Is Childhood The Foundation For Sexual Addiction? Part IV

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

blogs.sfweekly.com A child is exposed to sexual themes at an early age, which comes from his/her environment.  The exposure may be from a sibling, peer, family member, cohort, schoolmate, Internet, Twitter etc.  The exposure has to be significant enough to change the thought process of the child.  The exposure can be a picture from a magazine, the Internet where pornography is ramped, or even a discussion with another individual about sex and being sexually abused.

Pornography is a problem in today’s society.  Statistics have demonstrated that 12% of the websites on the Internet are pornography; that is over 24 million sites.  Every second 28,250 Internet users are viewing pornography.  There are 40 million Americans, which are regular visitors to pornography websites.  The pornography industry is worth at least 4.9 billion dollars.  There are 2.5 billion emails per day, which have something to do with pornography.

The State of Utah has the nation’s highest online porn subscription rate per thousand home users with 5.47 per thousand.  There are at least 116,000 for child pornography every day.  The average age a child reaches before he sees pornography on the Internet for the first time is 11 years old.

Of all of the above statistics the most concerning is the age of the average child, 11 years old who is exposed to pornography on the Internet.  Yesterday, I detailed the many preventive steps parents can take to minimize the amount of exposure their children will have to deal with.  The three mediums Internet, magazines and television of these three the Internet is the media which would most likely be the source for their indirect exposure to pornography.

Studies have demonstrated that pornography may harm children in several ways.  Like sexual addiction, exposure to pornography can be sensational, progressive, intensify, confusing and catapult a child into an addiction.  However, just because a child is exposed to pornography does not mean the child will rage into a full-blown addict personality.  Children for the first time have immediate access to pornography through the Internet, libraries, schools and other venues.

Instant exposure to the Internet has become a useful tool for pedophiles, sexual predators, and serial sexual offenders.  There are legions of these individuals who share child pornography amongst one another.  The more child pornography available, the more likely that the child sex addict will act out from what they are exposed to such as committing sexual assaults, child rape and child molestation.

The more information scientific researchers obtain from convicted sexual offenders, the more prevention tools they can institute to stop children from turning into sexual addicts and/or offenders.  The greater the exposure the more likely the child will become deviant in several ways, one, and the more exposure to pornography the greater progression in his/her sexual behavior the child will inherent and move to new levels.  Two, the child can act out criminally and find themselves involved in the criminal justice system.

The pornography children are exposed to have been a tool children utilized to stimulate their sexual gratification.  Studies have offered the theory that the greater the exposure the more likely children will sexually molest and rape younger children.  Unfortunately, the parent rarely discovers these types of sexual assaults.

In a recent case I investigated I was able to identify that the oldest sibling who had been sexually abused by her uncle, began acting out sexually with the younger siblings.  Then the younger sibling sexually assaulted the next sibling and down the ladder, the sexual contacts occurred.  The discovery of the trickle down sexual assaults were discovered when the mother found two of the children (ages 5 and 8) in the hall closet with their clothes off.  The mother began interviewing the children but decided a professional should interview the children.

Children who are exposed initially to pornography may find that the amount of pornography they view is not enough in the time they are allowed to view it.  They may not value the pornography they are viewing and want more detail in the pictures they view.  This stimulus is an everyday occurrence, which is a magnet, which has a powerful affect physically and mentally.  The exposure of pornography takes over the child’s life and they find themselves in a tunnel where there is no end.  Children do not have the mental capacity, which provides them the strategies to come out of the maze pornography offers.

The habitual viewing of pornography can result in a depressive state the child will go through.  Once exposed to pornography and if they have limited access to the pornography, their moods can change from anger to depression to rage.  Being prevented from viewing what sexually excites them can be problematic for those around the child.  There is no doubt that pornography offers multiple environments where make believe and fantasy are a daily habit.

Once children are exposed to pornography, their lives may change forever.  Studies have demonstrated that in discussing pornography convicted child molesters molested boys in 77 percent of these specific studies.  Moreover, in 87% of child molesters interview stated they had molested girls.  These two studies also indicated that the behavior began during childhood where the sexual offenders were exposed to pornography.  Common sense and logic tells us that not everyone who views pornography is going to turn into a monster.  However, if sexual exposure changes a child’s life, then they may become one of the above statistics somewhere down the road.

Tomorrow, I will continue to evaluate and examine the children who are exposed to pornography and why it is such a powerful tool; which changes their life at a moment’s notice.  The sexual addiction of children is a serious problem and preventive programs need to be developed which will assist children who have been victimized, sexually abused, and exposed to sexual themes, such as pornography.

I leave you with this thought, “Can you imagine that a six year old will turn into a sex addict if they are able to hide this behavior?”  Therefore, “Is your child a sex addict?”

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