If You Are Revolting on Wall Street What Happens To Your Children?

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

Lucas Brinson, 21, from Davis, Calif, takes on the role of a human microphone, relaying information throughout Zuccotti Park's "Occupy Wall Street" en
AP – Lucas Brinson, 21, from Davis,
 Calif, takes on the role of
a human microphone, relaying information throughout 
The revolution is here, called Occupy Wall Street, and the people who are in charge don’t seem to be too concerned. The media is recording those who are marching on Washington, Wall Street, Banks and anywhere else the revolutionist believe they can make a positive impact. Nowhere in United States history has there been a revolt about those who have money and those who don’t. Who should be taxed and who should not be taxed. Is the economy in a place where everyone can pay their share of the taxes? No it is not, but when the economy gets back on the right beat, then Congress can come up with a flat tax where everyone gets taxed on the money they make.

In the meantime, the concern of America needs to be while everyone is revolting the question(s) need to specifically be “what is happening to the children?” Who are out there protecting the children keeping them away from these time bombs called revolutionist?

The decision to protect the children appears to have been lost in the move towards deciding if America should turn to Socialism, Marxism, and Communism or remain a Capitalistic society. If these revolutionist have no problem on marching on those who have money, when will they turn on themselves when they find that the police have a responsibility to protect, no matter who you are.

Most people want to be left alone and deal with economic problems on their own. They don’t want someone to pick up their cause and march on the elite. They want to be protected by the local police and not intimidated by large aggressive crowds. They want to protect their children who they have a responsibility to protect. So when the parents are out revolting against society who is watching the children? Should there be a concern for children where the parents have become absent?

Investigating why those who are revolting against the upper echelon needs an inside look into what those who are revolting and why? It looks like those who have been hiding in their homes have come out just to be a part of something. The media has expended a lot of time interviewing a lot of these revolutionists. The group is broken down, socialist/communists, college students who believe they have a reason and cause for being there (on the streets) and those who are lost and now found.

It is sad that children have become mixed into this mentality of finding a cause, when before the cause was going to school, eating, playing video games, playing sports and hanging out with their friends. Now at school the educational system is providing their thought process to the young into why this is the time to revolt. As a parent do you want others to tell your children what is right and wrong and to go pick up their signs and follow them into a confrontation with the affluent and police?

Do you want your children being brain washed into believing that the cause to revolt is satisfied by coming together for whatever they believe and be heard? Never before has it been so important to protect your children from these revolutionists who are unintelligent, bizarre and in the end will not make a difference.

The opportunity to be hurt by the police or military is there. Their idea is to make a difference and push with others to bring down those who control their lives. If you listen to the revolutionist they not only talk about bringing down those who have money, but those they have to work for, parents who provide guidance and other authority figures which have a significant influence on their lives. The revolutionists simply want to change a hierarchical system where accountability and responsibility no longer exists.

spri gatesofvienna.blogspot.com  Our Revolutionaries are Getting Tips From Egyptian Arab Spring Members

In listening to Glenn Beck he states, “It begins with a shove, then a push and then a shot.” Is that what awaits the children of today? They leave their houses only to be assaulted or killed by groups who are out of control. Should parents and children be afraid, should they plan for the worst? Will those in power turn their backs on those who are vulnerable and weak? There is no way to know when these groups will begin their protest with violence, with killing others and what will those in charge do to stop this?

Historically, children have always been neglected, shut out, harmed by all sides and forgotten. In today’s society those of you who don’t understand what these people are doing on the street, need to become informed. Parents need to educate and devise a plan in case their child is caught up in a crowd; having nowhere to turn. There must be guidelines established to escape what others have created to bring attention to themselves. Revolution only brings about harm, death and destruction. Currently there have been many arrests. Those arrested appear to be young adults, playing their arrests out all the way to jail.

So what about the children where do they fit into this new paradigm that today’s youth envision? If they are wise they will stay as far away from these groups as possible. Parents you need to come along side of your children, educate, and protect them. These groups are volatile and unpredictable. If there is an explosion and these groups of individuals lose the control they have demonstrated to date, blood will be shed and the blood of your children need not be a part of this.

In other countries the picking of individuals to assist fighting their wars goes down to their children. Children who should be in school learning the ways of how not to fight a war with violence. In America those who were in charge at the beginning selected the age of eighteen. How they came up with this age is set for debate amongst those who stand in line to be selected to go to war and fight for this country.

Too often decisions are made for the children in America. The issues of child slavery in the early 20th century indirectly made future decisions of who, what and why children are put in certain positions i.e. drafted at the age of 18 years old. The push to preserve and protect children’s rights is the main stay of today’s ideology. Although the attitude by those in authority is wish-washy from the home to the courts, the decision to protect children will always be the answer; it has to be.

Tomorrow, I will continue to evaluate and examine just where these revolutionists and the children of America stand with each other. Parents continue to educate, teach and protect your children at all costs. Remember, if you don’t protect your children and keep them away from positions of vulnerability, no one else will.

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