Book Review - Crime and Terrorism

Book Review - Crime and Terrorism
by P. Grabosky and M. Stohl
ISBN: 978-1-84920-032-5
Sage Publications

Reviewed by Russ Stover

       Crime and Terrorism, part of Sage's Compact Criminology series, covers the intersections and similarities between the worlds of crime and terrorism. Some terrorist groups engauge in crime as a means of funding themselves while some organized crime syndicates engauge in terrorism to influence police and governments. They make the salient point that there are many crimes that do not garner official attention as either crime or terrorism.
          A robbery is a robbery whether commited by a gang, a lone person, or a terrorist organization. To officials it is only a robbery. The context of the crimes is disregarded. The lines between the two groups are often blurry as they often share sources of funding, sometimes share tactics, and occasionally even personnel. They point out that terrorist groups end along similar lines as criminal groups. Terrorists can fail due to internal disagreements over orthodoxy, the loss of leadership or the sympathy of the populace. Criminal gangs can also be beaten by the police or torn apart by infighting. That there is a lack of academic work done on the two groups is surprising. The book takes a new approach to the issue and would make interesting reading for students, teachers, and professionals involved in criminal justice or terrorism.

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