Being Smart About Justice

Passed on by Brian Steels
What is Smart Justice?
Smart Justice seeks to enhance the safety of all Victorians by promoting understanding of criminal justice policies that are effective, evidence-based and human rights compli- ant. In short, Smart Justice is about commu- nity safety – the smart way.
The organisations involved in Smart Justice have a vast array of experience working
in the criminal justice system with those affected by it; victims, offenders and others. We know the impact of crime and we are passionate about promoting safe and vibrant communities. That’s why we support Smart Justice.

The Smart Justice project involves produc- ing factsheets on various topical criminal justice issues, from mandatory sentencing to crime prevention. The factsheets are being distributed and promoted by the organisa- tions involved in Smart Justice and they are also available on our website: www.smartjustice.org.au
The Smart Justice project is built on a joint commitment to: • healthy, diverse and inclusive communities
• respect for human rights and enforceable human rights
• enhanced support for victims of crime
• stopping violence
• greater focus on crime prevention and cost-effective crime
prevention strategies
• greater resources to address the causes of crime and repeat
• sentencing options that address the causes of offending
• a health-focused response to reduce alcohol abuse and related
• reducing the use of knives and other weapons
• policing that avoids unnecessary use of force and that builds
community confidence
Smart Justice is led by the Federation of Community Legal Centres (Victoria) Inc, the peak body for Victoria’s 51 community legal centres. Smart Justice has been made possible with funding support from the Victoria Law Foundation and the Reichstein Foundation.
This document was produced on 11 May 2010
Dr Brian Steels

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