If Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Sexual Addiction Treatment Doesn’t Work - Where Does He Go From Here? Part VII

By Lawrence W. Daly

On Sunday, June 12, 2011, Congressman Anthony Weiner entered a treatment center to help him with his alleged sexual addiction problem.  This sexual addiction problem, which the Congressman professes, he has needs to be evaluated as most upper echelon individuals who make sexual mistakes use the sexual addiction treatment as a means to hide from their sexual problems.  Sexual addiction has no easy remedies for someone to hang their hat on.  There is no simple solutions to some having sexual issues which cause them to prey upon children, young adults and vulnerable adults.  Let us examine the personalities characteristics and traits that individuals suffering from sexual addiction.
Narcissistic Personalities
Individuals with narcissistic personalities have the characteristic traits, which lead them into a highway of problems.  Narcissistic individuals according to PubMed, 2010, can be defined within these parameters, “Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which people have an inflated sense of self-importance and an extreme preoccupation with themselves.”
Several Sexual Addiction Programs To Overcome Sexual Bondage
Pure Desire – A Program Devoted To Sexual Healing

Pure Desire is devoted to healing men and women who have become addicted to sexual behaviors harmful to their social, family, and spiritual well-being.  By supporting local churches, Pure Desire is setting men and women free, so they can walk in the saving Grace of the Lord.  Pure Desire takes the healing ministry of Christ past level one addiction.  Level one is where an individual can get free from their addiction simply by joining a small group and becoming accountable to others.  Pure Desire also addresses the level two and level three sexual addicts.  Level two is where the individual cannot stop the behavior and level three addicts are not only uncontrollable, but the habit begins to erode their soul, their family, and their faith.  Pure Desire realizes that the problem isn’t just a guy’s problem.  In our sexually charged culture, more and more women are being drawn into sexual bondage.  A recent Internet survey revealed forty percent of women online are engaging in cybersex behavior (Counselor June 2006, pg. 34 “Women and Sex Addiction” by Dr. Patrick J. Carnes).
Pure Desire addresses the fact that sexual bondage and associated struggles are a family systems issue.  Pure Desire is serving the Lord’s purpose by helping heal men and women so they can be free to live enriched social, family, and spiritual lives in the joy, purity, and passion of a life filled with Jesus Christ. 

Pure Desire Statistics, Which Are Staggering:
§  66% of Internet-using men between the ages of 18-34 look at online porn at least once a month.
§  55% of pastors admitted to participating with porn online.
§  Over 40% of women on line are involved in problematic cyber behavior.
§  The largest consumer of Internet pornography is the 12 to 17 year old age group.
§  70% of Internet porn traffic occurs during the 9 am to 5 pm workday.
§  Two out of three companies have disciplined employees for misusing the Net at work and pornography topped the list of abuses.  (Taken From Pure Desire Website)
Everyman’s Battle Sexual Addiction Program


A Blessed Future

The Bible tells us that all have sinned and gone their own way.  No matter how far you’ve gone in the wrong direction, however, when you turn around God always welcomes you back.  Are you living beyond your means?  Have you given in to the world of internet pornography?  Maybe you’re failing your wife and kids, crushing them with your anger or solitude.  Is your free time filled with television or video games?  God is ready to welcome you back.  His arms are open, and his promises are sure–he will transform your worst failures into a blessed future, if you’ll ask him to.  There is hope for you.  God is gracious and will forgive you, no matter what you’ve done or failed to do.  He will even turn your past around and create a new life, a life of hope, peace, and ongoing relationship with him.  However, you have to take the first step.  It’s a paradox of our faith: seek God and He will find you!  Whether it’s the first time you’ve sought Him or you have strayed over and over, He’s there with His arms wide open!  (Taken from Everyman’s Battle website)
Battles Of The Flesh Sexual Addiction Program
The Road To Recovery From Sexual Addiction where the sex craved media has taken hold of society’s thoughts and actions.  Christians today are finding it more difficult to win the daily battles against the devil.  This sexual addiction program takes the sexually addicted on a journey to recovery and hope.  Battles of the Flesh will enlighten you on the tools Satan uses to try to defeat you, provides you with practical tools that will encourage and empower you, and gives you affirmations of truth that will help you discover your identity in Christ.  Battles of the Flesh identifies key areas that are essential in winning the war against the temptations of society.  Finally, this sexual addiction program will inspire you to carry out the teachings of Scriptures in your daily life, allowing you to claim freed from your personal bondage.  (Taken from the Real World Ministries website)
Many Other Sexual Addiction Programs
The above three Christian sexual addiction programs are just a couple of sexual addiction programs that are available to those allegedly suffering from sexual addiction.  There are many secular and Christian sexual addiction programs available to everyone who believes they need to make a change in their lives.  Not all individuals will find success in these programs.  The individual perspectives i.e. secular and/or Christian sexual addiction programs may not be the answer.  The answers may be found in a psychiatric institution, which deals with personality disorders.  There may be a need for intense therapeutic and medicated programs, which not only deals with the individual sexual addiction, but with the personality disorders, characteristic traits, mental problems, physical sexual drives, and so forth.  There generally are no easy resolutions and/or solutions to these vast and complex psychological problems.
Where Does The Congressman Turn To?
            There has been no indication the type of sexual addiction treatment the Congressman is enrolled into.  The time to get things under control, could be anywhere from 30 days to 180 days.  The other feature of being in a sexual addiction institution is the police do not have access to the Congressman.  If the Congressman wants to hide out in the institution until he is ready to come out, then he may stand behind closed doors.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, protects patients from being identified that they are even a patient at an institution.  It is possible that the Congressman walked in the front door and out the back door and nobody would have the ability to say anything about the Congressman being at the institution or not.  This may be played out until the law enforcement officials make a move towards the Congressman.  They may tell the Congressman they uncovered several crimes and it would behoove him to turn himself in.  Of course this will be dealt with on a defense attorney to prosecutor level.

            It is apparent that the Congressman has found himself in a very precarious and serious situation.  Today it is allegedly sexual addiction treatment, tomorrow it could be hiding from the law, and/or maybe he is taking his time to let the media and his fellow Congressmen to move onto something bigger and better.  The great thing about politics, the media, headliners, and news flashers, today the Congressman is the hot topic, but tomorrow it could be another politician who has made a sexual comment, racial comment, caught in a law enforcement sting and so forth.  Whatever the case may be, the Congressman is using time as a factor to smooth things over and become yesterday’s news.  At this time the Congressman has made his bed and he will sleep in it until someone comes knocking on his door.  Will it be the psychologists, law enforcement official, physician, and/or a surprise visitor?  Whoever it will be, the Congressman has time on his side.

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