Where Did All The Fairies Go? Did Casey Not Think Her Stories Through? What Could Law Enforcement Have Foreseen?

(Trial Day 10, 2011)

By Lawrence W. Daly

In pursuit of trying to prove that Casey Anthony intentionally killed her daughter, Caylee Anthony, Casey has taken a long journey into fairyland. The land of make believe is where she has been since June of 2008.
           So why did Casey begin making imaginary people up? Was there something in her life that would have caused a mother into an intentional child murderer? These questions are being asked by legal experts, law enforcement and the media pundits who examine, evaluate and analyze why Casey’s make-up has become so twisted.

George and Cindy Anthony

When exploring the journey a young adult decides to take in life, the autobiographical details need to be closely examined to understand what went wrong. Casey Anthony was born without complications. There is nothing to indicate at birth Casey had any physical and/or mental problems. Growing up Casey didn’t present any challenges in her early years of school. However, when it came to graduation day, George and Cindy Anthony were called to the high school where they were told by a counselor and the principal, that Casey had just basically stopped coming to school and that she was short on her credits and would not be graduating. Casey had allowed her graduation fairyland to continue to the date of graduation where her grandfather and grandmother were told at graduation that Casey would not be graduating. The Anthony’s did not pursue the story Casey had made up. She was 18 years old and wouldn’t allow her parents to review her school records. This should have rung some bells, but Casey controlled the situation.

Lee Anthony

            One could describe the relationship between Casey’s brother Lee and her as a positive one. Lee and Casey appeared close to others. It wasn’t until later in life that she disclosed to her then boyfriend, Anthony Lazarro, that she had suffered sexually at the hands of Lee.  At this time she did not mention George molesting her.

Imaginary Friends
Over the past five years Casey has had imaginary friends when it has been convenient for her and/or to protect her from looking bad in front of others. Her mental strategies consist to this date of making up individuals who can excuse her bad behavior and poor decisions. Reality does not seem to exist for Casey. Her continual lies have cost her so much and her lack of judgment in not confiding in her parents and/or the authorities when Corporal Yuri Melich confronted her about all of her lies. Still she continued to stick by her imaginary friends and constructed stories about how she interacted with them and how Caylee played a role in all of these relationships.

When the Child Sexual Abuse Was Known By Law Enforcement

According to Corporal Yuri Melich’s Orange County Sheriff’s Office Supplemental Report, Case Number 08-074777, dated, March 12, 2010, on January 27, 2010 during an interview with an inmate, Robyn Adams, who was housed in the same dorm with Casey (Lima Dorm) between July 22,, 2008 and July 7,, 2009, Casey told her, “she had been sexually abused by both her brother, Lee Anthony, and her father, George Anthony. Casey Anthony said Lee Anthony had sexual intercourse with her until she was fifteen. She claims she was molested by George Anthony when she was younger, but Casey Anthony did not elaborate further.”
This author has no other information at this point and is unable to identify any other source that Casey had told two stories about child sexual abuse being a part of her childhood. Generally, when the police are notified that a crime occurred, an investigation is to take place, no matter who the alleged victim is. If there are dedicated statutes of limitation i.e. of when the crime(s) actually took place, then this would be covered during the investigation. So the questions are: Where is the child sexual abuse investigation into Casey being a victim; which police agencies investigated it; and was Casey ever interviewed about the child sexual assaults?
One of the questions which should have been considered by the police and prosecution is how believable is Casey’s story about being sexually assaulted as a child, if they never interviewed her? If the child sexual assaults actually did happen, do George and Lee get a free pass because Casey went too far with the chloroform and accidentally killed Caylee? This author would hope that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the prosecuting attorney’s would have demonstrated integrity and credibility in pursuing Casey’s possible truth. Isn’t it possible she could have demonstrated poor judgment in wanting to party with her friends and drugged Caylee so she would sleep through Casey’s absence? If this aspect of the case were true then negligent homicide would be the correct crime. If she was sexually assaulted by George or Lee shouldn’t that be taken into consideration, because of her 31 days of hiding the fact that Caylee had been unintentionally murdered by her playing doctor?
If the prosecution’s case is Caylee was intentionally killed because of Casey’s desires to play in the night life with her friends; and there was all of this chloroform found in the trunk of the car, why wouldn’t Det. Melich have followed up and questioned Cindy Anthony about why she had brought chloroform home from a clinic and where is that chloroform now? These types of questions would be relevant to determining the proper criminal charges, which were eventually filed by the prosecution. Alternative hypotheses are a strange thing to examine, evaluate and analyze, but law enforcement must consider them and follow them where ever the facts and evidence leads them.

