Cyberspace Sexual Voyeurism Abuser (CSVA) – Uncovering Those Who Violate Others – Law Enforcements Investigation Into Those Who Are Bullied And Do The Bullying – Part I

By Lawrence W. Daly
In reality, the problem with Cyberspace Sexual Voyeurism (CSVA) is not just a problem with one Congressman (i.e. Congressman Anthony Weiner), but with millions of subscribers on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Chat rooms, Skype and other social media outlets.
           The heightened realization that even an upper class man who has authority over his constituents has now brought attention on a subject matter that parents have been dealing with over the past decade. The resolution(s) which have been identified and communicated to the public is to be preventive in having their children exposed to such behavior. The reality for everyone involved is it only takes a click of the button and one is on the Internet. Most of us are just two clicks away from entering a social media site where this cyberspace sexual voyeurism is taking place.
In order to deal with the problem, the authorities must identify the different groups of offenders; this may require interventions that are tailored to suit their social, sexual and voyeurism needs. It assists those who are engaged to address and enhance deficits in self-esteem and social competency. Parents, young adults and adults must learn strategies for dealing with bullying and coping with its efforts. Individual training may succeed in reducing the offending by making the CSVA accountable and responsible for their conduct.
Bringing CSVA to a level of constraint may take some type of court involvement. There is generally some type of individualized treatment for the CSVA individual and there is some type of trust issues for the bullier that is dealt with at the intervention level. The bullied can seek therapy, which in turn will strengthen the ability to deal with issues and improve their sense of control over the situation.
Children Who Bully – The CSVA
CSVA juveniles are more frequently experienced at internalizing problems. They exhibit more problems with their peer relationships, have higher levels of family violence and come from dysfunctional families.  It has been documented in numerous studies that CSVA juveniles who are exposed to violence against women develop an attitude that it is acceptable to be violent towards women. Further, they have a strong desire to be violent towards their peers, have quick tempers, and are easily frustrated.
The CSVA juvenile has problems with functioning in the outside world and internalize their aggression and violence on the Internet within social media outlets. It is easy for them to violate rules since they believe they do not need to abide by society’s rules. Although the CSVA juvenile is impressed with the fact that they are generally bigger, less sensitive towards others, demonstrate little to no compassion towards those on the other side of the social media outlet and are very good at debating with those who have opposite viewpoints.  They tend to be very good at talking themselves out of situations that they placed themselves into, because of their lack of control and outbursts, which are viewed as ignorant and seriously inappropriate conduct.
The CSVA juvenile has to appear tougher and demonstrates little compassion for victims and believes they have to be as aggressive and/or more aggressive towards adults.
Alcohol, Drugs And Weapons
Law enforcement officials will find during the background of the bullier that the bully lives in an environment where the CSVA juvenile family members are involved in drug and alcohol use. Law enforcement officials will find during the background of the bullier that the CSVA juvenile’s family is involved in violent crimes. This should be seen as learned behavior and this is why the CSVA juvenile is out of control. They become a product of their environment. Law enforcement officials will find during the background of the bullier that the CSVA juveniles, who do offend against strangers, use more violence and use weapons then others. This is the way they show others they aren’t afraid and will use any method to intimidate others. The types of drugs the CSVA juvenile takes are mind altering and incapacitation type drugs.
This author will leave you with this question to think about until Part II is written. If the CSVA juvenile has all of the above characteristics, then how serious are adults who suffer from CSVA? This question and many more will be discussed in tomorrow’s article on CSVA adults and how those in the social media groups can feel safer, more comfortable and not threatened by the CSVA individual.

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