The First Lies And Last Lies Caused Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Final Demise? Part VII

By Lawrence W. Daly
            It has been a couple weeks since the story broke about Congressman Anthony Wiener’s sexual behavior and escapades. Once the information came out, the media learned of the Congressman’s demise, and the attention focused on what women would step forward and tell all. The public wanted to hear everything, from the types of photos he sent, what the photos depicted and how old the women were whom he had the “sexting affairs” with. In the end, one of the women he had an Internet affair with, stated she had a relationship which produced over 100 Internet conversations. Unfortunately, for the Congressman the woman was a former porn star. This news shocked Congress and Senate as if talking to a former porn star on the Internet was more serious than the other women he had engaged in “sexting” and picture swapping.

            There are mixed feelings by his constituents about the Congressman and his situation. Some people believe he did nothing which warranted him from resigning. Others believe he should have resigned when the allegations of the “sexting” came out. Then these individuals told the media that the Congressmen had stepped over the line and should not have swapped photographs with a 17 year old high-school junior and six other women.
            As of this date and time, it is still unknown which law enforcement agency has control of the Internet behavior used by the Congressman. It has been the conjecture of many journalists that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are in charge of the investigations. It has been suggested that the FBI are continuing the interviewing of the women the Congressman had a “sexting” relationship with and potentially, may have committed a Cyberspace crime.
            From the podium Congressman Weiner has been lying and avoiding questions about his total involvement with numerous women. To date, the Congressman has failed to quit lying, and continues to lie about his actual involvement in his Internet relationships.
            So where do those interested in ascertaining what is happening with the Congressman and his list of unknown women go? As the investigation continues, law enforcement officials intend to keep the nature and direction of the investigations quiet. It is the law in most States that while an investigation is happening and continuing the law enforcement investigator is not to disclose to any law enforcement officials that an investigation is occurring. Moreover, the law enforcement officials who are in charge of the investigation need to take a neutral position in the investigative process as the investigation may demonstrate that besides photographs of an erect penis, the Congressman did not act out in any manner with any of the women, which would be considered a crime.  Now, law enforcement officials have to walk down that balance beam, not disclosing to the media and/or to others that they are interested in the Congressman’s sexual behavior while engaged sexually or not sexually while he had contact with them on the Internet and on the telephone.
            There will be one or two last hurrahs for the Congressman. In the meantime, the Congressman is in sexual addiction treatment trying to figure out what his next job will be, and most important to the Congressman’s wife, will she stay with him. Some serious questions and the answers are unknown. The Congressman’s livelihood is at issue, since he is a long time Congressman with little skills to boost another career at the age of 46. Over a period of time, the media will come out with numerous suggestions, ideas and most importantly what the FBI and/or other law enforcement agencies are up to.
            On his resignation day he stated, “I will be looking for other ways to contribute my talents, to make sure that we live up to that most of New York and American ideals.” He has already had several job offers and is considering them. He wants to make his wife a priority and get their marriage back on track.
            The time to fix what has been broken is no longer Congressman Weiner’s problem. The Democratic party must step up to the plate and find another leader to fill the Congressman’s shoes.  What the former Congressman does with his career, marriage and his past Internet relationships is nobody’s concern except the Congressman’s, his wife’s and those who are close to him and want to see him land back on his feet. His true supporters need to keep the Congressman’s thoughts away from these past three to five years of ‘sexting’ and swapping of photograph’s with an unknown amount of women. If the Congressman hopes to run for political office in the future, then he needs to take immediate steps to begin cleaning up his behavior which used to be excellent.
            Tomorrow the sun will come up and go down in the same manner it has for the 46 years of the Congressman’s life. He needs to work at maintaining a positive and constructive image in his constituent’s district. He needs to make sure everything he does is proper, correct and righteous; simply no more moral, sexual and character issues and no more false statements to the media, his constituents, politicians and anyone significant who would run to the media. The next couple of years his reputation must be sparkling, if we are going to see him return to political office.

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