Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part VII

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By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity”
George S. Patton

According to Marcus Erooga (2002, April, “Fisher (1994), who provides a useful overview of research into adult male sexual abusers, notes (with reference to Wolf, 1984) that: " it is a general finding of surveys of sex offender populations that variables such as level of intelligence, age, ethnicity, education and psychiatric status do not differ significantly from the rates in the general populations from which the samples are drawn."

Further, according to Jean-Pierre Guay, Marc Quimet, and Jean Proulx, “The impact of low IQ on crime has been a focus of debate for several decades now. Although sociologists have virtually removed it from the list of possible factors influencing crime, the impact of IQ on crime continues to generate a significant amount of scientific research and a substantial number of publications. The purpose of this study is to assess intellectual levels and to compare two groups of incarcerated criminals. Using MANCOVA and ANCOVA procedures, 261 sex offenders and 150 non-sexual violent criminals were compared on IQ subscales. The results show significant differences on vocabulary, comprehension, arithmetic, mental math computations, object assembly, letter–number sequencing, and perception subscales, as well as on performance IQ and total IQ.” 

In the area of emotional functioning of sexual offenders studies have stated, “Previous research has suggested that sex offenders are deficient in several areas of emotional functioning such as empathy, emotional perception, emotional management and interpersonal functioning. It is unclear, however, whether sex offenders display a general deficit in emotional functioning or whether their emotional deficits are specific to the circumstances in which offenses occur.” 

In reference to “Do Sex Offenders Share Physiological Characteristics”, Noel Lawrence, a contributor to eHow Health writes, “Though the public as well as law enforcement agencies would benefit from a sex offender profile, it does not exist. Sex offenders are sociologically, as well as physiologically, diverse. Age does not play a role, nor does IQ or mental health. Males compose the vast majority of sex offenders, but gender hardly qualifies as a unique physiological characteristic. Common characteristics of sex offenders depend more upon psychological and environmental factors, such as a history of mistreatment, lack of empathy or poor coping skills.
Registered Sex Offenders
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Registered Sex Offenders

In reviewing the above studies it appears that the sexual offender’s intelligence levels are average. That their emotional intelligence is deficient in several areas which are commonly seen in other types of criminals. The major finding in our search to identify and our attempt to understand just who are these sexual offenders is that there is no magic formula that identifies a specific sex offender profile. It simply does not exist.

So what do the sexual offender profile experts say about profiling individuals who molest and rape children? There are some known factors which law enforcement can utilize to assist them in tracking down a sexual offender. It would be so helpful for law enforcement to have a checklist which a sexual offender would fall under. However, there are some criteria’s which historically has identified or been a part of. If law enforcement finds these criteria’s to be of benefit in their investigation of a complaint of child sexual assaults, then this tool may make a major difference in the investigation. Parents should be careful when reviewing the below characteristics and believing that this individual and that individual has these characteristics, therefore he/she is a sexual offender.

Understanding what law enforcement and parents are up against when dealing with an allegation of child sexual abuse is something everyone needs to know their roles and responsibility.  Considering the above information let us review some of these sexual offender characteristics understanding that the profile may have some validity to it or not.

Sexual Offenders may have the following characteristics:

1.                  When around children sexual offenders find it difficult to resist the sexual urges they are feeling at the time of their contact with one another.
2.                  A majority of the sexual offenders were sexually assaulted as a child.
3.                  Sexual offenders will locate and hang out where children are present e.g. parks, schools, churches and so forth.
4.                  Sexual offenders have fantasies about being in love with children.
5.                  Sexual offenders have preferences i.e. some are sexually gratified with females under the age of 10, where some offenders like both girls and boys under the age of 12. Offenders who have no child preferences are difficult to profile due to the ‘unknowns’ about their traits, personalities and characteristics.
6.                  Sometimes some sexual offenders want to expend an enormous amount of time with children. The offenders act if there is this magnet pulling them to be in the child’s presence.
7.                  The characteristics of sexual offenders is they tend to be in many occupations; Christian going; outspoken about what they would do to a sexual offender if an individual sexually assaulted one of their children or a child they know.
8.                  Grooming is a term which is associated with sexual offenders as methods and techniques which are false situations where the offender is seen by the child as a great person; caring and loving; a special friend; and so forth. Further the offender provides the child with gifts, money, treasures, special possessions which at the child’s age is seen by the majority of the community as being inappropriate.
9.                  The relationship the sexual offender has with adults is superficial; needed only to obtain access to the adults children.
10.              The introduction to pornography of any kind to the potential child victim can be a way the sexual offender achieves mutual sexual stimulation.
11.              One of the most manipulative individuals whose personality is deceptive and planned to achieve a goal. His/her goal is to receive sexual gratification with children under a specific age dependent upon his/her sexual preferences.
12.              Communication to the child is suggestively sexual in nature e.g. your breasts are getting bigger and so forth.
13.              Playful conduct is something the sexual offender engages in with the child victim. Instead of tickling the child, the offender’s hands ‘accidentally’ touch the child’s intimate and private parts.

The above list is what could be called a ‘short list’ of behaviors on the part of the sexual offender. Adults and children must obtain knowledge of how to recognize, identify and report sexual conduct by individuals who demonstrate the above characteristics. It is up to the community to establish programs which educate children and adults about sexual offenders. A child and adult who receive training and education about sexual offenders will diminish if not eliminate the power of the sexual offender.

Law enforcement officials have a responsibility to train their front-line personnel on how to identify and become cognizant that the individual they are dealing with has traits of being a pedophile. Knowledge is a great tool for any and all law enforcement officials to understand the danger sexual offenders bring to the community.

Tomorrow, the saga continues. There is so much to discuss and learn about whom these “Predators” are and the problems they can bring to a child, family, friends, relatives, and the community.

The truth of just how serious the problem is when discussing “Predators” who sexually assault children needs more attention than it is currently receiving in every community across this Nation. A child being sexually assaulted is one too many. Let us all have the mindset that when it is discovered/uncovered that the individual who you are dealing with ‘rings the bell’, than it is time to call law enforcement and let them deal with these types of individuals.

Lawrence W. Daly
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