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   by Liam Leonard
      Published on the first anniversary of Ireland's  €85 billion bailout by her European partners, Crisis of the Peripheries editors Liam Leonard and Iosif Botetzagias argue that the fiscal crisis facing the Eurozone 'has its roots in a variety of policies and cultural mores' which have shaped the politics of the peripheral member states of the European Union. The events of 2011 have further hampered hopes of a recovery in the Eurozone, as successive interventions from the core have failed to stem the contagion effect. Nonetheless, the response of the public in Ireland and Greece has been remarkably different, with the level of public unrest in Athens occurring in stark contrast to the resigned air of despondency in Dublin.
With chapters from both Irish and Greek contributors including Constantin Gurgdiev, Peadar Kirby, Kieran Allen and Charlampos Koutalakis, Crisis of the Peripheries explores relevant issues such as the policy frameworks, economic histories, social impacts and the sustainability of politics of the peripheries. In addition, relations between peripheral states and the European Union and the future of politics in a post downturn world are outlined. Essentially, the book examines the background to and subsequent impacts of the economic crash, contagion and the soverieign debt crisis that has overshadowed the Eurozone since its inception as an Irish or Greek 'peripheral' issue. As these two ancient cultures come to terms with the 'crisis of the peripheries' in their own seperate ways, this book provides the reader with an insight into these pivotal events and impacts from the perspective of writers from both juristictions. As such  Crisis of the Peripheries: Ireland & Greece makes a significant contribution to our understanding of these contemporary events.
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Author contact: Liam Leonard, IT Sligo
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Title: Sustainable Politics and the Crisis of the Peripheries: Ireland and Greece
Editors: Liam Leonard and Iosif Botetzagias
ISBN:  9780857247612
This book examines the impact of the economic crisis on peripheral European states such as Ireland and Greece . Following an introductory chapter, it is divided into two geographically-focussed sections, the first on Ireland , the second section on Greece . Specifically the book focuses on governance, sustainable politics and environmental policies, within the context of accelerated growth and the subsequent economic downturn. It examines issues of governance and politics within these peripheral states, in addition to the development of policies within an EU/EC context. The book concludes with a discussion of the future for sustainable politics in the peripheral states of Europe , in the aftermath of the global downturn.
Part 1: Ireland
‘The Myth of the Celtic Tiger’: The Political Economy of Irish Development since the 1990s
Peadar Kirby
Power, Corruption and Lies: Irish Political, Economic and Social Policy: 1900 to 2011
Liam Leonard and Paula Kenny
Sustainability and Community: “The Un-sustainability of the Social Model of Neo-liberal Globalization and the Speechlessness of the Community at the Periphery” 
Kieran Keohane and Carmen Kuhling
Social Partnership and the Fiscal Crisis in Ireland :  Acceptance or Acquiescence? 
Kieran Allen
An Issue History and Event Analysis of the Green Party and Sustainable Politics in Ireland
Liam Leonard
Part 2: Greece and the Eurozone
Euro’s Crisis: from the Sovereigns to the Banks and back to the Sovereigns
Constantin Gurdgiev
Greece and the EU: Promoting the Idea of Sustainable Development. Easy to Plan, Hard to Achieve
Tsaltas Grigoris and Rodotheatos Gerasimos
Green Politics in Greece at the time of Fiscal Crisis
Iosif Botetzagias
Environmental Policy in Greece Reloaded: Plurality, Participation and the Sirens of Neo-Centralism
Charalampos Koutalakis
Social capital and environmental policies in Greece
Nikoleta Jones
Conclusion: Peripheral P.I.G.S. in the Last Chance Saloon…
Liam Leonard and Iosif Botetzagias
All chapters from the book are also available electronically.
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