Cyberspace – A New Frontier – A Journey For Cyberspace Victims And Sexual Voyeurism Abusers – The Congressman Anthony Weiner Saga Continues - Part VI

By Lawrence W. Daly

Growing up, there was a Romeo and Juliet song, sung by Andy Williams titled, “Where Do I Begin”. The words of this song seem to be fitting here in the Congressman Anthony Wiener saga.
             Here are some of the words, “To tell the story of how great a love can be…With her first hello, she gave new meaning to this empty world of mine…She fills my heart.” It is difficult for one to imagine that Cyberspace has replaced the true meaning of lust and love. A new frontier where sex is used to manipulate the young, weak and the vulnerable. Does Cyberspace give new meaning to an empty world of yours? Are the answers to true love found in Cyberspace, where down on earth, love is no longer found the old fashioned way? You know, when Dick and Jane meet one another at a party, fall in love, get married, have two children and live the middle class life; where happiness is found somewhere over the rainbow.
            At this point in time, it is unknown just what Congressman Weiner was searching for as he journeyed through Cyberspace. Was it a different kind of love; something special; something more exciting then what he currently has with his new bride, Huma Abedin, who is now said to be pregnant? What exactly was the Congressman searching for? Did he find what he was looking for? How far back does the Congressman’s journey begin- three, four, maybe five years ago? How many women did he have contact with? How many times did he accidentally come across a child, a young adult, maybe a man? All of these questions will need to be answered by someone. He is no longer untouchable; everyone in Congress is calling for his resignation. The media and legal pundits want him to put his tail between his legs, run and hide.
            The Congressman isn’t playing by the rules, is he? He won’t resign and the majority of his constituents according to the polls don’t want him to resign. So where is he? Right where he needs to be, in sexual addiction treatment. In sexual addiction treatment he will find answers to the many questions which have consumed his life for so many years. Suffering from the short man’s syndrome; narcissistic and egocentric behavior; personality disorders of many kinds, etc. Are all these mental problems the reason he turned to Cyberspace to become the Cyberspace Sexual Voyeurism Abuser (CSVA) which the photographs and women whom have come forward describe him to be? Should he be in sexual addiction treatment or in a psychological treatment facility or both, where he can begin addressing problems he probably began having in his early youth?
            Until law enforcement investigators begin unraveling the creepy web the Congressman has weaved, it is mere conjecture what exactly is going on inside the Congressman’s mind. The silence by law enforcement is sounding a loud drum and at this stage it is simply unknown what laws the Congressman has violated. There have been no leaks or identification of who exactly is leading the charge in the law enforcement community. Is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in control, since they investigate most of the Cyberspace crimes? It would seem reasonable that the FBI has the greatest experience, knowledge, training and education in the Cyberspace investigative field.
            In the background is Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, leading the charge in Congress to conduct an ethics investigation into Congressman Weiner’s behavior. Everyone agrees that there should be an ethics investigation, but everyone seems to be complaining about the same thing, if there is an ethics investigation, it may take months or maybe years to conduct. So law enforcement is the immediate hope and there is no idea where they are in the investigation. Just how many women are there? Imagine the three to five year span, how many contacts by Internet and/or by telephone was the Congressman making on a daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly?
            There are so many questions that have been asked in this article. Questions only several individuals and organizations may be able to answer. Congressman Weiner knows the best advice he has received to date is not to cooperate with law enforcement. Nothing good would come out of him talking about his Cyberspace contacts. In fact, there are potentially no physical records of his numerous contacts with numerous young women and women. When the women have come forward, he has stepped up to the podium and acknowledged he did have contact with the specific young female or woman, but denies that anything out of the ordinary occurred.
            Law enforcement will be discreet in their role as the fact-finders and will take precaution to be thorough, complete, competent and intelligent. Congresswoman Pelosi can yell from the highest capital building, but the ethics committee doesn’t understand the ‘sense of urgency’ reference to just how serious Congressman Weiner’s actions are. So the majority is correct, the ethics committee will take months to get moving. In the meantime, law enforcement will have completed their investigation and the public will have made up their minds about the Congressman. Meanwhile, everyone will have to wait, to see if the Congressman’s love story will be as adventurous as he had hoped it would be.

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