Another Terror Plot Thwarted by the FBI- Rezwan Ferdaus, American Homegrown Terrorist

U.S. Capitol
Massachusetts Man Charged with Plotting Attack on Pentagon and U.S. Capitol, Attempting to Support al Qaeda  picture by fbi.gov

By Elizabeth Hall

Ever wonder what the FBI does, or how effective they are in their jobs?  It seems that once again they, along with other branches of law enforcement have been effective in protecting us from another terrorist plot by Al-Qaeda and homegrown terrorists.  Yesterday they arrested an American from Massachusetts, as reported by the Boston FBI (2011) field office press release.  The effort to thwart this plot was coordinated by 30 different agencies within Federal, State, and local law enforcement professionals.  

The Plot

The plan to attack us on U.S. soil involved using large, remote controlled planes filled with C-4, which are classified as plastic explosives, and flying them into the Capitol Building and the Pentagon, according to the information released by the FBI (2011).  Rezwan Ferdaus, who is citizen of the United States, and holds a degree in physics, was also charged with providing material support to aid in attacking U.S. soldiers abroad who are fighting the group in an effort to keep our homeland safe and secure.  This is just solid proof that the group, Al-Qaeda has not ended their quest to disrupt our lives, using terroristic attacks on our Homeland and our troops abroad.  In this instance, this is proof that they are even using our own citizens against us as this investigation uncovered a long-standing plan by the physicist (FBI, 2011).
The Agencies Involved
This attempt to cause damage in our country prevented, due to the extraordinary efforts of our law enforcement officials.  This operation involved over 30 agencies from all areas of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), communicating and combining work efforts to protect our country from another Islamic extremist and the ideology behind their cause (FBI, 2011). Special thanks to the agencies in Ashland, Worcester, and Framingham, Massachusetts, along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, who were instrumental in the operation.  The State Police and Commonwealth Fusion Center also contributed to the success of the operation, notes Richard DesLauriers (FBI, 2011), who serves as Special Agent in Charge of the Boston Division of the FBI.
The Investigation
The agencies used an undercover operation to perform this particular investigation, which resulted in the C-4 plastic explosives to remain in the custody of the FBI Undercover Operatives the entire time, so the public was never in danger.  What this investigation uncovered was that Mr. Ferdaus was actively involved in planning a terrorist attack in the early part of 2010.  He currently holds a degree in physics from Northeastern University, when he acquired mobile phones intended to be used as modified electrical switches for the construction of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s).  Undercover Agents intercepted these devices, when Ferdaus attempted to supply these devices to members of the terror group Al-Qaeda. 
Mr. Ferdaus turned these devices over to the agents because he believed that the agents would get them to overseas Al-Qaeda members.  The man looked appreciative in June when the agents informed him that his first device killed three of our soldiers and wounded several more in Iraq, stating that this was “exactly what I wanted” (FBI, 2011).  The FBI has recorded statements from Ferdaus that implicate him in the inquiry of how many Americans were killed upon deliveries of the devices.  They also have him on tape implicating himself in the plan to attack the Pentagon and the Capitol, as he tells them that he began his jihad a year ago, and describes the plans for the attack he devised using plastic explosives and remote controlled planes. 
According to the FBI (2011), began his plans in January 2011 with the notion that he could use small planes as drones to deliver and detonate the explosives.   Guiding them with GPS explosives would ensure the planes hit their intended targets.  His vision was that he could cause “a large psychological impact (FBI, 2011), and he could accomplish this “by killing Americans, including women and children” who he believed to represent enemies of his god “Allah”.  His efforts included travelling to the sites he felt would provide a successful launch and photographing them, ad deciding to pair the aerial attack with an attack on the ground as well. 
The Case against Him
The FBI (2011) reports that Ferdaus delivered a total, of eight IED’s to the undercover agents, along with one F-86 Remote Controlled aircraft which he delivered to the agents Framingham facility. He also made a video intended to train other Al-Qaeda operatives on making these cell phone detonators, and accepted delivery of C-4 explosives, a few grenades, and finally six AK-47 assault rifles, fully automated, which were delivered by undercover agents, which Ferdaus planned  to use in the ground attack.  Upon acceptance of the delivery, Ferdaus was arrested, and charged with the attempt to attack the Pentagon and the Capitol, and also, for providing material support to terrorists.  Assistant U.S. Attorneys B. Stephanie Siegmann and Donald L. Cabell of the Anti-Terrorism and National Security Unit are prosecuting this case,  would remind us that all suspects are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and that the case is against Mr. Ferdaus, and does not have any affiliations with any race, religion, or culture. If convicted he faces up to 35 years in combined charges (FBI, 2011)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), (2011).  Massachusetts Man Charged with Plotting Attack on Pentagon and U.S. Capitol and Attempting to Provide Material Support to a Foreign Terrorist Organization.  Retrieved From: http://www.fbi.gov/boston/press-releases/2011/massachusetts-man-charged-with-plotting-attack-on-pentagon-and-u.s.-capitol-and-attempting-to-provide-material-support-to-a-foreign-terrorist-organization

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