Who Is This "Predator" Who Sexually Assaults Children? Part XVI

By Lawrence W. Daly, MSc

The “Predator” doesn’t just sit on a street corner next to a school where he awaits his next child victim. This may occur in a big city where everything happens without rhyme or reason and for the most part, people do not want to get involved. Most big city crimes happen in small cities, the difference generally being the amount of these specific crimes such as child sexual molestations and sexual assaults.

Child PornographyImage via WikipediaWhile the law enforcements small city first-responders are on reactive patrol looking for the bad guys, the first-responders in the big city are traveling from one police call to the next. The larger the cities the more police calls there will be and the need for additional manpower is required. Still this common sense appraisal of the calls per city plus the number of law enforcement units needed goes unnoticed by most citizens, except the “Predator” sitting on his bench waiting for his opportunity to strike once again.

The metaphor of the above example is that during the fast-paced society everyone lives in either small or large cities the problem exists that there are too many “Predators” roaming the streets of major and minor city streets. So how many “Predators” are there? Is there an organization capable of monitoring the amount of “Predators” that exists in the United States or Worldwide?

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has written in their research in the area of how many “Predators” are there in the United States, they state that there are about 750,000 sex offenders across the country, which they did phone surveys for the numbers, but they don't tell you how many are duplicates due to aliases, misspellings and human error, how many are deceased but not removed from the registry, or those who have moved from one state to another but have not been removed from the state they no longer live in!

If the NCMEC’s study is correct and at this time there is no way of knowing if the number of “Predators” is accurate than accepting the number is a warning sign that the future health and welfare of the children in the United States should be a major concern. Has this 750,000 always been this high or due to the Internet has the number increased beyond what first seemed to be a minor percentage of “Predators” who exist in your neighborhood?

Turning to the Internet, the number of those who are “Predator’s” on the Internet cannot be broken down to a percentage of how many “Predator’s” there are who pursue children or adults. However, studies have demonstrated, “Internet pornography comprises approximately 12% of the Internet and is a $13 billion business. It is estimated that approximately 13% of the USA population regularly views Internet pornography, nearly 75% of whom are males (Internet Filter Learning Center, 2008).”

The need to view Internet pornography by some individuals seems to have compulsive, addictive and impulsive characteristics which may lead to individuals wanting more pornography. One of the theories could be that at an early age an individual is exposed to pornography. As this individual matures, the need for more becomes a part of their need to satisfy their sexual desires. Further, the need to experience paraphilic which cross the line into child pornography could be the reason there are so many “Predator’s” appearing on the waterfront.

The community and law enforcement officials should not care if the “Predator” suffers from mental diseases such as being bi-polar, schizophrenia, and some other type of psychotic disorders. Further, that the “Predator” acts out with children because they are suffering from depression, social isolation, damaged relationships, career loss or financial problems. These characteristics others in the world suffer from and they do not sexually assault children.

If society gives the “Predator” a break for their conduct with children that the “Predator” learned this behavior at an early age and cannot control the behavior or the need to sexually assault children, then society is opening the door to new methods and techniques, and exceptions for them to sexually act out with children. Let us do this right now, “Shut the door on that idea.”

There are many reasons behind why “Predators” sexually assault children. Some of those reasons stem from their childhood. Moreover, they may have been sexually assaulted as a child and as they grew up did to others (younger children) that were done to them. There are studies which have demonstrated that this has been the case that “Predators” are who they are because they too were a sexual victim sometime in the lives.

Many questions have been raised about the problems “Predators” have with pornography. One of the hypotheses could be since there appears to be no boundaries for those who sexually assault children; viewing pornography is just another paraphilia which is part of the personality of the “Predator”.

If this is true, than this may be indicative that the “Predator” as we know him/her do not draw lines, instead they have this insatiable sexual drive and need for children and if pornography is a substitute for sexual gratification than they accept what they can get and they take it.

In the sexual addiction world, the addict has been diagnosed as having problems with pornography because they have this obsessive compulsive disorder, impulse control, substance abuse which is problematic not only for the sexual addict, but for those who have relationships with the addict.

If the “Predator” is considered a sexual addict as well as being a pedophile than the theory that pornography is just a substitute for the real thing, may have some relevance. The sexual addict can be seen as having out-of-control sexual behavior, and hypersexual behavior, sexual impulsivity and sexual compulsivity. These characteristics can be found in pedophiles and it may be the breeding ground i.e. the foundation of being a “Predator.”

Tomorrow, the questions asked today need further research and additional insight into the problems associated with being a “Predator.” Too often the professionals in the child sexual abuse industry fail to highlight for those in communities the “many possibilities” which may exists when it comes to the personalities and characteristics into perverted sexual desires and needs by specific individuals. Further, the community, large or small needs law enforcement officials to be knowledgeable about the types of “Predators” there are and the danger they bring to the community.

Lawrence W. Daly
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