’s in this case?”, this statement came in reference to the potential repercussions of prosecuting Terrorists in America’s Homeland.  Senator McConnell opened his speech with a reference to 9-11 which many agree is the beginning of the War on Terror in the United States. See full video...

     We all need to stop and think about the “what if’s” of allowing the Terrorists whom are caught in our Homeland.  Not only would this provide unnecessary pressure from the public in the area they are being held captive, but may prove even more dangerous as other inmates learn of the details of their new inmates and not to mention their right to that “one phone call” that could potentially put the community they are held in at risk of retaliation.  As was mentioned in our earlier posting where the two suspects were announced as arrested, this pair of suspects are in my part of the map.  American’s need to stay aware, the war is not over.

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