Competence And Intelligence - Child Sexual Abuse Investigation - Is Teacher Sex Abuse An Epidemic Part XII

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

The fourth of July will be here tomorrow. Last night the skies were lit up bright and beautiful by the skyrocketing fireworks. The television shows spared no time on showing the Fourth of July fireworks, from special locations. In the end everyone was happy and it will be a night to talk about until next year’s fireworks comes along.

In the meantime, some young male student is at home, wondering what will happen to him as he begins next year’s school year. Will he see her (the female teacher) in the hallway, in another classroom, or will she be as sexually abusive as she was last year?
These are the real fears a young vulnerable male student will feel, deep down inside his soul. Many nights when he could not sleep, he lay awake in bed thinking something bad was going to happen to him or his family. The sexpidemic told him, if he told anyone about the sexual contact they had enjoyed was revealed to anyone, she would hurt him in some gruesome fashion and if not him, his mother and so forth. Someone would be hurt if not killed by her and it would be his entire fault.
The sexpidemic are increasing in numbers and the sexpidemic appear to be younger female teachers selecting younger male students; who they see as vulnerable, weak and available to the sexpidemic’ sexual needs.
As we have discovered over the past couple of nights, the school districts and law enforcement personnel are beginning campaigns to stop the trolling and targeting by the sexpidemic of young male students.
The free running of the hall ways by the sexpidemic has begun to take its toll. No longer can the sexpidemic pursue her victims by the ways of the past. In fact, it was easier for the sexpidemic to pursue their victims in about any environment the school had to offer. Then came the first female teacher case, then the second, third, fourth and then the Pandora’s Box opened and out came numerous sexpidemics and the victim list was long. The school districts across America had a problem, what to do?
The first aggressive step which was taken was conducted by law enforcement becoming involved and inserting their investigative skills and abilities and acting like they knew what to do.
Then Child Protective Services (CPS) submitted their investigative abilities into the resume of problem solvers. The problem with CPS is they don’t do investigations, like everyone once believed, they have two functions. One, they provide services which assist families with their needs and two; they assist children in being placed in homes which are protective and safe, which offer children the opportunities from being sexually, physically assaulted and neglected.
There were other agencies who wanted to offer their services to assist school boards into changing the methods and techniques which would keep sexpidemics away from young vulnerable male students. The answers to why sexpidemics had slipped through the cracks were becoming known. With each new case, came its own set of problems and situations, but everyone from the school boards to law enforcement to advocate groups to CPS to other groups were listening and learning.
The criminal justice system began exploring alternative methods in how to deal with the sexpidemics as the courts system appeared to be chauvinist and gave little notice to these perverted female teachers. The punishment, which the female teachers were receiving from the judges in the criminal Courts, was simply embarrassing. At the beginning, the female teachers were receiving probation, counseling, a monetary fine and/or a combination of them.
The communities where the sexpidemic had committed the criminal acts were not happy with the judges who were making a mockery of the punishment phase of the sexpidemics sentencing. The communities wanted longer jail time, registrations and so forth.
As of late, the sexpidemics are now being held accountable for the violation of sex crimes the sexpidemics committed. At this time, the balance between a male teacher and female teacher punishment phase are not equal yet, but the gap is increasingly becoming closer.
Over the next couple of years the accountability and responsibility for those who are teachers, male and female will receive a fair and equitable punishment for their actions.
In the meantime these groups who want to hold sexpidemics accountable, need to bring all of the groups together and help the school boards work together so everyone’s needs are taken care of, especially the future vulnerable young male student.
Education, training, protection and prevention, should be the main emphases over the next decade. Psychologists, law enforcement, school security personnel, CPS, and other legitimate groups, who understand child sexual abuse molesters, young adult victims, and the type of abusers, need to come together and create protocols, policies and procedures dealing with the above issues.
A Local, State and National Preventive and Proactive Mission Statement on How to Handle and Treat Sexpidemic Cases needs to be created, competently and intelligently. If the school years of 2011/2012 need a targeted, innovative and creative idea for how to protect young vulnerable male students, this should be the cause.
We have covered a lot of material and information about sexpidemics over the past couple of days. It is this authors hope that in the end some of you will pick up the flag and begin pursuing solution(s) in how to stop sexpidemics from victimizing students.
In conclusion, the students, male or female need to learn and be educated in an educational system which guarantees their safety and protection from someone who wants to have sexual contact with them.
As adults we must learn to stand tall and link arms in any way to protect our children and others. Call your City Councilmen, State Senator, U.S. Congressman, and the President of the United States and ask them for their assistance in putting together a National Protocol to Protect and Prevent children K-12 from being sexually assaulted by teachers.
Being competent and intelligent is a necessity in order to feel and see the vision. What the vision will ultimately be, is totally up to you and the many people you get involved in this project.

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