Futuristic Criminal Investigations-Part VII

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Specializing In Forensic Child Sexual Abuse Investigations

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

If law enforcement officers would share the criminal investigation(s) steps they are utilizing in the law enforcement field, the abilities and skill level of the future investigators would provide the initial steps towards identifying and pursuing these new methods and techniques.  Everyone in the law enforcement field benefits from constant communication amongst those who work in specialized units.

Every year law enforcement officers come together in their specialized units attending a seminar or workshops where investigative ideas, suggestions, methods, and techniques are exchanged. 
The problem with waiting for the yearly seminar and/or workshop is the information about the investigative ideas, suggestions, methods and techniques may assist a current investigation.  There are several magazines where authors discuss new ideas and this will assist the law enforcement officer in applying the new methods and techniques.

The decision to share information is one, which can save the future law enforcement agency and officer financially.  The costs for training law enforcement officers are astronomical.  If an officer takes full advantage of the departments training budget, they may expend more time in the classroom then on the street.  Law enforcement officials need to push their officers to attend as many trainings as possible.  If a law enforcement official from another law enforcement agency can provide futuristic training, then this is a benefit not only to the law enforcement officer, but also to the law enforcement agency.

Locating and identifying experts in other law enforcement agencies should be a priority on the training division.  The type of training needs to be futuristic in nature and must be of value not only to the law enforcement officer receiving the training, but also to other officers.  If the expert is willing to come to a crime scene and demonstrate the futuristic methods and techniques, there is no other type of superior education that the law enforcement will receive.

Some of the law enforcement agencies have taken advantage of local, county, state, and federal law enforcement grants.  The equipment they receive is generally sophisticated and futuristic in nature.  Obtaining these grants allows law enforcement agencies to minimize the amount of money they will have to expend during the year, saving the community thousands of dollars.  Any donation or grant can move antiquated law enforcement agencies into the second decade of the 21st century.

Law enforcement officials want the new technology, which is available to them.  Although they may want the new crime scene equipment, rescue vehicles and so forth, the wants and needs of the agency maybe seen as being different.  The lacking of finding funding could place the law enforcement agency in a vulnerable position.  The habitual criminal generally has the financial means to obtain the up to date weaponry and other types of futuristic tools which make committing a crime easier.

The everyday challenge that law enforcement faces has become complex in daily confrontations with the criminal(s) who are critical thinkers and knowledgeable about law enforcement procedures.  The saving grace for the law enforcement officer is the training the criminals receive is not as ongoing as that which law enforcement receives.  Although the criminal may have the funds to purchase the futuristic equipment, they generally do not utilize the equipment on a daily basis, therefore their efficiency and knowledge about the futuristic equipment may be minimal.  Additionally, their skill level would be such, that operator error may be one of the reasons there is failure in operating the equipment.

In 1999, the report by the Department of Justice stated that Cyberstalking is a new challenge for law enforcement and industry.  The idea that law enforcement was running behind the perpetrator in Cyberstalking crimes should be a concern to the community.  It is important that law enforcement forecast and have knowledge, methods, and techniques to safeguard the community, anticipating that the invention of the Internet will bring about a new type of criminal and crimes.

It has taken almost 10 years to find methods and techniques to fight Cyberstalking crimes.  The futuristic methods and techniques are being developed on a daily basis.  At first law, enforcement was at a disadvantage because they did not have the software or hardware to combat these types of criminals.  With the assistance of organizations such as Microsoft, law enforcement has not only caught up with the Cyber perpetrator but has surpassed them in the types of crimes they continue to try committing.

It took law enforcement a long time to train their police officers in how to track, identify, apprehend, and prosecute the Cyber perpetrator.  It took several years for law enforcement to become competent and intelligent in how to battle with the futuristic perpetrator.  The other problem was educating the community about the type of Internet perpetrators there are.  It took years for the behavior of the futuristic criminal to identify them and then try to understand their every move.

Everything in law enforcement takes time and patience.  The community needs to realize that the futuristic criminal investigator, especially those in the child sexual abuse units, will take years to begin developing new investigative and interview methods and techniques.

Tomorrow, I will continue to examine the many facets, nuances, and subtleties that law enforcement will face in the near future.  It is exciting to challenge those who are in charge with the idea that law enforcement must anticipate the future in order to deal with the futuristic criminal.  I will evaluate aspects of the criminal investigations, which need enhancing and challenged in order to be one-step ahead of the futuristic criminal.

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