Unscientific Study

This author posed the question to Linkedin.com members specifically about what the “motive” was for Casey to have intentionally killed Caylee; if she actually is responsible for the death of her. The question received a variety of responses. These included the investigators had not been paying any attention to the case to they believe Casey suffers from mental disorders to it was an accidental death. The investigators, who have been monitoring Casey’s trial, seemed to believe there is more than one explanation for the death of Caylee. This author would concur, that at this point the prosecution ‘possibly’ has proven that Casey is a narcissistic, egocentric, paranoid schizophrenic, delusional and predictable. Casey is not intelligent enough to have thought through intentionally killing Caylee. She seizes upon other people’s questions to visit her fairyland e.g. when Det. Melich interviewed her and asked her about the Zanny - Nanny. She is convincing enough to others that her lies are questioned or believed, but nobody followed through with ascertaining the truth.
            So where does that leave the jury? As they enter day 10 in the trial, the prosecution will continue to pursue the hypothesis that Casey wanted to party therefore she killed Caylee. There is evidence which the defense is holding onto which may be completely different then is being presented by the prosecution. The specific question the jury will have to contemplate is which story is more plausible. The opportunities Casey had to tell the truth about how Caylee died must be too shocking for her to relive and tell others about what happened. Just like the alleged child sexual abuse, she decided for whatever reason to begin telling others about the child sexual abuse. The defense will use this as a method to confuse the jury. There will be two issues for the jury to consider. One, was she sexually abused by George, Lee and/or both? Two, if she was sexually abused, what mental affect did this have on her at the time of the death of Caylee? It is apparent from early on Casey suffered from major mental problems. The Anthony’s did not have a pulse on these problems until the day before graduation. What were Cindy, George and Lee thinking? What kind of parents don’t know what is going on in their child’s life, especially in the area of education?

My Thoughts
This author’s professional opinion is that the prosecution and police haven’t figured out who is on first.  There are so many variables, facts and assumptions to consider. They have had three years to figure this case out and it appears they didn’t anticipate the defense that attorney Jose Baez has brought forth. Why didn’t law enforcement begin an independent investigation into the child sexual abuse allegations? As this author has pointed out they knew in 2010 about the child sexual abuse allegations. Another interesting point which the media hasn’t uncovered and this author will this week, is to discuss the similarities in other mothers who killed their children. Are there traits, research and information the prosecution could be using to convince the jury that their theory is sound and has merit, that it is the only plausible explanation for how Caylee died? So many questions and the trial is half-way through according to the prosecutor. Sounds to this author like they have no idea what direction they should be traveling down.
            The fairyland that Casey finds herself in isn’t as pleasurable as she once thought it would be. Grabbing all the attention for the first time in her life, she is finding that people think she is a liar and a mental case. Her crying one moment to smiling the next indicates a pathological mental defect.
Did she think her stories through when confronted with the facts? It seems like Casey believed, like in the past, the police would take her statements as factual and move on. Det. Melich did his due diligence and followed the leads he had been given by Casey, her real friends, acquaintances, relatives; reference the imaginary friends. Additionally, he and the other investigators appear to have tracked down Casey’s former friends and inmates. The criticism about Det. Melich’s performance deals with his lack of creativity and innovative investigative techniques. It appears whatever was in front of him, he followed-up; but outside that he appears not to have an independent investigative thought process. The critical thinking skills were not working for him. He could have assisted the prosecution in putting together a case that was strong in facts and direct evidence.

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