Investigative Psychology – What Does It Mean And How Can It Help Law Enforcement Investigations? An Examination of False Child Sexual Abuse Allegations, the IP System, and the Detective Part VI

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

In the early 1980’s the phrase “false allegations” became a catch phrase when law enforcement investigated a child sexual abuse allegation.  The position law enforcement took was if the child victim said the sexual offender sexually assaulted her, then we need to believe the child.

The ‘origin of the disclosure’ i.e. the ‘Genesis’ of the accusation, was that children were being improperly examined and analyzed.  Child victims were being interviewed by well-meaning law enforcement officers and child victim interviewers, however, the majority of the interviews were not being audio/videotaped.  The reasons given were unintelligent, lacking in legitimacy, and simply ignorant.

The notes the child victim interviewer took during the interview were later destroyed by them, stating that they had typed up their notes, compared the notes to the typed-up version, and upon comparing the two, destroyed the notes.  SANE nurses, Pediatricians, child interviewers and some law enforcement officials still to this date, the 20th century, 2011; these professionals continue to destroy their notes.

Consider the games law enforcement officials, child protective services caseworkers, child interviewers, medical personnel, counselors, and therapists played when it came to defending those who were falsely accused of sexually abusing a child.  The courts were no better and allowed the mischief actions of these professionals to persist and some of these practices continue to this day in allowing these professionals to be inappropriate, unprofessional and act incompetent and clumsy.

The question, which you should be asking, “is the above information true”?  Did those in charge of investigating child sexual abuse allegations ignore complaints from the academia world and scientists when they began questioning the methods and techniques used by those who were put in the position(s) to protect children from being sexually abused and those accused from going to jail for things they did not do?

The picking of who is being truthful and who is not being genuine comes down to where the professional received their education, and whose corner the professionals are in.  The amount of false allegations from the early 1980’s to date has been one too many.  Those who were falsely accused were and are outraged at a criminal justice system, which sees itself upside down when it comes to investigating child sexual abuse investigations.

The IP System creates additional options for the IP Detective in how to investigate a child sexual abuse allegation.  In examining, evaluating and analyzing what the IP System brings to the table is not as simple for law enforcement officials to grasp.  First, the amount of time the IP System requires the IP Detective to take in investigating a child sexual abuse allegation takes additional time; this is because the step-by-step IP System takes additional time to investigate the additional issues.

The next steps the IP Detective should focus on is profiling the sexual offender, analyzing evidence and testimonies and predicting the patterns of violence of the sexual offender for the express purpose of bringing the sexual offender to justice as quickly as possible.  

Sexual offender profiling in criminal investigations is a significant and often vital step to bringing the guilty party to justice, because a criminal's mental profile reveals valuable information about him or her.
Using the IP System analysis criteria the IP Detective will generally have an understanding of the sexual offender’s thinking, reasoning, modus operandi and their predictive behavior.  Further, these analysis criteria should identify the sexual offender’s signature i.e. he or she seeks out the geographical location of premeditated offenses.
This type of information made available through the practice of investigative psychology has also proved to be successful in halting the criminal activities of serial sexual offenders.  Further, identifying false allegations, false confessions, or false testimonies of eyewitness can be identified by utilizing the IP System.  Therefore, if the IP Detective is trained in the analysis aspect of the IP System he/she should be able to determine if any of these false issues is part of the initial and follow-up investigative steps.
 When determining if a sexual assault case is false or genuine, there are several key components that the IP System allows the IP Detective to utilize when evaluating, examining, and analyzing.  They are as follows:
The profile components:
            1. Probable AGE of suspect
            2. Probable SEX of suspect
            3. Probable RACE of suspect
            4. Probable RESIDENCE of suspect
            5. What INTELLIGENCE level the suspect is operating at
            6. The probable OCCUPATION of suspect
            7. The probable MARITAL STATUS of suspect
            8. The probable LIVING ARRANGEMENTS of suspect
            9. The PSYCHOSEXUAL MATURITY of the suspect
  1. The probable TYPE AND CONDITION OF VEHICLE driven by the suspect
  2. The suspect’s probable MOTIVATING FACTORS
  3. The probable ARREST RECORD of the suspect
  4. What PROVOCATION FACTORS might drive the suspect out?

All or some of the above steps can and should be utilized by the IP Detective in determining if a sexual assault occurred.  Granted it needs to be understood that anyone can commit a child sexual assault.  However, any type of autobiographical information provided to the IP Detective will assist him/her in figuring out and ascertaining the truth.

Tomorrow, I will continue to research the issues surrounding the IP System and false and genuine child sexual abuse allegations.  The more thorough and complete the research is the more competent and intelligent this information will be for those responsible for being an IP Detective, law enforcement official and/or private and forensic investigator.

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