Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part X

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children”
Walt Disney

Are there Angels surrounding you and your children? How does the “Predator” select one child and not the other? Research has concluded that 93% of the children sexually assaulted knew the sexual offender. This would lead one to believe the reason the ‘known’ factor is so high is because the relative or known adult had the ‘opportunity’ and/or ‘access’ to the child.

Most of those who work in the child sexual assault industry want “Predators” to receive the highest punishment possible. This attitude comes about because someone, from law enforcement to Child Protective Services has heard a child tell them that they were sexually assaulted. However, no matter how difficult the disclosures are, the law enforcement officer must remain neutral and objective at all times.

Prevention is the key to this extreme number of children knowing the sexual offender from growing higher if at all possible. Just think if a parent was to educate the child about good and bad touches at the age of 2 forward. So if a child is approached by a sexual offender for sex, the child can tell the sexual offender, “No.” One word will make a difference if a child is going to be sexually assaulted or not.

If the non-offending adult who has control of the child explains the tough world everyone lives in and just maybe somewhere down the road the child may come across someone who is evil; an individual who wants to bring harm to the child, then here are steps you can take until the non-offending adult arrives.

Is it fate and/or destiny which brings two individuals together i.e. child and sexual offender. Can’t God or you intervene for that broken child who demonstrates to the sexual offender that they are broken and are an easy target to sexually assault?

The “Predator” will only be as successful as the non-offending adult creates boundaries, puts up barriers and post a sign which states, “Not my child…you will not sexually assault my child.” Posting to those who know the child that the sexual offender may have access but the opportunity doesn’t exist anymore do to the fact that the non-offending adult is taking steps to fore warn those who maybe sexual offenders. There is no way a non-offending adult can say to a particular person, “I know you are a sexual offender, so stay away from my child.” This statement is neither reasonable nor logical.

The attitude of the non-offending adult will do so much for the potential sexually assaulted child. If the sexual offender can see and hear the non-offending adult telling the child this is what you do if anyone tries to sexually assault you. Moreover, the non-offending adult tells the child how manipulative the sexual offender is i.e. threats, physical intimidation and assaults and so forth.

There are many proactive steps a non-offending adult can take to protect the child. They are as follows:

1. The non-offending adult can purchase a body part book, such as a Good and Bad Touching book which allows the child the opportunity to learn what the child needs to know about their bodies.

2. The non-offending adult can provide examples to the child so the child will know what to do if a sexual offender attempts or does commit a sexually assault upon the child. It isn’t enough to tell the child about their body parts, their intimate sexual parts, and who should be touch these body parts. The non-offending adult has to take the education further providing examples along with the education.

3. The non-offending adult needs to check-in with the child every once in a while to determine if the child has had any problems with peers, adults relatives, trusted adults i.e. teachers, pastors, babysitters and so forth.

4. The non-offending adult needs to cleanse the environment in which the child is exposed to on a daily basis. This cleansing can take place at a day care, where the child attends after school. It is difficult to protect the child 24/7, but the adult can put in safeguards which may minimize the exposure of the child being sexually assault.

5. The non-offending adult should monitor the child’s peers. This is very important with the Internet operating a rate that no one could have ever imagined. It is a communication tool which is second to none. However, children as young as 5 years old are already working the Internet more than adults do.

6. The non-offending adult should place parental controls on the television, telephone, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Tango. Every communication devise should limit the child’s access to specific applications and social websites.

7. The non-offending adult needs to be consistent with their rules. The adult can’t say to the child I don’t want you on the computer unless I am present, maybe a rule which is difficult for a child to adhere to. Every day a younger child is learning how the hardware and software of the computer works.

8. The non-offending adult needs to attend a few classes in which the child attends ascertaining specifically the information they have access to; why and how come. The teacher(s) have to be cognizant that the majority of the child’s parents do not want the child on the Internet even if it is for educational purposes.

9. The non-offending adult needs to check the laundry/clothes of the child as it is possible that the child is being sexually assaulted and in examining the clothing there are signs that the child is being sexually assaulted.

10. The initial disclosure i.e. “Origin of the Disclosure” needs to be conducted by law enforcement, someone who is trained in interviewing children, and having the ability to document the child’s statement.

The non-offending adult has major responsibilities to take care of protecting a child. It is necessary to bullet-proof the child from sexual offenders who are in the community, including relatives, peers, friends and so forth.

I want to sound like a fanatic for protecting and preventing children from being sexually assaulted. Further, when all the non-offending adult had to do was educate their child using the many tools that are available so the child can learn from the adult and possibly prevent the child from being sexually assaulted.

Tomorrow, there is so much to learn about these “Predators” who molest children. As you have seen today, the non-offending parent has many steps to take to insure the safety of their child. There are decades of research to discuss over the next couple weeks. It is my hope you are enjoying this series.

 Lawrence W. Daly 
253-852-6702 B/P
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Kent, WA 

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