Restorative Justice Week 2011. November 13th to 20th

The theme this year, provided by our friends in Canada is Re-Visioning Justice      

www.csc-scc.gc.ca/text/rj/rj2011/index-eng.shtml (please read the latest news from them here on their website.) 

The Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice, and the Institute for Restorative Justice & Penal Reform, invite you all to take up the call to highlight the week and make an effort in the workplace, on campus, at home, to get other people informed of the processes and outcomes that RJ provides.

In Perth, Australia we have several events planned throughout the week, some will showcase students works, others will highlight the agencies and people who work restoratively, locally, in small ways. 
Re-visioning Justice asks us to re-vision how a RJ approach can be applied and implemented within existing systems, and not just the criminal justice system: To look at what we do through RJ lens. 
Please let us know what you are doing, and share with others how we, throughout Asia and the Pacific can make a difference as we become a part of the solution to heal the fractures caused by crime, by providing positive encounters and support to all people in our communities, especially those harmed.

Dr Brian Steels, 
Asia Pacific Forum for RJ / Institute for RJ & Penal Reform
Consultant Lecturer, Facilitator and Trainer
ABN 80612441956

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