Do The Democrats Have Their Priorities Mixed Up? Should They Be Concerned About Congressman Anthony Wiener’s Job Or His Sexual Deviant Actions? - Part V

By Lawrence W. Daly

Another revelation, another behavioral issue, and more requests for Congressman Anthony Wiener to resign from Congress.  So what is the real issue in this endless revolving saga of a Congressman, who made numerous mistakes? It appears that he continues to find himself under fire by his Democratic party and other Congressman and Senators. There is an underlying problem, which is beginning to create its own scenario, and that is, what are the Democrats really worried about? Is it Congressman Weiner’s conduct or his position as a Congressman?

If you review what the media is reporting, the Congressman is being attacked by his own party to resign because of the new revelation that some of the photographs the Congressman sent to some of these woman appear to have been taken in the House of Representatives gymnasium.  Furthermore, the Congressman is seen in one of the photographs standing with a towel wrapped around his private area.
The Congressman apparently did not think his actions through and the photographs of his private area, has sparked an aggressive stance by some of the Congressman’s cohorts for the Congressman to resign. Their concerns about having the Congressman immediately resign, is not detailed for someone to understand if they are upset that he took the photographs in the House of Representatives gymnasium; the sexual nature of the photographs; the possible sex crimes he may have committed; the relationship he currently has with his Democratic party; the feeling that his constituents want him gone, although in the most recent poll 55% of his constituents want him to remain in office; that his resigning will somehow change everyone’s perception of the Congressman’s actions; and/or a combination of the above list?

Cyber Enticement on the Internet

            The situation which Congressman Weiner finds himself in was not an instanteous set of circumstances. Congressman Weiner has been expending a lot of time on the Internet trying to make contacts with any woman who would play ‘nice’ with him. Like other Cyber Sexual Addicts, individuals who spend an inordinate amount of time on the Internet can be viewed as a Cyber Addict. Due to the amount of time a Cyber Addict expends on the Internet will cause relationship and marital discord. To date, there has been an apparent effort to keep the Congressman’s wife away from the media and limited disclosures reference her thoughts on the matter. The possibilities of how she feels about the situation she finds herself and the Congressman in has been guarded by the media who sees her as a victim.
            The Internet opens the door to certain Cyber Sexual experiences which develop as a result of social, psychological and physical issues. The predator, if that is what Congressman Weiner became, opens the door to possible pedophilia behavior i.e. the real faces of abuse victims are available in many Internet forums, circulating photographs with no concern for the potential child and/or young adults. Photographs can be instantaneously recorded, stored, and distributed with the click of the keyboard. In a study conducted by Dr. David Finkelhor et al, 2003, demonstrated the following:
1.      20% of children received an online sexual solicitation.
2.      1 in 33 received an “aggressive sexual solicitation.”
3.      25% told parents when they had been sexually solicited.
4.      25% had unwanted exposures to Internet images of unclothed people or people having sex.
5.      97% of sexual solicitations were made by people the child victims had originally met online.
6.      Many children reported that the people wanted them to engage in Cybersex.

The reason to point out these statistics is the same reason the Democrats are trying to hustle Congressman Wiener out the door. Each day a new sexually inappropriate photograph appears with the Congressman posing in some precarious sexual position. The Democrats have to be concerned that the bottom is ready to fall out and the reason certain Congressman are stating, “Any process, a judicial process through the ethics committee, is going to take time. I really don’t know that we have the time”, said Democrat Steny Hoyer, while on “Face the Nation” today, is because Congressman Wiener has not been forthcoming on just how many children, young adults, and adults he sent his photographs to. There is no way of knowing just exactly how serious his Cyberspace Sexual Voyeurism Acts are. Maybe in the throes of his stimulation and lack of common sense, he failed to be cautious about who he communicated with, who he requested sexually explicit photographs from and who he may have sent sexually explicit photographs to; just maybe, I anticipate, there is much more to come.

Running Out Of Time

            What is the hurry for Congressman Weiner to retire? Little by little the media has uncovered numerous photographs he sent to a half a dozen young adults and women. There is no indication at this time that the Congressman is trying to hide his sexually inappropriate Internet behavior. So what are the Democrats so worried about? Do they know something that they need to immediately distance themselves from the Congressman from? The alternative hypothesis is just maybe the Congressman stepped so far over the line, he cannot get back; that the damage is done, so him receiving sexual addiction treatment is a way to hide the problem. Out of sight, out of mind. 

Family Responses to Sexual Inappropriate Behavior on the Internet

            Sexual bullying is under reported, just like the rest of sexual crimes that are committed.  Since there is an under reporting like other sex crimes, the Congressman maybe felt safe in regards to the potential victims he may have sexually bullied and/or intimidated. Studies have demonstrated that relatively few families or young people take action against the negative aspect of the Internet.  The reason the Internet is used for sexual gratification purposes according to Cooper, 1998, is accessibility, affordability and most importantly anonymity. A large number of photographs can be accessible to anyone on the Internet without much cost to the predator.

Identification of Congressman Weiner

            If you watch television enough, you would easily recognize Congressman Wiener’s face. His aggressive attack dog personality has exposed him on television making brutal comments to the Republicans. He facial features are unique in that he wears his hair slicked back and he has a very large distinguished nose. So his small stature and facial features and the exposure he has received to date, make him an entity that those watching the news should be able to identify him. In the earlier photographs that were released, the Congressman is posing for photos which show him below the chin and downward. It appears as he became more confident he made the decision to ‘show all’ to the individuals he was sexually posing for.
            One would think that a high ranking government official would use more common sense, but this just demonstrates the strength sexual addiction has over some individuals. The sexual urges in the mind sometimes gets the best of individuals who have a major problem in controlling them. 
            To date, there has been no disclosure by anyone involved in the law enforcement investigation on just how many photographs the Congressman received. Were any of the known six women exchanging photographs back and forth to one another? Maybe the reason others have not come forward is their exposure could be embarrassing and could cost them their job, their relationship with others and so forth. Sooner or later the truth will come out and all those involved in the Cyber Sexual Voyeurism Acts will be identified.


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