If You Believe Casey Anthony Intentionally Killed Her Daughter Caylee, Then What Were The Motives? Did Law Enforcement Identify What The Motives Were?

(Trial Day 7, June 1, 2011)
By Lawrence W. Daly

        The questions surrounding the death of Caylee Anthony on June 16, 2008, has brought her demise to the attention of everyone all over the world. To question why a mother would intentionally murder her own daughter makes no sense to the reasonable and logical average person.  The question, which has gone unanswered since June 16th, is what would be the motive of Casey Anthony to intentionally kill Caylee. This question needs a thorough and complete review.

Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder
Survivors of child sexual abuse deal with their sexual abuse in many different ways. The most common diagnosis for those who assess survivors is they are suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD). So what is this phenomenon all about? According to the Mayo Clinic, “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event”.  Trauma, including anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem are commonly reported among survivors of childhood sexual abuse. One of the PTSD characteristics is acting out by the individual in such a way, that if you are an outside observer of the behavior of this individual, one would think the individual is suffering from delusional ideations when in reality they are responding to a trigger.
Dissociative Amnesia
Prior to the death of Caylee, Casey was not out campaigning that she had been a victim of child sexual assaults as a child. The question(s) then may be when did she realize that she was sexually assaulted as a child. There are two camps about dissociative amnesia i.e. repressed memories. One, there are those who believe there is such a thing as repressed memories. Then there are those who do not believe at some age in your life you remember out of the blue that you were sexually assaulted by a relative, friend, authority figure, peers, and so forth. The research, which has been conducted to date, does not support the theory that claim child amnesia is reasonable and logical.
            So where does Casey’s alleged child sexual assaults fit into the professionals who deal with these issues on a daily basis? This is a very good question where this author can only use conjecture as a means of understanding what the possibilities are for Casey to tell the jury about.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) shares certain commonalities with antisocial personality disorder (APD). If Casey suffers from NPD and APD she may have antisocial traits which may lead her into a belief that she is above the law. Being a sociopath may explain the intentional murder. However, this author does not believe Casey suffers from one disorder, but many. This is based on the information which has been collected to date, specifically about all of the individuals who never existed, but were made up by Casey.
Bipolar Disorder
The characteristics of one who suffers from Bipolar disorder are very interesting and fit into some of the behaviors Casey displayed prior to Caylee’s death and since her death. Bipolar manifests itself in numerous ways. Casey may have been depressed where she had persistent mood swings; loss of enjoyment; changes in her appetite; difficulty with sleeping or oversleeping; physical slowing or agitation; loss of energy; feelings of inappropriate guilt; thinking problems i.e. staying focused; and obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and/or panic disorder. According to Emil Kraepelin, “ the cycles of bipolar disorder may be long or short, ups and downs may be of different magnitudes: for instance, a person suffering from bipolar disorder may suffer a protracted mild depression followed by a shorter and intense mania. The manic episodes typically include euphoria, tirelessness, and impulsiveness; the depressed period may seem much worse following a manic period”.
Organic Issues
It is possible that Casey suffers from some mental disorder. If you have been keeping with the pulse of the investigation and read the book written about Casey and her situation, “Mommy’s Little Girl” by Diane Fanning. Depresson-guide.com states, “Organic brain disorders result from structural pathology, as in dementia, or from disturbed central nervous system (CNS) function, as in fever-induced delirium (also termed toxic confusional state and acute organic reaction, is an acute or subacute brain failure in which impairment of attention is accompanied by abnormalities of perception and mood. It is the most common psychosis seen in the general hospital”. Law enforcement should examine, evaluate and analyze if Casey suffered from any type of organic brain disorder. Although the hypothesis may not have merit, this may be a disorder that the psychiatrist would want to consider as well.
Other Mental Problems
            In researching what might be mentally wrong with Casey,  Dr. Lillian Glass states, “There is no doubt in my mind that Casey may have manipulated the defense psychiatrists like she has manipulated everyone else with whom she has had contact with to dates, as we have seen. Who knows whether she and her defense team concocted something for her to reveal to the psychiatrists which would help her case. Who knows if she thought of it on her own”.
How Many Children Are Victims Of Sexual Abuse?
Statistics demonstrate that one out of every three to ten children are victims of sexual abuse. The problem with the statistics is the definition of what sexual abuse is. Some researchers have alleged that nudity is sexual abuse. This is simply a category which should be scrutinized with critical thinking to determine if in fact nudity should fall under the sexual abuse categories. Making general statements that one out of three children have been sexually abused is preposterous that as many as one child in every three or four in the United States becomes the victim of sexual abuse by the time he or she reaches the age of 18. At least 25% of adults were victims of child sexual abuse. This means that millions of adults in the United States today were sexually abused as children.

