American Awareness – Terror plot thwarted in Seattle

Pedestrians walk past the military recruiting processing station Thursday on East Marginal Way South in Seattle.
MEPS Building
Picture from Newstory Post
By Scott Hall
     Seattle.  Two men were plotting to attack a federal building that has a daycare within it, this according to a report filed online at the Seattle Times newspaper.  One of the suspects, Abu Kalid Abdul-Latif, a 33 year old man, had changed his name from Joseph Anthony Davis to Abu Kalid Abdul-Latif in 2007.  The other suspect, 32 year old Frederick Domingue Jr, also known as Walli Mujahidh, were both arrested on charges stemming from a sting operation where the two men were to purchase weapons and go on a shooting spree, in an attempt to cause Muslim uprisings within the United States.  Domingue, from Los Angeles and Davis from SeaTac, were to appear in U.S. District court this Thursday, according to the report. The men have had visions of making headlines by planning a shooting spree inside the MEPS building.

     This plot was discovered by police on May 30th, when one of the two suspects approached another man who he had believed shared his view on radical ideology.  Neither of the two suspects were associated with the better know group, Al-Qaeda, though one of the two men was reported as idolizing Osama Bin Laden.  Both men claimed different motivators for their planned attacks, including the thought of attacking a military base, but had decided against it.  The sting operation included an exchange of disarmed weapons on this past Tuesday, which the arrest of the two men shortly followed.

     Terror plots, here in our homeland should not surprise us, after all, in the War on Terror, the United States has killed or captured several terrorists plotting the demise of all Americans, at home and abroad.  Not long ago, Senator Mitch McConnell urged that Trials against enemy combatants should not be held inside the United States, this in reference to two suspects caught in Kentucky, who also had been planning attacks in the US homeland.  In both cases, Law Enforcement officials handled the apprehension with exact precision, and stopped them before any damage could be done.  We all need to remain diligent in our approach to dealing with the extremists that exist in our world.  What caught our attention in this news story, at least one of them was considered “normal” in behaviors outside of their secret intentions.  The terror extremists have just shown us what lengths that they will go to in order to accomplish the goal of killing not only themselves, but as many American lives as possible, with no fear of reprisal and no remorse for their actions.  Stay aware America, as stated previously, the War is not over. 

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