Competence And Intelligence - Child Sexual Abuse Investigation - Is Teacher Sex Abuse An Epidemic Part X

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc
Over the past couple of days, I have been writing about the female teacher who molests young male students. Society now calls them several names, but one that seems to have found tracks is ‘Sexpidemic’. In this article we will review the how the school systems have installed cameras and video recorders in the classroom and the controversy installing these cameras and video records has created.

The school authorities have stood by and let the criminal justice system be the monitor of the sexpidemics and therefore, the problem continues. In New York City, 1998, the school district turned over the safety concerns over to the New York City Police. The Impact Schools Initiative was a joint effort with NYPD, the new Department of Education (DOE), and the Mayor’s Office.
Today, some school districts are installing cameras everywhere, specifically in the classroom. When a student and/or teacher complains, they know that all the security officer has to do is turn back the digital recording to the timeframe where the incident occurred and view what allegedly happened. The female teacher generally begins her ‘grooming’ of the male student inside the classroom. However, they now know that big brother is watching and the attempts the sexpidemic makes towards the male students will now be recorded.
It is unknown how the teacher will attempt to get around the video recording. There won’t be any places in the room where the camera doesn’t record. The design of the video cameras must be to keep custody of the recording for a period of up to a year or longer.
One of the reasons to keep custody of the recordings is that the majority of child sexual abuse cases are not reported for a period of six months or longer. According to research 51% of the touching by the sexpidemic is immediately reported and the rest of the reports are done over the next days, weeks, months, years or never.
Already, there are cameras in the hallways and quads. So placing the cameras in the classroom should be viewed as a positive step for the teachers and students. The cameras in the classroom help in many different ways then just monitoring a sexpidemic. Issues about discipline between two students can be taken care of. If there is one student picking on another student, the recording will demonstrate who the antagonist is between the two students.
The digital recording can be clipped and sent to the investigating police officer so if criminal charges are being pursued, they will be able to review the recording and make a determination based upon physical evidence, not just hearsay.
The digital recordings can be used for training and education purposes i.e. evaluating a teacher’s teaching style.
In the city of New York, a bill was passed by the City Council that mandated the installation of video surveillance cameras in city schools. This bill was passed in November, 2004. The main purpose of this bill was to curtail crime i.e. violence, assaults and drug dealing. After the City Council had moved in creating the bill, Mayor Bloomberg vetoed the bill and then the City Council overrode the vetoed.
There has been a lot of problems since the bill was passed, specifically questions about students’ and teachers’ rights; confidentiality; using video recordings to advance a criminal investigation by the police on the students who are in the classroom; rights of privacy; speech; and association. One of the main reasons to pass this bill was to reduce crime. The other results in having the cameras put into the classroom are a benefit for the teachers and students according to advocates of placing the cameras in the classroom.
The Court’s decision since the passing of the bill, surrounds the issue of which is more important-the safety of the teachers and students or the constitutional rights of the teachers and students. In these types of decisions the Courts have ruled in favor of the teachers’ and students’ safety.
Tomorrow, let us go into the classroom and see just how the sexpidemic and the vulnerable male students are affected by the new technology, such as we discussed today in reviewing just how effective the installation of cameras may have been to date. 

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