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Article by: Scott Hall
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            This child that you see in this photo looks very happy and at peace with her world, the way it should be with all children.  The sad reality of this photo, this little girl died recently due to some circumstances that landed her step mother and grandmother in jail.  According to an online article posted on Yahoo (yahoo.com), the police have investigated this as a homicide and have charged her step mom and grandmother with murder.  The crime: Making child run for 3 hours without stopping.  When they discovered her, the child was in seizures and later died.  Several neighbors corroborated the story by informing local law enforcement that they had indeed seen the child running, few really thought any harm in it, however when investigators pieced the puzzle together, the end result, a punishment over Candy that lead to a young Childs death.
            The court records showed that the father and stepmother had filed for divorce several months earlier, but had dismissed the case later on.  The official reason listed for the divorce was the stepmother (spouse) had bipolar issues as well as some other underlying issues.  Even the paramedics who responded to the Emergency call about the child, said, “Something just didn’t look right, things were not adding up.”  A $500,000 cash bond has been set in this case.  Child cruelty, we all see it and yet few of us really know much of it and in any case, it is a travesty.  Children will need discipline and guidance as they grow and even increasing challenges should not ever warrant parents or grandparents “forcing” a child to exert themselves beyond physical capability.
This combo made from photos released by the Etowah County Sheriff            When children make mistakes, we as parents must use logic, patience, control and a bit of spice with interaction.  If you know of a parent, whose range for acceptable means is not “adding up”, then call somebody who can help.  If these two somehow manage to escape a harsh punishment for such a cruel act, then we as citizens really do need a harder look at the laws that govern our lives, especially for a child.  Running, jumping, playing and exploring while learning should be all a child should have to worry with and anyone who abuses the child needs to go to jail, period, regardless of whether or not that abuse is physical, social or psychological.  What makes this author particularly sad, this young lady had plenty of things going in her favor before two “adults” (who should have known better), ended her life.  I say, applause to the sheriff’s office who made this arrest, applause to the community who noticed the just not right scenario and shame on the two alleged subjects who caused this, let’s hope in prison, those in that environment show you as much mercy as you showed that little girl.
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