Believe The Child When They Report Sexual Abuse
The jury is literally out on when to believe and when not to believe that a child who is reporting child sexual abuse should be believed. Child abuse expert, Dr. Kathleen Faller states, “In order to adequately investigate an allegation of sexual abuse, professionals must both understand the motives of the victim, perpetrator, and victim’s mother (in incest cases) to lie or tell the truth and the techniques of examining the child’s story. Children almost never make up stories about being sexually abused. In fact victims are often re-victimized in multiple ways for truthfully asserting they have been sexually abused”.
Casey is obviously not a child, but if she was sexually abused, according to the pundits, she needs to be believed. Dr. Faller is candid in the above statement as well as other child abuse experts that adults who are survivors of child sexual assaults need to be taken seriously. The key(s) in this case is to determine: 1. When Casey initially disclosed the child sexual assaults? 2. Who she told and when? What that person did with this information and so forth. 3. Was the genesis of the allegation created during the criminal charging of the intentional act of murder? 4. Was the information by Casey provided to her attorney, Jose Baez, and what steps did he take to ferret out the truth. Remember, he has to have a reasonable belief, when he told the court that Casey was sexually assaulted by George and Lee Anthony, that she was telling the truth and that he has independent evidence proving she was a victim of child sexual assaults. 5. Why did Baez wait until opening statements to tell the entire country that Casey is a child sexual abuse victim? 6. What benefit does Casey receive for stepping forward with the child sexual abuse allegations?
Do People Forget They Were Sexually Abused And Then Remember It?
It has been argued by mental health professionals that the human mind protects itself from overwhelming emotional pain is by “forgetting” (repressing) bad memories. There are some people who have suffered through traumatic episodes, which were scary, frightening and mentally and physically painful. These types of painful experiences could fit into the category of being sent to fight a war in Iraq or Afghanistan, or dealing with natural disasters such as the one New Orleans, and sexual abuse. The theory being that people forget these situations and the trauma that became associated with it.  It is alleged that later in life for some unknown reason these painful memories may appear.
Can People Ever Have False Memories?
The mind is not a video camera, although people believe they can remember almost anything with confidence. Sot the mind does remember the details of their experiences incorrectly. Some people “remember” events that they could have imagined, or that someone convinced them really happened when it didn’t. There is great controversy in the mental health and criminal justice arena about false memories. Some believe false memories are not a problem, that they rarely occur and others believe false memories is a major problem and should be questioned appropriately by professionals who understand how the mind operates.
Could Casey, If She Was Sexually Abused, Ever Lead A “Normal” Life?
For the past three years, Casey has not lived anything resembling a “normal” life. However, most true victims who are sexually abused as a child can live a normal life.  They function just as normal as an individual who wasn’t sexually abused. Drawing from inner strength, true child sexual abuse victims can make a successful life for themselves and those they decide to have relationships with, even in spite of the sexual abuse which they suffered at the hands of someone they generally knew e.g. father, brother, uncle, mother, grandfather, teacher, camp counselor, and so forth.
Does the fact that Casey was sexually assaulted as a child create a motive for Casey, to do what she did or allowed to happen to Caylee? Is this the ultimate question for the jury to deliberate on? Why hasn’t the Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez set up the prosecution to deal with the child sexual assaults? Maybe Baez’s opening statements are just the beginning of what is to come.
Law Enforcements Role In Investigating The Child Sexual Abuse Claims
In the meantime, law enforcement needs to be interviewing individuals from Casey’s past lives e.g. from middle school to high school. They need to be communicating with the prosecutor. The prosecutor needs to direct and give the law enforcement officials an investigative purpose and goals to reach. The prosecutor and law enforcement need to work diligently to uncover what type of student Casey was. Did she have problems in class, with homework, with relationships e.g. did she act out, and was she a behavioral problem? Additionally, what were her friends at the middle and high school time were told about Casey’s father, George and brother, Lee? Were the child sexual assaults the best kept secret, and/or did Casey make comments to her friends, relatives, peers and authority figures that she was a victim of child sexual assaults? The resources at the school level are amazingly informative if the law enforcement officials go out and knock on doors. The doors will only open if the law enforcement officials interview students, teachers, school counselor’s, school nurses, school administrator and anyone else who have knowledge about Casey.
Law enforcement has the opportunity to bring this child sexual assault complaint made by Jose Baez, to a close. If the bottom is taken out of the defense’s foundation then the jury’s decision to convict will be a short and easy one. If the information law enforcement discovers supports that indeed Casey was a victim of child sexual assaults, then a new problem has arisen for the prosecution. On another date and time, criminal charges will need to be filed by the prosecution against George and Lee. This, of course, should be dealt with in another investigation and dealt with by a new grand jury.
If the prosecution can demonstrate that Casey was not affected by the child sexual assaults like other child sexual abuse victims have been affected, then the jury may believe that Casey was acting with all of her mental facilities and she should be held accountable and responsible for Casey’s death.

What Motives Did Casey Have To Kill Caylee?
In reviewing the prosecution’s presentation as day eight came to a conclusion, that the motive for killing Caylee has yet to be explained with reasonableness and logic. Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick has claimed that Casey used duct tape to kill Caylee. One of Casey’s defense attorney’s alleges that during the time of death of Caylee, Casey may have been in a manic or depressive episode – either of which can sometimes include delusions – this could conceivably support an insanity defense. The prosecution introduced the idea that Casey wanted Caylee out of the way so she could spend time with her at that time boyfriend, Anthony Lazarro. Further that Caylee’s presence was stifling Casey’s lifestyle, which prosecutors tried to paint as a young woman who enjoyed the party type lifestyle and the air of a carefree person.
Law enforcement officials have had since June 16, 2008, the last time Caylee was seen alive, to establish a motive of why Casey caused the intentional death of Caylee. To date, law enforcement officials have been silent and allowed the prosecution to do their talking. The motive at this point in the trial has not been established beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution is dealing with relationships which Casey alleges she had and the numerous times she lied to family, friends and law enforcement officials.
            Each criminal case has its nuances and subtleties and they have to be dealt with prior to and during the trial process. In this case, the child sexual abuse allegations have brought a new light to a darkened set of circumstances. During day 8, the problems with Casey’s testimony to law enforcement officials was highlighted as being important, relevant and material. The prosecution claims they are halfway through their presentation, so what is to come is unknown and should be a surprise to everyone. In the meantime, law enforcement needs to be out pounding the pavement and knocking on the doors of those who knew and know Casey. Information obtained by law enforcement officials should be given to the prosecutor so the prosecution can make trial strategy decisions. This trial should become even more interesting over the next couple of weeks.

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