The Many Roles Of The Private Investigator In Investigating Child Sexual Abuse Allegations - Part XVI

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc
“There’s always evidence, if you know where to look”
Sherlock Holmes.jpgWhat does the Sherlock Holmes of today look like? Does he/she have to be intelligent, creative, innovative, persistent, and so many other character traits? In envisioning what bundle of investigative mind he/she would have might surprise those who are imaginative and realistic. There is no doubt there are many Sherlock Holmes who exists in today’s investigative world. So who are they?

The answer is problematic to identify those individuals who might possess the investigative skills, and abilities that Sherlock Holmes had during his many investigations. The challenge of who might be comparable comes from great authors such as James Patterson, Lee Childs, John Kellerman, Michael Connelly, J.D. Robb, Vince Flynn, and so many other authors who bring to you characters who can fit the bill of a Sherlock Holmes. Let us look at some of these new and sophisticated fiction heroes.
Alex Cross.jpg
The author James Patterson’s main character for years has been Alex Cross. A Washington D.C. and at times F.B.I. detective who chases murderers and the murderers chase him and his family. Cross is an intelligent detective who is capable of not only being a great detective, but a great romantic and fighter. His grandmother, two sons and daughter and his best friends from elementary school who are also law enforcement officials complete the list of characters. If you like mystery, romance and some great fight scenes, Patterson’s Alex Cross ranks as one who just might be comparable to Sherlock Holmes.  

Jack Reacher.jpgThe author Lee Childs’ main character for years has been Jack Reacher. A veteran of 13 years in the Army, retiring as a Major, goes on the road and hitchhikes from one town to the next town. In each book he is a romantic, a genius when it comes to putting the pieces together, a competent investigator and a fighter, who enjoys the art of fighting more than one individual at a time. Most of the investigations he conducts are crimes i.e. murders, rapes, fraud and so forth. He never loses a fight and he always apprehends the perpetrator.

The author John Kellerman’s main character’s for years has been law enforcement Lieutenant Milo Sturgis and Psychologist Alex Delaware. This duo always includes their relationship with their partners. Sturgis is gay and generally stays with the same partner, Petra Connor and Delaware’s partner is ex-lover/spouse Robin Castagna. Connor and Castagna at times play 
Milo Sturgis.pngmajor roles in assisting Sturgis and Delaware in apprehending the bad guy. Sturgis is a great detective, but it is Delaware who is the genius and intelligent investigator. Although Delaware is not a law enforcement official, he is a consultant and works hand and hand with Sturgis. The duo makes the story lines interesting and exciting. Delaware is definitely comparable to Holmes.

Harry Bosch.jpgThe author Michael Connelly’s’ main character for years has been Harry Bosch. Bosch is a Los Angeles Police Detective who has been on the police force for years, bouncing around from one assignment to the next. Bosch for the most part works homicide and is very good at what he does. Bosch is single with one daughter in Las Vegas, which he tries to visit when he is not chasing a killer. Bosch is a great detective because he is persistent and doesn’t take guff from anyone. Bosch is not one of law enforcement administration’s favorites; but he does enough just to get by. Just when you think Bosch is in trouble he demonstrates his competence and intelligence and scores the winning touchdown.

Eve Dallas.jpgThe author J.D. Robb i.e. Nora Roberts’ main character for years has been Lieutenant Eve Dallas. The action happens sometime in the future i.e. 2055. Dallas is a great investigator who is accompanied by her police partners Captain Whitney, Officer Peabody and her husband Roarke. Roarke is a billionaire who brings to the table great resources e.g. electronics, computers, security and everything else which is years ahead of its time. Dallas who suffered physical and sexual abuse as a child fights crime with every ounce of strength, intelligence and creativeness to stop and apprehend the perpetrators. Probably one of the most exciting series available to investigators and definitely a match or champion to Holmes.

The author Vince Flynn’s main character for years has been Mitch Rapp. Rapp is a self-made fighting machine who is selected to work in the CIA. Flynn has Rapp traveling all over the 
world, making his mark on the countries that house and promotes terrorism. Rapp falls in love and marries a local reporter and at this time continues to be married, although do to his job, she and he have marriage difficulties from time to time. Rapp is a mastermind at stopping the enemy from accomplishing their missions especially those against the United States. Rapp’s character is exciting and adventurous and Flynn is an excellent author.  

Mitch Rapp.jpgJust because the author’s you may read are not listed in this article has nothing to do with their investigative skills and abilities. The authors of today are just as bright as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the author of the marvelous investigator Sherlock Holmes.

The differences between each character are great in the abilities and skills they possess. Each of the investigators has their strengths and weaknesses. They all have the romance, fighting abilities and intelligence to match Sherlock Holmes for the title.

In today’s world, the true law enforcement investigators and private investigators are rarely recognized for the brilliant work most of them are capable of accomplishing.  The many attributes and possibilities they bring to the investigative table, makes them special.

So who are these men and women who can match or out think the great Holmes? They are the unsung heroes of today who get up every day to take on the demanding challenges which they will face.

I don’t know their names, but I know they exist because I have matched them stride for stride only to be astonished at the investigative brilliance they display. It isn’t about who is better, Holmes, them or I; but it is about integrity, the self-made man or woman.

The integrity these men and women bring to the table makes my job purposeful, exciting and most of all challenging. So who in this complex and sometimes confusing world is the best investigator you know? Is the investigator in one of the books you have read over the years or just recently; or is he/she a real life law enforcement investigator or private investigator? Whoever the investigator is fiction or real life, they are probably special in your eyes and you wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Army Man.pngThere aren’t many heroes today and those who are heroes are fighting the many wars the United States finds itself in. Our soldiers may not match the likes of investigators Holmes, Rapp, Reacher, Dallas and so forth, but heroes they are and everyone should remember that freedom comes at a very expensive price and unfortunately that is life itself. Never fail to get on your knees every day and say a pray for those who are on the front lines of these wars, fighting to keep our freedom safe.

Tomorrow, the intellectual chase continues in an attempt to understand just what roles and responsibilities an investigator will adhere to. May it be a surveillance assignment, interviewing witnesses or searching for a sexual offender who sexually assaulted children in the neighborhood years ago? Whatever the role is, the private investigator will take their assignment seriously and do the most intelligent and competent job possible. 

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