Anonymous Possibilities -- a video of critical thought

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By: Scott Hall

     I am certain that many of our readers will observe this video and think, "What does this guy have against this group?"  What can I say, you got me.  I cannot find a single solitary reason we should even look at this mysterious entity that indeed has admitted to hacking certain, shall we say, prevalent web sites.  This video is solely for critical thought.  It's intended purpose to remind us that according to the laws we already have in place and not including SOPA or PIPA, Hacking into systems, stealing information for one's own personal use or gain, is a crime, not to mention that most of us probably have never (or all) seen the FBI warning labels at the start of movies, remember those?.  I believe in the power of people's voices.  I believe that if we do make a stand, lets do it where it counts, the offices of the people we are complaining about.  We receive so many chances over each passing decade to correct, change and influence how we want those laws to come out, for a common good. I only ask this: Watch the video, lets learn a bit together and remind ourselves of what we could do, if we stop hiding behind locked doors, improper procedures or maybe try to stop over writing to correct errors, but at the very least, anyone who obsesses over power, will never understand procedure and he who corrupts procedure will rise and fall by the power they gain.  Stop it with the rhetoric and power jargon, with videos and music add ins to get your point across, start using your ink pens, your voting powers and your minds in ways to help, not dominate.

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