What Is It About Those Who Have Sexual Addiction That Should Concern You About Your Child’s Safety?

Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness?”
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Romans 6:16

If you were to ask anyone what the definition of sexual addiction is you would receive numerous attempts at medical, psychological, professional and novice definitions. There are several definitions, but the problem with the history of the definitions of sexual addiction is difficult to identify the idea and creation specifically where did the term sexually addiction come from? Was it Sigmund Freud who did the first experimentation of trying to define sexual addiction? Or was there someone before Freud and if so who was he/she?

In conducting the research on this specific topic, it was difficult to ascertain who wanted to take credit for the two word phrase and if so what was their reward or was there a down side to grasping the recognition for labeling a potential mental disease which has bothered humans since Adam and Eve.

Children have suffered through enduring the sexual practices of many cultures. There are stories worldwide which detail the numerous incidences of physical and sexually assaults on a child. These children have been rejected, beaten, stalked, terrorized, sexually assaulted and murdered. Further, many cultures of the past and present have practiced infanticide, erotic beatings and incest.

The token child in cultures has been utilized to alleviate the misconduct of the adults in their culture. These acts have been justified by daily killings, maiming, molestation and starvation of children through social, military, and economics activities. These rituals have simply led a section of society to be addicted and abusive towards those who are vulnerable, weak and not capable of fighting back against adults who see children as a sexual object. An object of their sexual desires, needs, and what some call sexual addiction and some label it child sexual abuse.

There are no safety nets which protect children from the sexually addicted, predators, pedophiles, and others who do not have the ability to control their sexual obsessive thoughts and actions.

The question which is difficult to answer is what is the difference between an individual who is considered a sexual addict and a pedophile? The impression someone could come to is it possible that the sexual addict is limited to sexual themes, such as pornography, sexual toys and having relationships with sexual partners, generally not their spouse. On the other hand pedophiles target children for sexual purposes.

It isn’t that easy to distinguish between the two. The sexual addict can cross over and become a pedophile and the pedophile can become fixated on child pornography but not sexual assault children.

According to a Sex Addiction Treatment Guide, “sex addiction, or “sexual compulsion,” refers to an unusually intense sex drive and uncontrollable sexual behavior. The addict becomes overly obsessed with sex, so much so that it negatively impacts other areas of their life including work, relationships, and mental physical health.”

It is suggested that statistics demonstrate that approximately six percent of Americans are battling some form of sexual compulsion. One of the problems for sexual addicts is where the boundary lines are drawn. The sexual addict who is out of control may commit a sex crime. The types of crimes that a sex addict may commit are voyeurism, prostitution, molestation, or even rape.

It appears the sex addict can become the “Predator” i.e. a pedophile. In approximately 55 percent of the cases convicted sex offenders have a sexual addiction. Maybe the hypothesis that needs to be considered is that the preliminary evaluation and diagnosis is that half of those who are sex addicts will become criminals e.g. sexually assaulting children, rape and murder.

This high percentage of sexual addicts who turn to sex crimes to find their sexual gratification should concern society and most importantly law enforcement. It would seem that if the sexual addict does not receive sexual addiction treatment they may be traveling down a road where their obsessive thoughts and actions could cause them to illegally i.e. criminally act out.

Treatment would then be the reasonable and logical approach for those who need to view pornography, masturbate, fantasize and so forth. There is more treatment available for pedophiles than there are for sex addicts. The reason for this is most pedophiles have been identified, apprehended, convicted, incarcerated and later released with the condition they receive sexual deviance treatment for years if not decades.

The sexual addict it seems is more capable than the pedophile to camouflage his true sexual desires and fantasies by alleging they are addicted to pornography when in fact they are addicted to sexually assaulting children for sexual reasons.

The sexual addict over a period of time will experience an increase in the need to masturbate more, obsessively view pornography of any kind; especially Internet pornography. Further, they may have five to six sex partners in one day, this occurring seven days a week.

One of the interesting facts for the majority of these sex addicts, they do not receive pleasure from the sexual act itself. The need to act out sexual comes from many needs and medicating problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress is what they are trying to medicate.

The embarrassment in having a sexual addiction problem is an individual’s worst nightmare. Where the pedophile for the most part is proud of whom he/she is, the sexual addict is what should be considered a pedophile with a conscious. The sex addict does not enjoy being a sex addict and has tried several methods, techniques and treatments to stop the obsessive thoughts and acting out.  Imagine an individual who is seriously addicted to sex and do to his sexual compulsions he masturbates at his desk at work, goes into the bathroom several times a day at work, and has great difficulty in stopping the cyclical behavior. Further, driving home he looks for sexual themes and images which are a sexual turn on.

The sex addict is similar in their sexual fixations and fantasies generally of men/women, where the sexual fixations and fantasies of the pedophile are children. Upon arrival at home the sex addict expends the rest of the evening looking at Internet pornography and then trying to reach sexual gratification by medicating themselves through masturbation, sexual intercourse, using sexual toys, telephonic sex talk, voyeurism or any sexual method and technique which will allow them to obtain the orgasm they have been pursuing all day and night. This dopamaniac will expend hours trying to find the pleasurable high they once experienced. In his/her attempt to duplicate or increase this dopamine high the sexual addict will try to slow or stop their behavior, but can’t do it.

Tomorrow, as I begin this series you should be aware that there will be no punches pulled, the wording, phrases, exchanging of stories may be offensive. This is not the intent of this author. In order for you to understand the nuances and subtleties of these two types of individuals, the sexual addict and the pedophile, there will be some sexual descriptive information shared. The need for society to understand that being a sex addict is one step away from being a habitual criminal i.e. a pedophile must be conveyed in the manner everyone can understand and most importantly learn from. These individuals should be a major concern for all of you, especially sexual addicts who have children and are exposed to children on a daily basis. There is a multitude of information about both of these individuals, the sex addict and pedophile and over the next month I will take you through a majority of the material.

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