Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part IX

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By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

"We're making it impossible for them to live anywhere, we're making it impossible for them to work
anywhere, we're making it impossible for them to go anywhere.  We need to take a step back."

One of the most inspiring jobs in law enforcement is working in specialized units where the sole responsibility of the law enforcement investigator, is to track down “Predators”. “Predators” are individuals who have this insatiable desire, urges, or sexual needs once they focus on a child in their sight. If the parent is with their child the parent should look for obvious signs of inappropriate behavior on the part of the potential sex offender who is paying a little too much attention to their child.

If the perusing “Predator” is out and about hunting for his prey, he/she will probably locate a child which is in their physical reach and appears to have the personality of the child they have had much successful with. The question you are probably asking yourself is how this “Predator” achieves the ability of locating their child and sexually assaulting them.

What types of personalities do sexual offenders have to accomplish finding a child of their liking and having sexual contact with this child? A friend of mine, let us call him Bill, went to my church. Every time he saw a child in his pathway, he would run over like a little kid and put his hands on the child’s body; not their sexual parts. You should have seen some of the parent’s reaction when Bill would begin his routine. Some parents would stand in awe at what Bill was doing and other parents would intervene.

This was just Bill, he loved children. Bill passed away approximately a year ago and one of the discussions I had with our other friends, was the way he behaved around children. He was one of a kind. He meant no harm, but in my viewpoint he was out of line. The appearance of his behavior was inappropriate and the children he would confront and touch were shocked, not to mention the parents. So one day a friend of mine, Scott and I decided to talk to Bill about his inappropriate behavior. When I brought up the subject it was like the light switch had just come on. He did not have a clue that his actions made anyone uneasy.

Do you have a Bill in your life and if so have you had to talk to him about his behavior around children? A “Predator” does not begin sexually assaulting children at age 70 unless there are extreme circumstances surrounding the individual. In Bill’s case I interviewed both of his now grown up daughters who assured me that they had never been inappropriately sexual assaulted in any way by Bill. Further, they told me he had acted this way around children all his life and some of the children which grew up around him, called him Papa. They stated that their girlfriends flirted right back, knowing that Bill was harmless.

Was Bill a sexual offender? I think not, but the saying, “When you are home alone and the lights are out who are you really?” Great question and one that needs special attention in dealing with sexual offenders. If there is a traumatic incident in your life and those around you notice that there is something wrong, then you need to ascertain what is occurring in this individual’s life. Too often a traumatic event will cause the individual to become a sexual offender.

Steve is a man that calls and talks to me since his wife passed away. Steve has always been a pillar of the Church Community; a man who had a great family. About a year ago Steve’s wife, Connie, was driving home from a Church function when a drunk driver hit her vehicle head on, taking her life. This left Steve with his 16 year old daughter and his 13 year old son. In the midst of everything that happened to his life, in the loss of Connie, he began having sexual intercourse with his daughter.

It was a sad case, as if this traumatic event wouldn’t have occurred; it is my professional opinion that Steve would never have become a “Predator.” However, his daughter and son would live the remainder of their days with relatives they barely knew. Further, the daughter was blamed by Steve’s relatives for ‘snitching’ on their father. When it comes to blood relatives, they will check their intelligence at the door and for most of the time stand by their relative. Right and wrong, truth or lies, evidence or no evidence none of this matters.

It is difficult to try and explain to an individual that the adult is the responsible individual who sexually molested and raped his own daughter. These types of relatives are not the kind of relative the child victim needs in their life.

Sometimes due to circumstances out of the control of the child victim, the “Predator” will have others advocating for the sexual offender. This narcissistic attitude is simply wrong. The sexual offender needs to take responsibility for his/her sexual actions. If the offender can’t control him/herself in the presence of a child, than the traumatic incident does not excuse the sexual behavior, by the “Predator” for conducting the sexual assaults. Too often the sexual offender will utilize many intimidating methods and techniques to get people to believe in him/her. The reason for the intimidation comes about because the sexual offender realizes that he/she will be expending more time in jail than expected.

The “Predator” does not want to expend 20-30 years of their life in a penitentiary where other criminals will assault if not kill any individual deemed who might have sexually molested or raped a child. Their stay is not welcome prior to them arriving at the penitentiary.

The “Predator” does not want to establish enemies who have been lifting weights since they entered the Juvenile Criminal Judicial System and have met and defeated the greater enemies into the Adult Criminal Judicial System. The habitual criminal understands what the “Predator” faces upon arrival into the penitentiary system. There is no way one man can control the penitentiary.

In the future, there will be penitentiaries built specifically for “Predators.” It isn’t because the current penitentiaries aren’t sufficient. In fact they are sufficient, but with the new laws which were enacted because of Megan’s Law and other similar laws, the number of “Predators” is being incarcerated for basically life; and there are a lot of them being institutionalized.

The law makers see this as a method and technique to keep “Predators” from continuing their plight of sexually assaulting children. Although these laws have proven to be of assistance to preventing the sexual offender from sexually assaulting their daughters, sons, other children, relative and so forth; the prison population is full of individuals who committed the crime and now they are doing the time.

Tomorrow, to understand the penitentiary situation i.e. over crowing, why no further treatment options for sexual offenders, and so forth, there needs to be research on the reason professionals in the field of child sexual abuse believe the current system is a reasonable and logical program.

Lawrence W. Daly
253-852-6702 B/P
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Kent, WA

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