Competence And Intelligence - Child Sexual Abuse Investigation - Is Teacher Sex Abuse An Epidemic Part IX

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc
There are new methods and techniques being utilized by school districts across this country, which may be indirectly preventing students from being sexually abused.

According to researchers, sexpidemic is defined as, “female teacher having sexual contact with a male student who is under the age of 18.”
In Australia they are having female teacher + male student + sexual contact + criminal act + the predicament = an ever changing result. Australia is paralleling themselves in the method and techniques that the United States found themselves in approximately 10 years and the reporting of the sexpidemic is resulting in an increase in the problem.
When female teachers began sexually molesting young male students, there was a double standard. The most a female teacher was given was 24 hours in jail and seven years on probation. Then the next judges do something similar and again and again it goes. Then people began to complain that there was an injustice
New Sheriff in Town
So who is the new Sheriff in town? There are many Sheriffs in situation(s), which can assist the many chiefs, and laborers who are doing the fieldwork and making decisions, which ultimately may affect the lives of citizens in the community who have become involved directly and indirectly in a teacher child sexual abuse case.
The new Sheriffs have the knowledge, education, training and experience to bring a new vision to dealing with the problem when it comes to leading the laborers and the community in the educational process.
The new Sheriffs can be anyone from a teacher, parent to legislature. They must be creative and innovative in their approach to creating thorough backgrounds and development education programs, which teach students what is a good and bad touch. The key is to follow-up and make sure that the program is being effective.
Necessary Changes
In examining the necessary changes in the community involving the increase of sexpidemics, they include
·         Change of school district policies, training, education and experience;
·         Change of Department of Health Services’ protocol, policies, procedures and SOP and the training, education and experience of CPS Casework officials;
·         Change of law enforcement agencies protocol, policies, procedures and SOP and the training, education and experience of law enforcement officials;
·         Change in the communication between the local school district, child protective services and law enforcement;
·         Change in the manner in which the courts i.e. judges and prosecutors unwritten and written policies and procedures on their expectations of what school districts, child protective services and law enforcement accountability and responsibilities are and will be from the beginning of the child sexual assault allegation to the charging of criminal charges.
Once the local, county and State agencies begin making the changes detailed above, it is time the Governor and Legislatures begin making necessary, competent and intelligent changes dealing with the sexpidemics.
The Governor needs to create a Public Awareness Program in several areas:
·         Direct the Superintend of Public Instruction to:
1.      Create safety and sexual abuse programs from K-12. These programs are to
a.      identify good and bad touchings;
b.      discuss ‘grooming techniques’ child molesters use to take advantage of a ‘vulnerable’ child;
c.       identify who to tell if something happens to the student i.e. who the student needs to report to immediately after the incident has taken place;
d.     discuss how to deal with the harm or threats of harm, to not stop them from reporting sexual and physical assaults;
e.      discuss how to tell an authority figure what happened to them.
·         Direct the legislatures to put aside which party they are rooting for and do the following:
o   Lead the legislatures to passing tougher child sexual abuse laws, which occur in the schools.
o   Lead the legislatures to passing tougher child sexual abuse laws, dealing with the bullies and bulliers, which occur in the schools.
o   Place greater responsibilities on law enforcement officials to create forensic investigative methods and techniques in the bullying and bulliers, which occur in schools
o   Place greater responsibilities on the school districts to have monthly trainings for teachers, administrators, human resources on bullying, bulliers, child sexual abuse victims, child physical abuse victims and so forth
o   Ultimately place greater accountability and responsibilities on the parents of the students. To have a program for parents (on a daily basis) that they ask their children, the following (limited) questions i.e. “Did you ask your child today, how did school go today” and then ask an additional series of questions:
1.      How is Mrs. Anna Medicine as a teacher?
2.      How do you feel about Mrs. Medicine?
3.      How does she manage the classroom?
4.      Is Mrs. Medicine a tough discipliner or is she easy on the other students?
5.      Does Mrs. Medicine have a favorite student in your class? Why do you think Jill is her favorite?
(Create a list of questions, which won’t be redundant, serious, informative and competent and intelligent)
Another organization engaged in public awareness activities is the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (NCPCA).
Both the national office and over 100 NCPCA State chapters throughout the country provide public awareness and other activities to prevent child abuse and neglect.
In addition, State Children’s Trust Funds (CTFs) exist in all 50 States. Many CTFs develop and distribute posters for community groups, schools, and many other professionals working with children. The poster may encourage parents to use positive discipline techniques or encourage children to say "no" to touching that is uncomfortable.
Parent Education Programs
1.      Parent education programs focus on decreasing parental practices and behaviors associated with child abuse and neglect, and typically target teen parents and highly stressed parents as well as their children. These programs address issues such as:
2.      Positive parenting practices and nonviolent discipline techniques
a.      Child development
b.      Availability and accessibility of social services
c.       Establishment of social supports and networks
d.     Advocacy for self (parent), child, and family
e.      Maternal and child health issues
f.        Prevention of accidental childhood injuries through the development of safe home environments
g.      Healthy Families America (HFA) is a national initiative launched by the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (NCPCA) and Ronald McDonald House
h.      Charities in 1992. Modeled after Hawaii’s Healthy Start, HFA currently has home visitation programs in over 240 communities in 36 states and the District of Columbia
i.      Parent education programs focus on decreasing parental practices and behaviors associated with child abuse and neglect, and typically target teen parents and highly stressed parents as well as their children.
 (Nielsen and Whitby, 2011, paragraphs 1-30)
The sexpidemics are becoming a major problem in sexual criminal acts involving children under the age of 18.  The community, from the Governor, to the specialized groups, parents, school districts and teachers need to put into place new groups, workshops, seminars, webinars, presentations and so forth to combat this ever growing problem.
All of these challenges will take a lot of work, but must address what the government and town meetings are doing to educate the students, the zero tolerance policies and to change the existing policies as well as create new policies, protocols, procedures and standard operating procedures.
This author is of the opinion that the actions by everyone involved directly and indirectly must move forward with integrity, competence, and intelligence.
Tomorrow the article will address the significant issues surrounding just how the sexpidemics continue to come into the media’s attention and eventually the courts’ attention. The time to make changes is now and there is a need for everyone, young and old to either step up or shut up

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