Futuristic Criminal Investigations-Part IV

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Specializing In Forensic Child Sexual Abuse Investigations

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

If law enforcement had the ability to have a specialized unit, e.g. Futuristic Criminal Investigations Unit would have to have, many responsibilities including obtaining the necessary grant money.  Currently departments write grants for specific tools, equipment and programs. However, this grant money would begin training and education which would create new and futuristic criminal investigative steps of crimes and find new, innovative and creative tools which will take their police department into the 21st Century.

One may ask themselves, what does a police department who takes the initiative to explore alternative methods and techniques look like? The first impression which I discussed in my latest articles was the changing of the police uniform. It is time to change the look of the modern law enforcement official. This would include the hardware, guns, the uniform itself and etc.

The newest evidence identifier, collector and analysis have developed and cemented themselves into the 21st century. It is possible that there will be a method to identify suspects from one of these tools. I will discuss this in a future article.

One of the most successful investigative writers was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Between the years of 1880 to 1914, Doyle, who began writing at the age of six, wrote four books and 56 short stories on the fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Doyle was years if not a centuries ahead of his time in masterminding stories which dealt with complexity and creativity of criminal behavior.

How many Sherlock Holmes are there working within the criminal justice system at the present time? As a consultant on police matters, superior investigators are rarely known to the public but are known to their individual police departments. The ingenuity and innovativeness that these investigators have and demonstrate are rewarded by the identification, apprehension and conviction of those who commit major crimes i.e. murder, rape, kidnapping and etc.

One of the questions you should be asking about your law enforcement officials is there a future Sherlock Holmes working for your police department? What does this investigator look and act like? So many questions, but little criteria for the community to describe for identifying the future Sherlock Holmes. In a future article I will address the many sophisticated and unique investigative skills Holmes as well as Dr. Watson demonstrated throughout Doyle’s writings of these two characters.

Cover of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by...Image via WikipediaToday, the education and training in the field of law enforcement has become vast in workshops and seminars a police officer has the opportunity to attend. The level of competence and intelligence has grown amongst police officers who take the time and put in the effort to increase their skill(s) level. The day of attending a class or two when required by their police department is the old school of thinking in the law enforcement community. Today’s police officers need intensive and complete training vehicles to teach them how to be a more informed police officer enhancing their performances.

Many law enforcement officials have the attitude that their police officers need to be on the street. Manpower is small in size and taking time off to attend training and educational classes is seen as a low priority by many law enforcement officials. It is understandable that taking the police officer off the street does cause a disruption for the specialized unit in which the police officer is assigned to. However, training one police officer allows others to be trained by the police office which attended the training. The vast amount of training and education one police officer receives may benefit the department in many ways.

Another consideration for law enforcement officials is the cost of training and education may be financially unavailable. Therefore, the specific type of training and education their police officer receives may be predicated upon the need to improve patrol techniques, criminal investigation method and techniques and so forth. The benefit(s) of the education and training must benefit not just the police office attending the training, but must be presented to the other police officers in the police department.

The future holds many opportunities for police officers who want to improve their talents, abilities and skills. In order to improve their knowledge and performance, the police officer may choose to pay for the training and education themselves so they can enhance their individual performance and become more valuable to their department. In order to become the police officer of the future alternative methods to obtain additional training may need to come from innovative ideas.

The future in criminal investigations should be exciting for those who are in the profession of law enforcement. Education in the colleges which specialize in providing education in Criminal Justice courses are beginning to understand that the profession of law enforcement is complex and needs to address what police officers will be faced with in the immediate future.

The colleges which are serious about providing specialized education need to evaluate what specific demands the law enforcement officials face on a daily basis. The behavioral and forensic sciences are becoming pronounced in colleges as television has placed a demand to become innovative and creative.

Tomorrow, I will continue my thoughts and ideas on the future of the law enforcement profession. In the criminal investigative field there is the need to be identify and utilize methods and techniques such as an understanding the motive of a crime and how to intertwine it into the criminal investigation. Law enforcement needs to recognize that there is always a motive and as the years come and go the sexual offender becomes careful and methodical in how they commit crimes against children.

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