Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part XI

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

“All men having power ought to be mistrusted”

A few years ago there was this law enforcement investigator working in the Crimes Against Persons Unit in Wenatchee, Washington.  The investigator had brought two females into his home, as foster children. The two females were slightly young and had many mental problems. In fact, both of them had been in a psychiatric hospital for a long period of time.  The females had been taken from their homes where the females stated that they had been molested by their parents and then came to live with them.  

Once the investigator took custody of these children, the investigator should have recused himself from investigating these allegations in any fashion. Now, because of this investigator the State of Washington passed a law about law enforcement officials investigating a situation where there is an obvious conflict, like what happened in this case. This law was brought about because of these criminal matters.

The investigator told the prosecutor that he had received a written statement from the father of the two females and the father had confessed to sexually abusing his two daughters. However, there were several problems. The father couldn’t read or write; still the prosecutor never questioned the investigator about the major problem and charged the father and mother. Moreover, the mother and father denied ever sexually assaulting their children.

The two females had many disabilities and one of them was they couldn’t read or write either. One of the females would hold a teddy bear and scream at the top of her lungs. Being mentally and physically disabled is a major problem in this country. In this case these females were suggestible and would say anything.

Before the investigations were conducted, the investigator had convinced the females, especially the one female that they had been sexually assaulted by approximately 46 individuals.

I was hired to come into the investigation and ascertain what was happening in the town of Wenatchee and ascertain what this investigator was about. There was a commonality in the criminal cases that the investigator had investigated. A disclosure by the females that they had been sexually assaulted when they drove on the Church bus and when they arrived at church was a false allegation.

The one female told a story that she and her sister had to have sex with at least 35 men and women in the basement of the church. Still the prosecutors continued charging all these men and women.

A search warrant was served on the Church and in examining the carpeted floor in the rooms in the basement and basement there was no semen found anywhere. The prosecutor’s response, “They never ejaculated.” Have you ever heard of such a lame excuse?

This case is a sad one when you examine what this investigator did to all of these children and adults who were labeled as victims of sexual assaults and sex offenders.  People lost their jobs, their homes, the trust of family and friends.

There were sides taken by the people in this small agricultural town. The defense attorney, my wife and I stopped to eat dinner in a medium sized diner and when the waitress found out that we represented one of the couples, a pastor and his wife, she refused to serve us.

It took two trials as three of the church staff members at the church were accused of sexual assaulting these two females. The first jury came back with a not guilty in less than an hour. The second jury stayed over an hour and came back in an hour and a half not guilty.

So what happened to the “Predator Investigator” who convinced both of these females to say that this specific person committed some type of sexual act on the men and women of the church. The investigator is now mentally incapacitated and will not return to the law enforcement community? He retired way before his years were up. He had turned the entire community upside down and no one held him accountable.

The Chief of Police who the investigator worked for had no idea what this man was doing to the community. Anyone who crossed the investigators path was charged with a crime. The prosecutor’s office gave him free reign. Child Protective Services gave him carte blanche. There was no stopping him. At least until the defense retained me.

I interviewed close to three hundred people, including this lead investigator. During my interview and when he later testified in one of the trials; he admitted that he had interviewed the oldest female foster child over 50 times.  If you know anything about child interviewing, professionals in the field of child sexual assaults do not advocate that interviewing a child over 50 times is wrong. Simply it is coercive, inappropriate, leading and suggestive, and so forth. If the two females were telling the truth at some point, then the truth is lost in the pile of all of the interviews.

The other female was physically abused by him. When she refused to testify he grabbed her by the arm and in a law enforcement felony style take down position, took her to the floor and brought her arm around her back and kept her there until she agreed to testify.

He was known in the Wenatchee community as being a hard-charger, which in my professional opinion is a great attitude to have in a small community. However, he had no training or experience in how to deal with child sexual assault allegations. His ignorance and nativity and his need for power made him the failure he eventually turned out to be.

Do you know any law enforcement officials like the above law enforcement investigator? Has one of your children been interrogated by a zealot and overly aggressive law enforcement official. The Supreme is coming down on law enforcement stepping on the privacy issues of individuals in which law enforcement is investigating. Recently law enforcement officials placed a GPS on vehicle, left it there for 28 days and arrested an individual who law enforcement contended was selling illegal drugs.

Tomorrow, the numerous cases surrounding zealot and aggressive law enforcement officials need to be examined, evaluated and analyzed. Little is known about some of the law enforcement officials in your community. If you begin hearing bad things about a law enforcement official and they cross in front or over you, then it is time to talk to the Internal Investigative Unit (IIU), where law enforcement officer’s monitor and investigate bad law enforcement officials. Don’t be afraid that anything will happen to you as the IIU will take care of the rogue law enforcement official. As seen in this article the “Predator” was the law enforcement investigator who was assigned to the Crimes Against Persons Unit. Over the past 16 years there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my clients and the horrible times they lived through.

Lawrence W. Daly
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