International Awareness Iran fires 14 missiles in name of Friendship and peace – Really? News Review Opinion

By: Scott Hall
     “To secure the peace, is to prepare for war”.  A fact that is evident, everyday in the world we all live in.  Iran, in a report filed on Newser, secretly test fired a few missiles, “in a message of peace and friendship”, this according to Iran’s Elite Revolutionary Guards. Not just a couple, 14 of them, and a few may have the capability of reaching Israel or the US from the Gulf.  The British Foreign Secretary implied it was a violation of United Nations policy, according to the online news story.  Tehran had not responded to the allegations implied by the Secretary according to the report.

     The AFP also filed a report of the missile testing, which reveals that not only did Iran test fire these missiles, but they revealed an underground silo, capable of launching the medium range missile. The US State Department spokeswoman said Iran was, “bragging” about their assets.  Along with the new awareness of this missile testing, concern over the levels of Uranium enrichment also came into question, and Iran has responded that the enrichment is for the peaceful purpose of energy, while Western Governments argue that 20 percent over what is needed implies otherwise.

     Most citizens of the world have heard of the cold war.  An Era, driven by the realization that nuclear weapons carry more than just explosive power and an ominous destructive outreach from the initial blast, but also carry radioactive fallout and has the potential to linger and shift in any direction the earth decides to allow it to go, affecting more than just the blast area.  Questions such as, didn’t we learn from the world leaders of the past and isn’t that why we are striving for a world free of these destructive weapons, should come to our forefront. More importantly, if they are only striving for peace and friendship, why are they so resistive in allowing inspections or knowledge of a more precise nature into how they are progressing on producing the electricity.

      Looking into history, just not long ago, there was rhetoric from the Iranian president, implying he “would like to see Israel wiped off the face of the Earth”.  It does seem as though the world we live in is becoming quite active in protesting, on several levels, along with speaking up for our rights as hard working world citizens. It is this reviewer’s opinion, that, we should also be protesting, in uniformity, the use and development of any weapon, from any regime or region, that could punish an entire planet.  This threat is not new to the world, just to the capabilities and technologies of the 21st Century. We may have to leave this one to the Zen master to decide.

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