Futuristic Criminal Investigations-Part XII

Specializing In Forensic Child
 Sexual Abuse Investigations

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

In society, being a homosexual or gay is difficult at best. The future has come for the homosexual community to have equality but not fast enough. With the don’t tell policy gone, gays are able to tell others that they are gay. Still the mentality of those being gay and being in the military is met with great emotions and negative opinions. People assume if you are gay you want to sexually abuse children. This is not the case. Just because they prefer to be with the same sex partner doesn’t mean they are pursuing children for sexual gratification.

DIGNITY & RESPECT (2001) is a U.S. Army traini...The violence that gays are accustomed too continues at an unbelievable rate. According to Yahoo.com, “An Ohio high school student waited in a classroom to attack a 15-year-old gay classmate, beating him repeatedly in a vicious assault captured by a bystander on a cell phone.” The male victim was repeatedly punched in the face to the point where he received damage to his teeth and suffers from a concussion.

A lesbian couple married in San Francisco in 2004Image via WikipediaThis type of violence is wrong and the current and future law enforcement officials need to meet with their gay community and ascertain the struggles and violence they are confronted with on a daily basis. The boy who assaulted the gay student in Ohio has not been arrested. One of the bystanders videotaped the aggressive and violent act. Still law enforcement has made no arrests as they continue to investigate the matter.

So what does the future hold for the gay community? Will aggressive and violent individuals be tolerated? Will the ignorant mentality that those in the gay community are potential sexual offenders? These are questions which will be dealt with in this article. Those who profess to others that they aren’t homophobic may hold an internal bias and prejudice against gays. When someone makes this statement it may lead others to believe these types of individuals do harbor a bias and prejudice against those who are gay.

An example of what gays have to endure in Australia:
54 per cent of Australians believe that homosexual couples should not receive the same level of social rights and benefits as heterosexual couples; 47 per cent believe that it should not be illegal to discriminate against a person because they are homosexual; and 38 per cent still believe that homosexual acts in private should be illegal (Roy Morgan Research 1989).
Rainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue sk...Image via Wikipedia
More extensive survey work undertaken in the United States reveals that, in 1987, 82 per cent of the population believed homosexuality to be "always wrong" or "almost always wrong". The New York State Governor's Task Force on Bias-Related Violence (1988) reports that one of the most alarming findings in their youth survey was the openness with which young people expressed aversion and hostility towards lesbians and gay men. Students were quite emphatic about their dislike for lesbians and gay men, frequently making violent, threatening statements.
The strongest negative reaction towards any minority group was directed towards lesbian women and gay men. The belief system which allows homosexuality to be stigmatized, denigrated or ignored is known as heterosexism. Violence against lesbians and gay men is seen to be a logical, albeit extreme, extension of the heterosexism which pervades our society (Herek 1990).
Like racism and sexism, heterosexism is sustained and perpetuated through societal customs, institutions and individual attitudes and behavior. Accordingly, Herek (1990) asserts that heterosexism is like the air we breathe: ubiquitous and barely noticeable.

If the same research was performed in across every continent the numbers would actually be similar. The futuristic ideology is to educate all of the citizens in the world that being gay is something one has to deal with for whatever reason society believes has taken place.

The arguments about being gay or being bi-sexual or heterosexual or having other sexual preferences is where many individuals demonstrate their lack of understanding of why the individual was born or chose this type of lifestyle. This argument is complex and there are many theories about it.

For too long those who were sexually assaulted by sexual offenders may have changed the sexual preference of an individual. In the future the reasons why an individual made the decision, of which they sexually prefer to be with, will be more accepting. As stated the key to stopping the violence, harassment, bullying and etc. is education. There needs to be a campaign to educate young children of why there are sexual preferences different then their mother and fathers. The disparity i.e. the gap between what society sees as normal instead of perverted would be a ‘huge’ step in making a difference for those in the gay community.

In America we are a loving and caring society where individuals stand up for those who are seen as vulnerable and harassed. Being gay doesn’t define someone as being vulnerable or weak, but it does mean if you tell someone you’re gay, you may be judged immediately. If this occurs it would be this authors hope that if confronted with a negative and aggressive situation, someone would do something about it. This attitude is unfair and for a society which is loving and demonstrates grace, when it comes to being gay, our society seems lost in the true and correct issues.

Tomorrow, there are many facets in the investigative child sexual abuse field which have not been addressed. It may seem like the future holds many opportunities for law enforcement to be advanced in their methods and techniques. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Law enforcement is struggling when it comes to the investigation of sex crimes and the future needs to be addressed and law enforcement needs to be prepared for the demands which it currently faces.

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