Futuristic Criminal Investigations-Part XVII

Specializing In 
Forensic Child Sexual 
Abuse Investigations

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

It was a busy day on Tuesday as it was the annual voting day local, county and statewide elections. In a ballot initiative in Mississippi the people were able to vote on a “constitutional amendment which would have declared life begins at conception and would have outlawed abortion in the state.” The constitutional amendment was rejected by the people of Mississippi.

In Washington State the state police “absolutely suspect foul play in the disappearance of a 2-year-old boy who mother claims vanished from her broken down car on Sunday morning.”

In Kent, Washington, a 13-year-old-boy riding a BMX bike threatens two females that he would kill them if they screamed.  He then drug one girl behind a building and raped her. Later at a distance not far from the first rape, he drug and raped another female behind a grocery store. The 15 year-old male was arrested and held in the King County Jail for kidnap and rape. The decision to bring to trial as an adult is pending. A decision is forthcoming.
Moshe KatsavImage via Wikipedia
DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 21:  Republican presiden...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeIsrael's Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the rape conviction of former President Moshe Katsav and ordered him to begin serving a seven-year prison term next month, a landmark decision that culminated a sordid five-year saga. The rape conviction for the former head of state was hailed as a victory for women's rights and equality under the law, particularly at a sensitive time when Israel's liberal democracy has come under assault from extreme nationalists and the burgeoning ultra-religious minority.
The allegations against republican presidential candidate have begun to have many twists in the number of women, number of allegations, number of alleged sexual harassment complaints and so forth. Mr. Herman Cain has denied even knowing some of the women who have come forward and alleged he sexually assaulted and harassed them.
As one of the top leading experts in the world on sex crimes and sexual harassment investigations, it is my professional opinion everyone especially the media need to quit throwing mud at Mr. Cain and the women need to quit making it a media circus. CCN has devoted much time to annihilating Mr. Cain’s reputation and sexual allegations they can’t yet understand because the fact-finding process has just begun. Alleging that a man as respectable as Mr. Cain would do such acts is possible, but not probable.
However, in my time as a Forensic Investigator of 29 years as a former detective in the Special Assault Unit and privately as a Forensic Investigator, I have investigated politicians, judges, attorneys, doctors and many other professional men and women who were guilty of the sexual allegations made against them. Nothing surprises me anymore. If Mr. Cain did these things then the United States can’t take the chance of electing a man who may have no boundaries and committed many crimes; although the statute of limitations may have run its course.
As the days come and go, the facts will be accounted for; any evidence that is available will be presented; and the truth will be found out. As a society we have to give the accused a presumption of innocence. This has not been the case in the attack on Mr. Cain. Before making a judgment, listen to the facts, not the rumors and suppositions which may take one across the innovative and creative mind. Beware as many people have become victims of allowing their minds to be unduly influenced by individuals, organizations and associations, leading them down a dead end street.
In Brazil, doctors have identified several risk factors for cancer of the penis, including poor hygiene and infection with human papillomavirus, or HPV. And now urologists from Brazil have fingered another potential cause of penile cancer:
“Having sex with animals”-Yes, you read it right, people have lost their boundaries when it comes to control, boundaries, making good choices, sex, relationships and etc.
To reach that rather off-color conclusion, the urologists used questionnaires to study 492 Brazilian men between the ages of 18 and 80, including 118 who had penile cancer. One hundred seventy-one of the men acknowledged having sex with animals, including 44.9 percent of penile cancer patients and 31.6 percent of the healthy men. The study found no association between penile cancer and the number of animals the men had "used," according to LiveScience.com. Nor was there any link between penile cancer and the species of the animals, which included mares, pigs, chickens, and cows.
Today, it was not my intentions to seek out the above information, but I couldn’t let go of the information I found on the Internet while researching other potential article ideas. Many lives were changed this past week. Many issues were resolved over the past couple days. All of these issues were important to individuals and organizations. It is difficult to grasp what exactly the above characters played in changing the way we live, work, have sex, lose a child and so forth.

There are many explanations for why some of the above things took place. These issues are serious issues which society is taking a hold of and asking for an explanation or simple answers. Why, has become a word which brings much merit to the tables of discussions these days. All of the issues have their individual importance and as a reader I hope you enjoy the many interesting stories.

Tomorrow, the issues surrounding why individuals don’t report sex crimes and harassment that are committed against them will be dissected. There are many thoughts on the steps men and women take to conceal their sexual offending of children and adults because of their position and sexual harassment because of who an individual is. It may take several articles to get to the heart and crux of this topic, but we will explore it as we continue moving forward into the future in criminal investigations i.e. child sexual abuse and sexual harassment.
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