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English: WikiProject Human rights logoImage via WikipediaWith all the Human Rights issues going on currently in the world we thought it might be good to remind you of the Human Rights Declaration set by the U.N.!  As we watch the news daily and see the violence in Syria, the starvation in Africa, and reflect on the Genocide that occurred in Rwanda, we at Criminology & Justice are wondering when the world will come together and say "enough is is enough"?  If we sit by and idly let this happen, as we did in Rwanda, we as people are no better than the people perpetrating the atrocities themselves.   Individual countries are not the world's police force, that is supposed to be the job of the United Nations and Interpol. Where are they as these global atrocities happen?  Why are we not hearing from them? Jointly, if they are the World's policymakers and police force, just exactly what are they doing, and why aren't they doing it faster?  Share this video with others to serve as a reminder that people can stop the hurting by demanding intervention!
Elizabeth Hall
Video by Scott Hall

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