Updated-Forensic Futuristic Criminal Investigations Seminar

Larry's Colored Photo.jpgThe Instructor-Mr. Lawrence Daly:
 Investigated over 5000 Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
 Interviewed over 7500 Child Sexual Abuse Alleged Victims
 Forensic Child Sexual Abuse Investigator-29 Years
 Former Police Detective – “CID - Special Assault Unit”
 Author Of Over 100 Child Sexual Abuse Investigation Articles
 Author of Child Sexual Abuse Investigation—The Manual
 Author of the Law Enforcement Video of Child Sexual Abuse Investigations
 Master’s in Child Forensic: Psychology and Law
 Master’s in Administrative Criminal Justice and Security Bachelor’s in Criminology
 Graduate of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Academy
 Area Chair for the Criminal Justice and Security for the University of Phoenix, Western Washington
 Criminal Justice Instructor – Everest University
Don’t miss this PREMIER seminar!
The One Daly Corporation is conducting a 23 city one-day seminar tour. Beginning in April of 2012. The presenter, Chief Forensic Investigator, Lawrence W. Daly, will bring his 29 years of criminal investiga-tive experience to discuss the futuristic forensics criminal in-vestigation field. Mr. Daly, once a police detective in the Special Assault Unit, has been investi-gating and consulting sex crimes for nearly three decades. If you would like to attend this exciting legal investigative seminar, go to www.onedaly.com and sign up today! Mr. Daly looks forward to seeing you at one of the semi-nars in the immediate future.
Plan ahead and schedule your spot as seating will be limited.
Sex Crimes—What new investigative steps you can take as an investigator.
Specific Crimes—What new investigative steps you can take in crimes such as child sexual abuse, cyberbullying, and rapes.
Evidence—What types of evidence you as an inves-tigator will need to identify, collect, store and have analyzed.
Presentation—How to present your fact-finding to your client, attorney and/or the prosecutor.
Investigation–What investigative steps you can take to make your case one which is sound, strong and presented credibly and reliably.
Interviews—How to interview witnesses who have knowledge about the alleged sex crime.
Child Victim Interviews—How to interview child sexual abuse witnesses and victims.
Special Needs Child Interviews—How to inter-view children who have mental and physical disabili-
Upcoming Legal Seminar
Futuristic Forensics Criminal Investigations—Specializing In Investigating Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
After this seminar, you will be educated and trained in all areas of...
 Sex crimes
 Interviewing witnesses
 Identifying evidence of a crime and what to do with that evidence
 Cyberspace crimes which deal with bullying, harassment and sexual bullying
 Conducting an investigation with integrity and credibility.
After this seminar you will be a new investigator!!!
One Daly Corp. Kent, WA
November 10, 2011
Learn How To Investigate Teachers and Coaches Accused of Child Sexual Abuse.
Understand The 15 Investigative Steps Necessary To Identify The Truth!!!
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