International Awareness: U.S Human Rights Violations, in Third World Countries. How do they see it? Part I

By Aric John

The overall purpose in this research is to examine critically the role of human rights in United States policy towards the Third World.  In particular, I want to show the latter’s view of this aspect of U.S .foreign policy.  I intend to divide the research into four streams dealing with different aspects.  In the first stream, I shall trace the origins and evaluation of human rights in the U.S. foreign policy.  Furthermore, I will analyze the varying degrees of importance given to human rights by different administrations, the debates between the proponents of moralization, and realism and the gradual incorporation of the human rights issue in U.S. foreign policy over the years.

 The second stream deals with the political dimension of U.S. human rights policy.  It contains a critical analysis of the issues of inconsistency and selectivity that have been predominant in U.S. human rights policy.  Here, I shall deal with a fundamental question: whether the United States holds all governments to the same standards and responds with equal intensity to all situations where rights are being violated or whether the United States proceeds selectively applying different standards from country to country.  In the third stream, I shall study the legal dimension of U.S. human rights policy.

  This includes an analysis of the relationship between the U.S. foreign assistance and human rights issues-the use of bilateral as well as multilateral aids as an instrument of national policies.  In this regard, I will discuss the legal violation by the United States in pursuing its human rights related foreign policy goals vis-à-vis the Third World.  In the fourth and final stream, I shall discuss the interventionary role of the United States in the Afghanistan on behalf of human rights.  I shall substantiate my analysis by giving various examples of United States interventionary role in the Third World countries with special reference to Afghanistan

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