Types of Multiple Murderers

In the study of criminal profiles, we found several cases that lead us to classify them by groups.
Despite popular belief, a serial murderer is a subtype of multiple murderer, but no one ever confuses a multiple murderer with a serial murderer.
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Here we can see the different types of mass murderers. 


As the author tells us, there are four types of mass murderers and for each one of them will get a sample with known cases in Spain.  We may not realize what happens, but it occurs much closer than we think.
The mass murder can be defined as the killing produced by one or more subjects in the same action that produce more than four attempts or deaths of victims in an ongoing act of violence.
Within this type, we find several subtypes: the terrorist attacks (e.g. either ETA or Al Qaeda).  Another subtype is the genocide (for example, those that lived in Serbia with Slobodan Milosevic and his army) and a final subtype is mixed with other types such as the murderer and the frantic family murderer .

Atentado en Madrid

The latter can kill family (or self-employed) workers of the same company which may have fired him, to those attending any meeting with the opposite motivation, customers of a bar just for the sake of being there, etc.  An example would be the crimes of Puerto Hurraco in Badajoz with nine victims.
Los Crimenes de Puero Hurraco
The family murder can be defined as murder in one or more members of a family, individual psychological motives only, the decision to end the life of any or all the Members of the family.  An example is that of Maria Gisels in Sorbas (Almería) in which this 36 year old woman killed her mother, her daughter, and then herself.  The family killings usually end with the suicide of the murderer.
It is not the case of subtype " gender violence "in which a component typically ends the life of another or other members of the family or former family, but not suicidal.  Delivered or flight, but does not end with taking his life.  The last case we can remember is the recent case in Degaña (Asturias) in which a man kills the current partner's ex-wife, her father, the brother and wounding with an attempt to kill the aforementioned and their mother.
Minuto de Silencio por el Crimen Múltiple en Degaña
The frenzied murder can be defined as the killing produced by one or more subjects during a succession of events on a continuing basis, with no spaces between crimes considered cooling off, that produce attempts or the death of a number of victims in different scenes, with a continuation of interrelated events.
As we said before the spree killer or murderer is frantic, cataloging interspersed with the mass murder or mass murderer.
Perhaps the case of Campo Elias Delgado is well known (but not Spanish, but in Colombia) but it is also the case of Alfredo Galan , best known as the Murderer of the Deckthat that killed six people and attempted three others .
Una carta era su firma
Finally, serial murder ... But, what is it?

There is considerable controversy in defining serial murder, because depending on the author and his specialty varies the definition and by default anything that affects the fact of killing many victims.
From Wakewfield in 1936 to Ressler in 2003, several authors with different perspectives (criminologists, police, psychologists, psychiatrists, journalists) have defined it that includes or excludes parameters when coining the term “serial murderer
Douglas, Burgess, Morillas, Holmes, Skrapec, Gorby ... all, define what is a serial murderer is the same subject as the author of two or more crimes, with periods of cooling or not, with reason or not psychopaths or not, in the same places or different, with the same or different victims.  ..  summarized.  There is no consensus definition.
For the uninitiated, of course, it is someone who kills more than one person and ... So what? What else? There are many parameters to take into account to give a definition and on every case to develop a criminological profile .
I leave you with an presently open case so you can decide if it is a serial murderer or not.
In 1990 Ramon Laso , a resident of Amposta (Tarragona) is arrested after a lengthy investigation by the death of his six year old son, Daniel Laso, who died suddenly in a traffic accident in which his father, the defendant, also traveled, which not surprisingly nothing happened. The recovery of a significant amount of money from the insurance company, put the family of the child and her mother under a watchful eye because of the cold attitude of one who had been his son. The mother, Dolores Camacho, had taken her own life in 1988 by putting her head on the railroad tracks and ending up beheaded.
Dolores's family did not understand the attitude of their deceased daughter. A year later, his grandson, came under investigation.   After the investigation, Ramon Laso stopped accusing others of the two deaths, after confessing on the  death of her son. The judge ordered the exhumation of the corpse of the wife and it showed abnormal muscle contraction own in the winding of a train.
Los Mossos buscan los cuerpos
He served only six of the fifty-seven years in prison from 1993 to 1999.

In March 2011, he was accused in 2009 of killing his second wife and his brother, but the investigation did not find the bodies and so far, reportedly only the author of his death because of the little evidence found.  As a precautionary measure he is arrested and sent to prison, and it appears that he was preparing his departure from Spain.
A domestic violence court has opened the case whose investigation is ongoing.
“Ramon Laso is a mass murderer?”  Could we consider him a mass murderer?
Funny how if it does not occupy the headlines in the newspapers or do not have a name media as "the murderer of this or that" the mass murderers stop killing and go unpunished or are detained without catalog.

Campo Javier González
Criminology Expert Profiles of SEIPC 

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