Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part II

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By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts"

                                                                                                               Daniel Patrick Moynihan

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in their 2010 fifth edition on “Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis” written by former FBI Agent Kenneth Lanning stated, “This shorthand should not blur the fact that investigators are expected to keep an open mind and maintain complete objectivity.” Law enforcement investigators need to review Agent Lanning’s work. In fact it would be of great benefit for those who work in the Special Assault Unit to review the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Units work on rapists and pedophiles.

Law enforcement investigators have great difficulty understanding the many various types of rapists and pedophiles who sexually assault children and adults. If investigators have a working knowledge about the personalities and characteristics of these perpetrators, this would be the first investigative stage they could recognize and then move forward into the investigation. The investigative profile which the investigator can create will assist reactive patrol in potentially apprehending the sexual offender. The information will assist the front-line law enforcement officials with something they can be looking for during their shift.

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The profile of the pedophile, rapist and sexual addict is not that different when the investigator examines and evaluates the initial information they gather from all of the law enforcement officials who have become a part of the allegation.

Let us look at a sexual addict:
“For Valerie, sex was a form of self-medication: to obliterate the anxiety, despair, and crippling fear of emotional intimacy that had haunted her since being abandoned as a child. ‘In order to soothe the loneliness and the fear of being unwanted, I was looking for love in all the wrong places,’ she recalls” (Lee, 2011, para. 3).

Let us look at a rapist:
“For John, sex was a form of power, rage and sexual release. The pursuing of his victims was the build-up of his sexual desires and needs. When he was younger, women turned their heads at him. Told him he was worthless, unattractive, dumb, and dressed like a geek. These comments hurt John deeply and he retaliated against women who resembled the bullies who verbally harassed him at school. When he attacked his target, he would hide his face by wearing a ski mask. He had confidence and self-esteem issues and did not want them to be a part of his rape scenario. He felt adequate when he raped these women and what turned out to be a one time attack, turned into a month attack, then to a weekly attack and then he was attacking and raping women all the time. He found sexual gratification from these attacks and told the women he raped, that women in general made him sick to his stomach. John continued attacking women until he was arrested in the middle of raping a woman near his home.”
Let us look at a pedophile:
“Bill grew up on a farm in a small city in Oregon. He had little exchange with women his own age, but at church he was put in the position of watching the children under 10 years. After watching these children for a while and becoming comfortable with them and them with him, he began fantasizing about sexual assaulting these children. It bothered him that he was attracted to children. He was 18 years of age and never had a girlfriend; in fact, he had never kissed a girl. The sexual desires and urges were becoming stronger and stronger. So one Sunday when he was alone with the children he sexually assaulted a four-year old child who was always distant and shy.  It felt good to him and he found sexual gratification from touching this child.”
The sexual addict followed her lust and made some bad decisions. The rapist and pedophile have one thing in common, in their pursuit of finding sexual gratification both of them committed a crime. These crimes are serious criminal conduct and the punishment for the offenses in most States is life imprisonment. The difference between the sexual addict, and rapists, and pedophile is minimal. If you examine and evaluate the needs and desires of these three individuals the boundaries and barriers are blurred.
Sexual gratification is a very strong drug which needs to be taken at any opportunity and sometimes viewing pornography isn’t enough. The sexual addict will tell you that they have the ability to turn the page when confronted with a naked minor in their pursuit to view pornography. They can set the boundaries that they will not look at child pornography, but when the dopamine takes effect, it is not reasonable to assume the child will become a victim of the sexual addict’s pursuit of finding sexual gratification.
When a sexual addict is questioned about how they stop their sexual stimulation, most of them can’t provide a reasonable and logical explanation. Their addiction takes them into territories which creates the situation if they don’t adhere to their boundaries they could be committing a crime. Excessive need for sexual gratification is another aspect of sexual addiction which can be concerning behavior. Who has the ability if they don’t to pull the plug when their sexual stimulation has carried them through the boundaries and over the barriers?
Both the addicts, rapists and pedophiles have physical self-control problems. They fantasize about their victims and pursue them until they accomplish sexual gratification.
The sexual addicts I see weekly, struggle with medicating themselves sexually. They excuse this behavior stating that before they started the sexual addiction group they were acting out a significantly more times during the week. For most sexual addicts it is pornography which motivates them to act out sexually.
When conducting a survey the sexual addict professes that he has the ability to pursue legitimate sexual acts. These acts are urges, desires and fantasies allegedly about adults. There is no transparency in their statements that children are not a part of their sexual pursuit. Further, that they have the ability to not think sexually about a fourteen-year old who works in a Bikini-Barista and sells coffee and then begins masturbating in their vehicle.
"Not everyone who looks at a nude image is going to become a sex addict. But the constant exposure is going to trigger people who are susceptible," says Dr. David Sack, chief executive of Los Angeles's Promises Treatment Centers” (para. 8). Still if their looking, then they may begin hunting and then they may begin sexually assaulting and then their life as they once knew it is over.
Tomorrow, the “Predator” is a series I am hoping all of you will enjoy reading and learning who these individuals are and what role in your community they play. In America, sexual acting out is out of control and there are many individuals who are sexual addicts today, rapists and pedophiles tomorrow. The professionals in the mental health field argue that these individuals are different. I couldn’t disagree more. The world of sexual boundaries and barriers prevents these individuals from being different in their sexual desires, urges and behavior.
Over the next two weeks I will uncover the many studies which disagree with my professional opinion. However, I will bring to this “Predator” series, facts and detailed information which will demonstrate that these individuals are the same in many ways. The conflict or what differentiates them is their sexual preferences and how they obtain them. Keep an open and objective mind as we take a journey into the world of sexual perversion.


Lee, Chris. u.d. The Man Is Addicted To Sex. Newsweek, Wellness Crisis.

Lawrence W. Daly
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