Competence And Intelligence - Child Sexual Abuse Investigations – Is Teacher Sexual Abuse An Epidemic? Part VII

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

            For a while you couldn’t turn on the television without hearing about a female teacher who had sex with a young adult male. It boggles the average mind to try and understand why an adult female would put herself into a position to lose her job; have her freedom taken away from her; go to prison for many years; to have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life; and to lose her relationship(s) with her family, friends, significant other, children and so forth.
What motivates the female teacher to have sexual contact with a young adult? According to Jack Kudoda, who wrote an article titled Sexpidemic, it is called sexpidemic, which is why he stated the following explanation: “Were you aware that nubile female teachers are seducing young male students across the country in what can only be described as a Sexpidemic?”
So what makes a sexpidemic? Research has discovered that most sexpidemics do not choose to become one. Possible factors which include such factors as chromosomes, hormones, brain chemistry, and brain injuries. What do researchers and treatment professionals state about sexpidemics? They can be treated, most though cannot be cured. The jury appears to be out on this issue.
Rather if a female perpetrator is a sexpidemic or not, the bottom line is sexually assaulting someone under the age of 18 years of age is a criminal act. If a sexpidemic is charged with a crime imagine the significance to her family, friends, significant other, children, and so forth. If the sexpidemic is convicted of a crime there are certain outcomes that will occur. According to author Robert J. Shoop (2004), the potential consequences upon conviction include:
·         Being imprisoned
·         Being required to register as a sex offender
·         Losing the right to vote
·         Losing the right to possess deadly weapons
·         Being placed on probation or parole
·         Being required to be tested for HIV
·         Being prohibited from being alone with minors
·         Being ordered to undergo rehabilitation
So why do adults i.e. teachers become sexpidemics? For those teachers who are coaches, they tend to get into places where they place themselves into inappropriate situations. The coaches seem to regress like their child for example, tickling the student, flirting, jokes, using seduction like men and women respond to one another, and finally, the sexpidemic looks for the student’s vulnerabilities. The sexpidemic tends to make the sexual overtones when they are in private and try each time they are alone to break down the student’s inhibitions.
Preventing the sexpidemic from pursuing the student isn’t as simple as one would think. Remember, sexpidemics want control, they live for the moment they have total control of the situation.  Some students tell the sexpidemic to knock off the sexual contact, where other students never say a thing, nor does anyone generally report the sexual incidence. So the sexpidemic continues on to the next victims. Research has demonstrated that pedophiles when arrested have previously sexually victimized children 50-100 times. The greatest reason for the pedophile not being caught and/or arrested is the pedophile knows how to sexually offend a child, the specific child who generally won’t report things to an authority figure. Moreover, the pedophile will threaten harm of a family member, a friend, an animal and so forth. The pedophile builds up many methods and techniques to get the victims he/she pursued to comply with whatever sexual act the child will allow to occur.
The question of why sexpidemics continue to receive national attention is because in today’ society there is a perceived mentally that sexpidemics can’t be a woman teacher, that only male teacher’s molest students. As the media has researched and pointed out the problem of molesting children by women teacher’s is a real and serious problem. Who would have ever thought Mrs. Anne Smith, would have acted out and became a sexpidemic. Next, what are her husband and two daughters going to do without her? These are the questions society asks when a female teacher is caught having sexual contact with a student. It is a reality that has just begun to come under the investigative radar; education has created avenues where a student can report to an authority figure that they were sexually touched by Coach Sally.
The growing research of what sexpidemics are about will help professionals understand their methods and techniques. The platform which has led for authors like me to write about such a serious situation for the students who walk into an environment which should be considered safe and healthy. As a parent the thought that your tax dollars are being expended on a sexpidemic just isn’t right.
The school districts need to do stronger backgrounds on potential teachers. The most likely sexpidemic may be in the grandfather group. However, no one should be considered safe amongst children until there has been a thorough, competent and intelligent background performed. There needs to be trained and educated forensic investigators who know what to look for and how to determine if the sexpidemic is a potential threat. There are psychological tests which can be given to new hires, and one on one interview which may identify that the teacher is possibly a sexpidemic.
Additional funds should be allocated to perform thorough, competent and intelligent background screenings. The school districts must learn and understand that the mindset should be they can pay now or later. It is up to the school districts to make a difference. Is teacher sexual abuse an epidemic or just a significant problem in the current school districts across the USA? If one child is sexually touched by a sexpidemic, that is one too many. Research has begun to find specific traits that a sexpidemic demonstrates prior to and during the abuse. If the administration is made aware of these specific traits, then the preying on students may become situations where everyone is watching the sexpidemic and sexually touching a child will be dealt with immediately, competently and intelligently.
Sometimes a sexpidemic cannot help themselves, but that is not societies’ problem. No one asked them to teach in a public or private setting. They could have taken a job which isolated them from being around students i.e. anyone under the age of 18 years. Yet, everyday another female and male teacher are arrested for sexually abusing a student. The cameras which are now being placed in the hallways, classrooms and gymnasiums are a great start. Now big brother is looking over the sexpidemic and the vulnerable students. Tomorrow, let us examine what technology is being used, to identify the methods and techniques which have been implemented in the schools with the intent to stop sexual abuse from happening. 

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