Syrian President Blames Violence on Outside Terror Forces

Syrian President Assad is pushing for
 National Dialogue
Picture provided by Al-Jazeera English

By Elizabeth Hall

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressed Damascus University  on  Monday afternoon  claiming that  "Syria is at a turning point"  calling for national dialogue to attempt to dispel the unrest in the
 country with bloody protests daily.  He stated that legitimate concerns are no need for violence and promising to expand  amnesty. 

 Assad also blamed the violence on outside terror influence taking advantage of the unrest in Syria.  He said that Syrian problems needed to be addressed without outside influence, and pushed the idea that a national dialogue would solve some of their issues.  The country has been at this since January 26, 2011 when the first protest began.  The situation escalated into uprising status on March 15, with the bloodiest
 day of protests culminating on April 23, 2011 when 75 protestors were shot during the day.  Foreign journalists have been banned from the country since the uprising began, and the reports of a government crackdown, people fleeing the country and bloodshed have filled our newsreels daily.  Let's hope for the sake of the Syrian people that a dialogue can be opened and issues can be cleared between the government of Syria and the opposition leaders.

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