Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part XIV

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

As a citizen of the United States do you feel your children are safe from being sexually assaulted? The purpose of asking such a general question is to ascertain if you have thought about your child’s safety as of late and if you have what did you do to try ensuring your child safety’s. For those of you who have failed to even concern yourself with your child’s safety I have a simple question you can answer, “If you aren’t looking out for your child’s safety than who is?”

Let us look at some of the dangers your child faces in 2012. The statistics are not positive in fact they are very scary and concerning. Let us examine what professionals in the child abuse industry want you to know and what they have to offer to you:

  • ·            “Predator’s” have many victims. Due to the high number of victims it is possible that the more the child is exposed at any age becomes vulnerable.
  • ·         “Predator’s” do not distinguish who their next victim will be. Some of the targeted victims are relatives, some are not. Focusing only internally can cause some misunderstandings and hurtful feelings. However, the child’s parents should be very open with the child about being apprehensive to be alone with adults they know; aren’t comfortable with; make comments about their parents which they know their parents wouldn’t say and so forth.
  • ·         “Predator’s” for the most part do not have a preference if they molest boys or girls or both. A “Preferred Predator” will sexually assault only girls or boys, not both, at specific ages. Generally, these types of sexual offenders are fixated on only one sex and those children are at risk.
  • ·         “Predator’s” generally have an estimated amount of child victims reaching into the hundreds. If the “Predator” is this good at concealing his/her actions, then your children are at serious risk. You as a parent if you are cognizant of your environment can watch specific individuals who appear to be ‘too’ interested in your child. If this happens talk to your spouse and child and come up with a game plan to protect your child.
  • ·         “Predator’s” generally have some relationship with the child victim. Studies range in the percentage of how many children knew their sexual offender, but it ranges anywhere from 85 to 95%. This point supports that the sexual offender has yet to be caught; therefore he/she may have never been arrested. As discussed in item #4, the estimated number of victims before the sexual offender is caught would lead a relative, friend, peer and so forth that the sexual offender is just a normal person.
  • ·         “Predator’s” if found out by family or friends have initially talked them out of reporting the crime to the authorities, stating they will get help for their behavior. The problem with this scenario is the sexual offender will not seek treatment and will continue to sexually offend.
  • ·         “Predator’s” obtain positions in companies, which demonstrate to others that the sexual offender has a good job, works for a reputable company and wouldn’t commit such a heinous sexual act on a child.
  • ·         “Predator’s” obtain positions in volunteer organizations such as sport leagues, churches, schools, daycares and other organizations where children are present.
  • ·         “Predator’s” are generally not married, may reside with their parents, or have had several failed marriages. Some sexual offenders will try to stay married, because people would question the reliability and credibility of the child victim disclosures stating there is no way the sexual offender could have done this type of sexual act upon their child. Then it becomes a he said, she said type of incident between the child victim and sexual offender becomes a contests of who should be believed.
  • ·         “Predator’s” socially can behave either as an extrovert or introvert. However he behaves he will draw a lot of attention on himself if he begins acting weird in front of a crowd. Relatives and friends may find him strange, but figure he is who he is and to let him be; as he is harmless.
  • ·         “Predator’s” once they have groomed their targeted child victim may physically assault the child victim in order to get the child to comply and to not disclose the sexual assaults to anyone. The sexual offender is very good at the manipulation game and making verbal threats that they will kill a family member if the child victim does not comply with his request; or if they tell anyone. Threats to harm are a tool the sexual offender has no problem in utilizing to get the child victim to acquiesce.
  • ·         “Predator’s” do not only target child victims. Over the years in trying to find their preferences, it is possible that they may have raped, assaulted spouses, committed minor and major crimes, are chronic drug and alcohol users, and have great difficulty in maintaining a job.
  • ·         “Predator’s” don’t just manipulate adults the sexual offender may do the same to anyone who gets in their way. This means adults can be victimized in other ways. Just because the adult is over the age of 18 doesn’t mean that they can’t become a potential victim of being sexually assaulted, raped, tortured, verbally and physically assaulted, and/or isolated from family and friends.
  • ·         “Predator’s” do not want parents talking to their children about safety, protection, body parts, phrases, such as private parts and so forth.
  • ·         “Predator’s” if engaged in a conversation about the sexual offender who was arrested in their community are the first to step forward and tell everyone involved in the conversation how they would hurt the sexual offender if he ever touched his children. In the meantime, the sexual offender is sexually assaulting his children and the neighborhood children.

It is apparent that the “Predator” is an evil individual who is capable of doing whatever they want to do under the right circumstances. They have no conscious and try to blame their addictive behaviors on being sexually assaulted when they were growing up; or being exposed to pornography; or not have a father to teach him boundaries; or having parents who could have taught him the difference between right and wrong.

There are so many other points of interest(s) that could be listed, however, it is my hope you understand the main characteristics of a “Predator” and take substantial steps to protect and keep safe your child.

Tomorrow, this series continues to focus on the “Predator” and just what you as a parent and law enforcement official can do about these individuals being in your community and sometimes sexually assaulting someone you know. The boundaries these sexual offenders cross, the barriers which they walk through, demonstrates just how obsessed and addictive sexually assaulting children mean to them.

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