Competence And Intelligence - Child Sexual Abuse Investigation - Is Teacher Sex Abuse An Epidemic Part XI

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

The forever controversy of how to protect the vulnerable male student from the aggressive and sexual female teacher continues its madness through the school systems. It was just yesterday I was driving and my radio was on and across came the news about a female teacher who was going to prison for a sexual relationship she had with a young male adult student.

As an investigator, these types of stories concern me, but they are so repetitive that you have to wonder, what part of ‘criminal act’ did this female teacher miss? And if she missed it, how many other female teacher’s in the United States will be arrested by Christmas?
Over the summer a minor amount of school districts will create workshops, trainings and bring groups together to try and understand what parents, students and teachers can do to stop the sexual relationships to continue at such a rapid pace. If any trainings are being advanced, what are the school districts accomplishing in these trainings?.
According to a major 2004 study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education – the most in-depth investigation to date – nearly 10 percent of U.S. public school students have been targeted with unwanted sexual attention by school employees. Where the sexpidemic (female teachers who assault young adult male students) and young male student, fits into this study is unknown, but granted there is a problem and it didn’t just did not begin in 2004. The question at this moment and time is, are these concerns being addressed and by whom?
In another report more than 4.5 million students are subject to sexual misconduct by an employee of a school sometime between kindergarten and 12th grade.
There is definitely a problem in the school systems across the United States. With the sexpidemic information coming out of Australia, it appears that the United States is not alone in female teachers having sexual contact with male students.
Grooming is a technique in which the sexpidemic in schools use various strategies to trap the male student. They lie to them, attempt to isolate their targeted victim, make them feel complicit, and manipulate them into having sexual contact. As predictable as sexpidemics are, their tactics are obvious to the trained and experienced eye.
Sexpidemics target the vulnerable male student who suffers from the inadequacies in his life and the victim i.e. the young male student, is only too glad to receive the intimate attention they receive. To the other students, they may call the vulnerable male student the teacher’s pet; assistant; volunteer; and so forth.
These types of relationships need to be placed under the microscope and analyzed. If it is obvious to the other students; it should be obvious to others around the vulnerable male student. Maybe nothing is happening, but taking the time to indirectly or directly question the relationship is something that should be expected by the teachers, administration and parents. How far should the investigation be taken, and how it should be dealt with utilizing the local school district policies, protocols and procedures?
Law enforcement personnel who are associated with the specific school should understand what it is that the students, teachers and administration are seeing and hearing. Maybe the incident(s) are harmless, but what if the sexpidemic is grooming the student and the reporting of the grooming is enough to stop the sexual act from occurring. The appropriate intrusion would well be worth stopping the sexual contact from occurring.
With July and August basically left for the summer educational needs, what are the school districts of America accomplishing, if anything at all? In conducting research in several school districts, educating the K-12 students, parents and teachers does not appear to be a high priority on the school boards list. There is barely enough money to spread around to pay for the teacher positions which are needed to take care of the ever expanding student enrollment.
The school board’s hands are tied, either they can pay now or pay later. What are they to do? The answers are simple, but complex as well. The cost of workshops and educational programs can range from zero dollars to thousands. One dollar the school board does not have.
Someone has to step up to the plate on their own money and time. Who in your school district will it be? Last year someone stepped up to the plate and put on the school crossing issues across the district. Is that you, are you available?
Seriously, the current times are difficult and no one is going to repeatedly step up and take charge of a nasty problem and do it for free. Maybe next year things will be better and the school district will put money into an account enabling that there will be money set aside for education of sexpidemics, the vulnerable students, and training for everyone up and down the chain of command.  Moreover, law enforcement will need to be involved in the reporting of the sexual contacts, how they will respond and what will be their duties?
The competence and intelligence of just how serious this sexpidemic problem is, seems to be a problem greater than most school boards believe it is. The problem needs to be evaluated and analyzed and money to educate those involved needs to be found. First and foremost, there is the needed training and education which needs to be addressed and implemented. Law enforcement needs to have a bigger role in who the school district is hiring. There aren’t enough thorough, competent and intelligent backgrounds being conducted on school district employees. Just go back and read just how many victims there are in the school districts across America.
It isn’t just the sexpidemics who are victimizing the students, there is a list a mile long.
As I continue this series on sexpidemics, let’s be creative and come up with the solutions to assist law enforcement and school boards across America. Have a happy 4th of July!!!

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