Pastoral Rape Of Children And Adults – The Assaults Behind The Church Doors

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

It seems so long ago when the door of yesterday’s news came out about the Priest child sexual abuse acts which took society by storm. Hundreds if not thousands of children were allegedly abused by hundreds of priest in the Catholic churches. Now the quietness about those Priests and children has rested somewhere under the sunsets. Today headlines bring back some of those memories for those children (now adults) read the following headlines, “SC preacher accused of raping women behind church”.

If your reaction was anything like mine, then you were probably thinking, “Say what, not again, you’ve got to be kidding”. I then decided to read the article out of pure curiosity and came to the conclusions that this Pastor just might be suffering from “hostility, aggression, violence, psychopathology, and etc.” The words rolled off my tongue as slow as I read each of these words.

The article in the Internet read, “Prosecutor’s filed charges on a San Fernando 28 year old youth pastor suspected of having a yearlong affair with a young girl was charged today with multiple counts of sexual molestation and other counts, the District Attorney’s office announced today.” How many times have you found this type of announcement on the Internet, newspaper, heard it on the radio, television news and etc.? 

If the 28 year old youth pastor had been an average Joe citizen, then there would have been no news to distribute amongst the media. Why are the articles which come via email or by way of the Internet appear like they just arrested the biggest sexual offender in the Northwest? Generally, the sexual offender has a position of authority and he works for a godly establishment and putting out a story about what he did is really important to the community.

So how does a 28 year old youth pastor get away with a year-long relationship without someone finding them in lust, in love and possibly touching one another? The reasons for why these pastor’s get away with the relationship, is because everyone surrounding the youth pastor has faith and trust in him. Moreover, since they trust him and know he is a good man, then the follow-up of the kind of relationships he is having with the young ladies would never cross the mind of the Senior Pastor.

The youth pastor didn’t just jump off the apple cart. He has experience in dealing with young adults, who he knows are vulnerable and will not tell their friends and/or family about the sexual abuse. The reason is the youth pastor will manipulate the young adult by telling the young adult that he will hurt her mother or little brother and so forth.

The threats of bodily harm is something sexual offenders enjoy using in order to accomplish the sexual assault with children. These types of sexual acts are not uncommon with sexual offenders in how they manipulate individuals into complying. In reviewing the Internet for these types of stories happening on a daily basis you would be surprised at the numerous amount of ministers, pastors, priest, youth pastors, and etc. which are being arrested and charge for committing sexual acts on children.

The prevention aspect of stopping child sexual abuse has only grown in the child abuse industry in the past three to four decades. The days where child advocates use to put on training for the communities in their area have become non-existent. There used to be trainings on Saturday’s where the majority of individuals could attend them.  There needs to be a re-innovation of putting these trainings together to stop child sexual abuse.

If the sexual abuse training took place in the churches in your communities, sexual abuse would decrease as it would educate the parishioners and provide training on how the young children can say “no” and if something happened to immediately to report it to an authority figure. If you are having a problem in an establishment like the churches it is important that the quickest way to put an end to child sexual abuse is to make sure children understand who is and who is not to touch their privates.

If you are a Christian and you were to find out that one of the pastor’s in your church was sexually abusing children in your church what would one of the first questions you would find yourself asking. Probably you would ask, “How can this man/woman have done such horrendous things to our children.” Next, you would ask, “Who did the background on this man and was it sufficient.” The questions would come and come and there would most likely be no answers.

Was the pastor known as a flake, a touchy feely individual, bizarre, weird and out of balance with the way he acted? You may even go to the point where you say to yourself “Yes, I remember questioning if he had some mental issues.” He always seemed a little different. The sexual allegations aren’t just about the sexual offender, but deal with a young child who had nowhere to go or anyone to talk to about what this pastor was doing to them.
When listening to the allegations, you may have some reservations about if the pastor committed the act. You may know the child who was victimized and say to yourself there is no way the pastor could have sexually assaulted this young child. In sexual assaults you need to throw the reasonableness of an allegation into the trash and begin understanding with an open mind that things may not appear to be what they are.

Tomorrow, I will continue to delve into the characteristics of who these individuals are who molest vulnerable children. It will surprise most of you the number of sexual assaults which occur within the church property. In exploring the cause of why sexual assaults occur, then you will learn to ask intelligent and competent questions to help prevent these crimes.

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